Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE) almost an international star with no less than three national winners in 2012!

Rudi is probably one of the only fancier with three national winners in the 2012 season, each of which belong to his own bloodline! In 2012 Rudi won the first Nat. Limoges old birds and the first Nat. Souillac old birds from his own loft. In that same year Martin De Poorter from Sluis (NL) won a first National from St. Vincent with a 100% De Saer pigeon.

This pigeon is the renowned ‘Rainman’, which comes directly from the breeding lofts of the BDS team of Dr. Piet Blancke, Bart Declerck and Dirk Speybroeck. Martin De Poorter purchased it as a young bird of the third round of 2011. Rudi De Saer and the BDS team had purchased this top class racing pigeon together at a PIPA auction a while ago. On Monday 14 January the pigeon was moved to the breeding lofts in Ruiselede to be coupled with some of the best De Saer breeders. If you want to be a successful international fancier you will have to breed from top class pigeons and you should also try to add a great pigeon to your breed once in a while. This is how Rudi De Saer managed to reach the international top!
He was not willing to sell his two national winners from 2012 (‘New Jens’ and ‘Antonio’), even though they are worth a lot of money these days. Instead he decided to place his two stars of 2012 in his breeding loft. He also invested in the purchase of ‘Rainman’, the winner of a first National St. Vincent in The Netherlands (which is a 100% Rudi De Saer pigeon). This pigeon was also moved to the breeding loft in Ruiselede.


A breeding loft with an abundance of talented pigeons

We will be taking a look at the results of this loft in the last few seasons. We are confident to say Rudi De Saer has one of the most complete and extensive breeding lofts in 2013. In the end of 2009 Antoine and Rudi De Saer were big favourites for winning the title of First National Champion Long Distance Belgium KBDB. Unfortunately the KBDB made an administrative error when drawing up the criteria for the national championships Long Distance (eventually the results from Tulle in the yearlings’ races did count for the long distance championships). As a result they had to be satisfied with a second place. (We do not want to discredit the Nihoul family from Senzeilles who won the first prize according to the criteria of the KDBD!) That did not discourage Antoine and Rudi. Instead they made a great effort to win the title in the following season. One year after their second prize they were awarded in Ostend as first National Champions Long Distance in Belgium KBDB 2010! Some say justice has been done; others say it is a revenge win. The fanciers Antoine and Rudi De Saer turned from provincial top level fanciers into national stars!

The entire collection of top class racing pigeons that had won many top prizes was auctioned on PIPA at the end of 2010. Antoine and Rudi decided to make a fresh start in 2011 with yearlings (or young birds from 2010) only. They shifted focus to the national one day long distance races. In early May we had the first provincial race of 2011 and the new generation of De Saer immediately demonstrated its potential: they took the provincial victory from Tours. Shortly after celebrating this victory there was some terrible news: Rudi’s father Antoine had suddenly passed away. From one moment to the other Rudi was on his own. Rudi is a great champion and he did not throw the towel. Instead he did everything he could to make sure that the De Saer pigeon family stayed at the top of pigeon racing at international level. This was his way of paying homage to his father Antoine! In the meantime the racing team that started in 2011 has been doing great: these pigeons have showed that there is a lot of talent and quality in the lofts in Ruiselede. This is quite an extraordinary pigeon breed! These pigeons are capable of winning first prizes in sprint races (Arras for instance) as well as in the national long distance. They are successful from April to August, in the final national long distance race from Tulle! In other words the De Saer pigeons were capable of winning in almost every race they were basketed for. A good example is the race from Arras on 14 April 2012, where the De Saer pigeons were simply too strong for the rest of the field that day:

Arras 191 old birds: 1-2-3-5-6-13-15-16-18-20-23-25-31-32-34-35-36… (20/25)

It is remarkable that the first prize was won by ‘New Jens’, the later winner of the First National Limoges! The second prize was won by ‘Antonio’, eventual winner of the first National Souillac. Convinced about the quality of this loft? These were actually the highlights of a phenomenal 2012 season, a season in which two national victories in the long distance were achieved!

