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(01/08/2015) Perpignan (int.) 2015 | National winner Belgium old birds: Tant Johan (Olsene)

The National winner Belgium from Perpignan in the category "old birds" is Tant Johan (Olsene). The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 21:46:28 CEST after a race of 925.773 km, achieving an average velocity of 1044.34 m/min.


(10/06/2009) Ranking best Bourges yearling + old bird 2008-2009

These rankings give an overview of the best Bourges birds on the last National Bourges races in Belgium. One ranking is based on the last 3 National Bourges races (Bourges I + II 2008 + Bourges I 2009) and the other ranking is based on the last 2 National Bourges races (Bourges young birds 2008 + Bourges I 2009 Yearlings).