Informacion sobre el colombofilo De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte pigeons


(03/02/2016) Johan, Tom and Rudi Devroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte (DVV Pigeons) (Moortsele, BE) win PIPA ranking 'best yearling long distance (3 prizes)' 2015 with André

André (BE14-4102124) was truly outstanding this year. He had a great start to the season in the races from Montélimar and Brive, and he went on to win the national race from Jarnac. As a result, he wins the PIPA ranking for ‘Best yearling long distance (3 prizes)’.

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(18/07/2015) Jarnac 2015 | National winner Belgium yearlings: De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte pigeons (Moortsele)

The National winner Belgium from Jarnac in the category "yearlings" is De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte pigeons (Moortsele). The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 17:16:53 CEST after a race of 649.923 km, achieving an average velocity of 1210.55 m/min.


(06/07/2015) Devroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte Johan, Tom and Rudi (DVV Pigeons) (Moortsele, BE) are in a winning streak after three victories in the zone

The 2015 season of Johan Devroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudi Vandeputte almost feels like a never ending dream. The highlight of 2015 so far is a victory in the zone from Gueret old birds and yearlings, as well as a 1st Montélimar in the zone yearlings.


(03/12/2014) DVV Pigeons (De Vroe-Van Gaver–Vandeputte) has become a household name in 2014

This team of three has managed to develop a well balanced pigeon breed thanks to excellent management. This is the type of breed you need if you want to achieve great results in modern day pigeon racing.


(27/06/2014) DVV Pigeons (De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte) (Moortsele, BE) confirm their status with a number of excellent results in 2014

This combination has been increasingly successful in the past few years, and they had an equally promising start to 2014 with great results in the middle distance, the extreme middle distance and now the long distance as well.

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(06/05/2014) Top performances Belgium 03/05/2014 - 04/05/2014

These are the top performances from Belgium in the weekend of 03/05/2014 and 04/05/2014.


(18/03/2014) De Vroe-Van Gaver-Vandeputte (Moortsele, BE) reap the rewards of their collaboration

Johan De Vroe, Tom Van Gaver and Rudi Vandeputte, three fanciers who live within 3km of each other, have decided to join forces and their collaboration has started to become increasingly successful.


(03/08/2013) PIPA starts new auction season with a spectacular opener!

The new 2013-2014 PIPA auction season starts on Monday 12 August and our first auction promises to be a spectacular one: the fresh winner from Bourges in the young birds’ category from De Vroe-Van Gaver will be offered for sale. The fastest of 39,917 pigeons from Bourges will be auctioned at PIPA, along with another 15 closely related pigeons.


(01/08/2013) De Vroe-Van Gaver (Moortsele, BE) win first national Bourges against 18,443 young birds

The De Vroe-Van Gaver partnership has won the most important young bird classic last weekend. Their 775-13 was the fastest of 39,917 pigeons, covering 441km with a velocity of 1414 m/min.

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(03/08/2012) Top performances Belgium 29/07/2012 - National races

On Saturday a clear sky appeared at noon, a little bit to late. Bourges and Narbonne needed to be postponed until Sunday. Sunday was terrific flying weather, and both flights ran a smooth course. This resulted in the following top performances.

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(12/07/2012) Top performances Belgium 06/07/2012 - 07/07/2012 - National races

Almost all national races last weekend were plagued by rain. Brive was one of the smoothest races, but especially Libourne and Barcelona had less smooth arrivals, so that in several places there even had to be clocked through to Sunday to be able to award the prices.


(08/02/2012) Van Gaver-De Vroe (Moortsele, BE) strong together… their success formula!

Joining forces, and so trying to shine in the ‘classics’ in our national pigeon sport. The perfect solution for people with a busy job, who don't have much time… but so want to add power to their ambitions. The combination Van Gaver-De Vroe are a perfect example of this!