2 x first National in 2012 and the breeding qualities of stock dam ’t Goedje’

In 2012 the new generation of racing birds were ready for the first national long distance races as two year olds! In their first national long distance race from Limoges in early June 2012 they were just as successful as in their very first provincial race as yearlings one year ago. They won the national first prize from Limoges with ‘New Jens’, two weeks after ‘Turbo’ had won the first Interprovincial Chateauroux! The ‘New Jens’ is a strong and powerful racer with quite some achievements:

-‘New Jens’ BE10-3020896

Limoges      221 p. 1
     Prov  3,096 p. 1
     Nat  13,781 p. 1
Ablis        547 p. 1
Ablis        346 p. 1
Arras        191 p. 1

Click here for his full list of achievements
Click here for a full pedigree
He is a son of ‘Gino Boy’ BE09-3171413 (a direct Gino Clicque), which is already sire to 'Rapido' and 'Fiston'. These are excellent first prize winners! The dam of 'New Jersey' is 'Zuster 2 Jens' BE05-3177117, a full sister of supercrack ‘Jens’… co-winner of the title of First Nat. Champion Long Distance KBDB 2010!

Click here for the list of achievements and additonal information about ‘Jens’

Another full brother of ‘Jens’ is ‘Late Jens’ BE07-3128597, who showed himself to be an outstanding breeder: he is the sire of ‘Schicht’, ‘Inzaghi’, ‘Brionneke’ and the amazing ‘Blue Boy 1’, a great yearling from 2012 with great achievements:

-‘Blue Boy 1’ BE11-3123620

8th Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
Montluçon  Prov  2,609 p. 51
         N.Zone  7,828 p. 265
           Nat  22,875 p. 1301
Argenton   Prov  2,844 p. 59
         N.Zone  8,476 p. 308
           Nat  22,384 p. 786
Chateauroux Pro  2,905 p. 64
           Nat  15,902 p. 133
Limoges    Prov  2,867 p. 159
           Nat  17,735 p. 821

The national victory from Limoges old birds was the opener of a magnificent long distance season 2012, even though this young team of two year old pigeons is still fairly inexperienced! The next highlight of the season came from Souillac, where Rudi achieved his second national victory of the season, with one of the favourites of his father Antoine. That explains the name of this pigeon!

-‘Antonio’ BE10-3020860

Souillac    Nat  7,756 p. 1
Cahors      Nat  8,348 p. 142
Limoges     Nat 13,781 p. 204
Brive       Nat 11,130 p. 1519
Chateauroux Prov 3,486 p. 41

Click here for his full pedigree

He is a full brother and/or half brother of a long list of top class pigeons of De Saer: he is the son of stock dam ’t Goedje’ BE05-3177035… at the moment she is playing a key role in the Rudi De Saer pigeon family! Let's have a look at the pedigree of Antonio:

Sire: ‘Zoon Groten’ BE02-3185762
Himself winner of a second Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old Birds KBDB in 2006 with a 35th Chateauroux 4,308 p., a 64th Limoges 5,804 p., a 31st prov Brive 1,251 p., a 34th nat Brive 9,466 p. and a 264th nat Brive 20,310 p.
GF:  ‘De Groten’ BE98-3240120 (winner of a 1st Tours 267 p., 1st Chartres 341 p., 1st Angoulème, 2nd Blois 441 p., 5th Tours 2409p., 7th Blois 1332 p., 11th Poitiers 2766 p.)
GM: ‘Rebecca’ BE98-3240153, an excellent daughter of ‘Geschelpten Limoges 277/95’ x ’t Wittenbuikske 275/95’ (a daughter of ‘Wittenbuik’ Gaby Vandenabeele)

Dam: B05-3177035 ’t Goedje’
A 100% Gaby Vandenabeele as well and a granddaughter of stock bear ‘Kleinen 253/81’.
GF: B93-3050291 ‘Zoon Kleinen’… this is a direct son of the famous stock bear of Gaby: ‘Kleinen 253/81’ x ‘Georgette 708/86’
GM: B97-3062343 ‘Dana 1’… a daughter of ‘Nicolaas 169/93’ (a direct Vandenabeele) x ‘Lady Turbo 563/96 (a direct Vandenabeele from supercrack ‘Turbo 128/90’, himself winner of a first prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '93, 2nd Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB '94' x ‘Lady Blue 220/91’).

Click here for the full pedigree of 'Antonio'

The ‘Antonio’ is also full brother of another crack and one of Rudi's favourites in the team of two year olds:
-‘New Tours’ BE10-3020802

1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance Club 2011
4th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB West Fl 2011
6th Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2011
8th Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012

Click here for the list of achievements of ‘New Tours’

It is clear that ’t Goedje’ has become an indispensable breeding pigeon in the loft of De Saer, especially when you take a closer look at the pedigrees of this loft’s best racing pigeons. In addition to ‘Antonio’ and ‘New Tours’ she is also the dam of two promising yearling birds that have had a splendid 2012 season. They are undoubtedly talented racers. We present to you two sons of ‘Black Pearl’ BE08-3037377 (a grandson of top couple ‘Groten 120/98’ x ‘Rebecca 153/98’) coupled with ‘T Goedje’: 'Close' and 'Close 2'.

