Informacion sobre el colombofilo Eßer Hans-Paul


(31/10/2015) Hans-Paul Eßer (Düsseldorf, DE) continues to achieve great results!

The pigeons of Hans-Paul Eβer are very popular these days. Is this because of his own achievements? There has to be another explanation. How did Hans-Paul manage to win such an impressive number of top prizes?


(08/12/2014) Hans-Paul Eßer (Düsseldorf, DE), continues to produce great results!

The list of achievements of Hans-Paul Eßer is quite stunning, in fact we don’t really know where to begin. He is successful in every competition, both in the club, the region, the union and at international level, making for a palmares that is nothing short of impressive.


(23/10/2012) Hans Paul Eßer (Düsseldorf, DE): always in the front

This fancier has won the title of First National Ace Cock in 2010, an 8th prize at the German National Championship 2010, two regional first prizes in 2011, a 22nd National Ace Hen in 2012, etc. His main goal is to breed new first prize winners and ace pigeons from his current family of top flyers.


(25/09/2011) Hans Paul Eßer with scheme and assignment to the TOP! 1st Acecock Germany 2010!

Our breeding intention is to breed 1st Prize winners and Acebirds out of top racers and out of a big powerfull family! This is the mission stated by Hans-Paul Eßer, one of Germany's best pigeon fanciers. Forceful navigation to the top of the list in big competitions, that's his special ability.