-‘Close’ BE11-3123679

Tulle      Prov  1,032 p. 2  (Loc 114 p. 1)
           Nat  10,251 p. 4
Argenton   Prov  2,844 p. 101
Montluçon   Pro  2,609 p. 126
Chateauroux Nat 15,902 p. 262

-‘Close 2’ BE11-3123680

7° Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
Tulle      Prov  1,037 p. 25  (Loc 114 p. 3)
           Nat  10,251 p. 58
Chateauroux Pro  2,905 p. 39  (Loc 197 p. 6)
           Nat  15,902 p. 83
Montluçon  Prov  2,609 p. 61  (Loc 154 p. 7)
         N.Zone  7,828 p. 314
           Nat  22,875 p. 1467
Argenton   Prov  2,844 p. 269
           Nat  22,384 p. 3181
Chateauroux Pro    884 p. 105
Clermont   Lok     366 p. 17

Keep in mind that the same breeding dam 'T Goedje' is already the dam of such champions as ‘King’, ‘Crackske’, ‘Champion’ and of course this duo:
- the ‘Bleken’ BE07-3128456: 4° Nat Asduif Fond KBDB 2010 (Click here for his pedigree)
- the ‘Tours’ BE06-3125960 (Click here for his pedigree)

The ‘Champion’ BE09-3040476 is coupled to ‘Bliksemgirl’ (a granddaughter of ‘Bliksem’ of Gaby Vandenabeele) and he is the dam of one of the best yearlings in the team and the top favourite of Rudi, hence the name of this pigeon:

-De ‘Favoriet’ BE11-3123742

4th Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
4th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
Chateauroux Loc    197 p. 1
           Prov  2,905 p. 19
         N.Zone  6,962 p. 39
           Nat  15,902 p. 40
Argenton   Loc     263 p. 2
           Prov  2,844 p. 7
         N.Zone  8,476 p. 54
           Nat  22,384 p. 172
Clermont   Loc     366 p. 7
Chateauroux Pro    884 p. 33
Montluçon  Prov  2,609 p. 88
         N.Zone  7,828 p. 394
           Nat  22,875 p. 1697
Limoges    Prov  2,867 p. 547

The ‘Nestzus Tours’ BE06-3125959 is coupled to ‘Black Pedro 623/10’ (a grandson of top couple  ‘Perigueux’ x ‘Corry’, which are the parents of ‘Zwarten As’click here for his pedigree)… She is the dam of the promising 'Raket' young bird, who has already won three first prizes:

-‘Raket’ BE12-3120001

Clermont   401 p. 1
Clermont   344 p. 1
Clermont   217 p. 1

Even the third generation of descendants of ‘t Goedje’ has a few outstanding cracks: the ‘Zwarten Twee’ BE05-3177008, a 100% Vandenabeele (sire of ‘Black Lola’, ‘Black Ace, ‘Fritz’… and a son of ‘Perigueux’ x ‘Corry’) x ‘Kapot Pootje’ BE10-3020791, a direct Rik Cools, have bred top class hen ‘Black Ace’. The dam of ‘Black Ace’, ‘Kapot Pootje’, is bred from ‘Darling Junior’ (a brother of ‘Marieke’: 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2000), who is a son of the excellent breeder ‘Gaby’s Bliksem’ and ‘Darling’) paired with ‘Crackske’: a full sister of ‘King’, ‘Toers’ and ‘Bleken’. Let’s have a look at the results of ‘Black Ace’:

-‘Black Ace’ BE12-3120035

10th Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Fl 2012
Gueret      Loc     170 p. 4
            Prov  3,318 p. 34
            Nat  16,988 p. 394
La Souterraine      239 p. 6
            Prov  2,856 p. 26
Argenton    Prov  4,525 p. 252

I think we can all agree that this is a world class pigeon breed. It allowed the Antoine & Rudi De Saer family to play a leading role in the long distance competition in Belgium in recent seasons. This is undoubtedly one of the best breeding lines at the moment in international pigeon racing. This is a bloodline for the future; a bloodline we will hear a lot from in the years to come!

You have seen some of the best racing pigeons of the De Saer pigeon breed but we would also like to show you the newly purchased ‘Rainman’, a 100% De Saer pigeon and already a national winner. It seems they have brought some of the De Saer blood back to where it belongs!

-‘Rainman’ BE11-4245800
A direct BDS team pigeon and a 100% Rudi De Saer: he is a son of the top couple ‘Brother Monty’ BE08-3190047 (a full brother of the First Prov. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB West Flanders 2005 ‘Monty with 11th Nat Montauban 6,654 p., 34th Nat Souillac 7,039 p., 150th Nat Brive 17,456 p., 244th Nat Limoges 11,869 p.) x ‘Blue Angel’ BE08-3190061, a full sister of ‘Blue Rudi’ (sire of 1st FCI Thailand 2009) and ‘One Eye Blind’ (the dam of 9th Nat Bourges ’11 and 14th Nat Cahors ’11). ‘Blue Angel’ is a daughter of top couple Perigueux 699/99 (6th Prov Perigueux 1,053 p., 14th Prov Ruffec 2,710 p., 24th Prov Poitiers 2,413 p… and a son of top breeder ‘Geschelpte Limoges 277/95’ Vandenabeele x ‘Wittenbuikse 275/95) x ‘Corry 189/01’ (direct Gaby Vandenabeele from ‘Turbo’: 1st Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’93 and 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’94). They are also the parents of the 1st Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB 2009, 3rd Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB 2006 and 4th Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB 2005 (click here for the full pedigree)! It is no coincidence that ‘Rainman’ has already won several top prizes:

St.Vincent  Nat 3,161 p. 1
Bordeaux    Nat 4,228 p. 76
Niergies        1,662 p. 25
Peronne         1,737 p. 36
Mantes La Jolie 6,328 p. 37
Peronne         1,134 p. 44

Belgium's best long distance loft?

Antoine and Rudi Desaer have been at the absolute top of national long distance racing in their province for quite a while now. More recently they have also been doing great at national level, with the titles of second and first National Champion Long Distance KBDB in 2009 and 2010. They have also won two National Victories in the 2012 season, three first provincial prizes, two second provincial prizes and 22 top-100 national prizes, as well as 30 first prizes! This is quite an achievement; you need talent and quality to win so many prizes. They found plenty of talented pigeons nearby: their basis comes from the master Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem. The first top class pigeons arrived in 1995. Today these pigeons are dominating the provincial grand middle distance and light long distance. They have already won a few national top prizes as well, which gave this pigeon loft national fame. They are likely to enter the hall of fame of pigeon racing very soon!

Two years ago Rudi De Saer saw it as a challenge to excel in the big national classics of the one day long distance. It seems that he has reached his goal! After reading this report you might be wondering whether or not this is the best long distance pigeon loft at the moment? We’ll let you be the judge of that. We think he is very close to the very top!

Click here for the excellent references with Rudi De Saer pigeons

An overview of the outstanding achievements in 2012

30 x 1st prizes
2   x 1st National

3   x 1st Provincial
3   x 1st Three Provinces
2   x 2nd Provincial (Bourges & Tulle)
22 x Top-100 National

19/5 Chateauroux Prov 3,486 old birds:
1-5-36-41-50-68-88-89… (20/24)
19/5 Chateauroux 885 yearlings:
6-8-9-19-22-31-32-33… (22/33)

02/6 Chateauroux Prov 2,905 yearlings:
19-20-38-39-42-63-64… (20/32)
Nat. 15,902 yearlings: 40-41-76-83-87… (20/32)
02/6 Chateauroux Prov 2,572 old birds:
15-24-30-94… (12/12)
Nat. 16,479 old birds: 34-56-68… (12/12)

02/6 Limoges Prov 2,441 old birds:
1-11-57-111… (8/13)
Nat. 13,781 old birds: 1-18-102-204-348… (8/13)

17/6 Cahors Prov 1,149 old birds:
5-36-37-59-68… (7/10)
Nat. 8,348 old birds: 95-138-142-214… (7/10)

07/7 Brive Prov 2,083 old birds:
21-32-44… (12/21)
Nat. 11,130 old birds: 48-81-102… (12/21)

22/7 Souillac Prov 1,527 old birds:
1-13-42-72.. (14/20)
Nat. 7,760 old birds: 1-17-55-104… (14/20)

04/8 Tulle Prov 1,037 yearlings:
2-25-34-58-69… (9/11)
Nat. 10,251 yearlings: 4-58-82… (9/11)