Angelo Roelen (Hoogstraten, BE) winner of National Youth Championship KBDB (age 21-30)

Angelo Roelen has only started as a fancier in 2005 and he focuses mainly on the sprint competition. The above title is the first important award in his young career. This is a great incentive for him to keep on going!

On 7 November 2012 Angelo, who works as a joiner, celebrated his 23rd birthday. About a week later he had another reason to celebrate: he was awarded as winner of the National Youth Competition KBDB (‘Jeugdcriterium’) in the 21-30 age group in the Casino Kursaal in Ostend. He was awarded this title with the following achievements:

1st prize against 1530 p. (0.0654%)
1st prize against  987 p. (0.1013%)
2nd prize against  980 p. (0.2041%)

This makes for a total coefficient of 0.3708% over three races.
This is a great career start and it will stimulate this young fancier to stay motivated and to work hard to achieve many more successes in pigeon racing! 

Passionate about the sprint

Angelo started as a fancier when a racing pigeon entered a loft where so called fancy pigeons were kept. He tried to train this racing pigeon but it was apparent that he lacked the experience to do so. Eventually he took the plunge and he asked for advice from a few experienced pigeon fanciers. It was love at first sight: he was immediately fascinated by pigeon racing. In the winter of 2004 Angelo started to build his first pigeon loft and in 2005 his career started with young birds that he obtained from different fanciers. Meanwhile he started to create his own pigeon breed that mainly focuses on the sprint competitions, which in his case include the races from Quiévrain and Noyon. He did a few test races in the middle distance as well.

His breeding team consists of 25 couples that are coupled around 24 November and the eggs of his best couples are brooded by a few feeding couples. The team of racing pigeons consists of about twenty cocks for Quiévrain (7 old birds and 13 yearlings) and a loft with nine yearling cocks for Noyon. They will be ready to do great things in 2013. Every racing pigeon is played in classic widowhood. The racing cocks can see their hen before the race to stay motivated; when they arrive home the couple usually stays together for the rest of the evening. Due to his job Angelo trains his pigeons only once a day during the week, usually in the evening. He trains them for one hour with the windows closed.

At the moment Angelo is still fond of the young birds’ competition, especially in the race from Quiévrain (which is about 133 km). He will soon ring a group of approximately 160 youngsters. This seems to be quite a large group but some of these birds will be used as a gift (about ten pigeons will be sold for vouchers) and he loses quite a few birds every season as well: there are a few birds of prey around that like a Roelen pigeon once in a while. This is very annoying but there is not a lot he can do about it. That explains why he breeds a few extra young birds every season. He is very careful and patient when training his youngsters. First of all he makes them familiar with the basket. When they are used to sitting in the basket he releases them about 100 metres away from the loft. As soon as they have passed this first test successfully he gradually increases the distance of the next release site: he starts at 2 km and then it goes to 5, 10, 20, 25 and 40km. However, Angelo explains that he will only increase the distance when the youngsters arrive home before him during the training flights. As we said, he can only train his birds once a day. However, he tries to organise an additional training flight of 25km in the morning (when weather allows) before he goes off to work, as soon as his pigeons have found their rhythm and when they have had their first races. He has to be at work at 7 o’clock in the morning, which means he has to get up early and hope for the sun to be there. Otherwise he cannot train his pigeons. This clearly illustrates the ambition and motivation of this young fancier!

The young birds are not separated or played with the sliding door. Instead they are kept together and they can build a nest if they want to. Angelo thinks that the love of a partner or a pigeon’s urge to defend its territory or nest box is reason enough for the young birds to be motivated and to perform well in the races. We agree that a young bird in good health can achieve a lot. That is why he always pays a visit to a veterinary surgeon before the breeding and the racing season: he wants his pigeons to be in full health when the breeding and racing season starts. A well developed pigeon that was raised in a healthy environment has an advantage over the other pigeons. His magnificent results in the sprint races (see below) and his long lists of top prizes with the young birds illustrate that he knows what he is doing. He has a great team of racing pigeons for sure.

This was our report about Angelo Roelen, the fresh national champion 2012 in the youth clubs’ competition. This is a young fancier with a clear vision and clear goals in our sport: first of all he wants to continue his success in the sprint races and he will also try to make further improvements. Secondly he is also planning to create a small team of racing pigeons that will be basketed for the middle distance every week. Angelo Roelen is obviously a talented young fancier and he is a coming man. This is a fancier with a future!

Some of the highlights of 2012

Quievrain  795 young birds:
1-3-4-6-10-12-13-14-15-16-17-22-24-25 etc. (26 per 10) and 48/79
Quievrain  554 young birds:
1-3-6-7-8-9-10-12-13-14-15-16-17-19 23-30-33-34-35-36-39-42-43-44-47 (25 per 10) and 36/48
Quievrain  980 young birds:
1-2-3-4-5-6-10-21-30-31-32-38-40 (22 per 10) and 31/48
Quievrain  987 young birds:
1-2-3-5-14-15-19-21-24-26-27-31 (17 per 10) and 34/64
Quievrain  913 young birds:
1-3-7-14-15-21-33-38-40-42-44 (17 per 10) and 37/50
Quievrian  730 young birds:
1-2-10-12-15-16-23-26-33-35 and 35/66
Quievrain  646 young birds:
5-6-8-9-10-11-13-1417-23-24-26-27-28-30-32-34-39-40-42 (21 per 10) and 45/50
Quievrain  503 young birds:
2-3-4-12-13-15-18-20-29-30-31-38-44-47-48-49 (18 per 10) and 41/85
Quievrain  482 young birds:
2-4-9-17 and 15/37
Quievrain  215 old birds:
2-4-5-13 and 5/7
Quievrain  109 old birds:
1-2-7-8-11-13-14-33  and 8/8
Quievrain  223 old birds:
2-9-12-22 and 5/7
Quievrain  189 old birds:
5-7-9 and 4/7
Quievrain  old birds:  
1-2-3 and 3/3
Quievrain  320 yearlings:
1-14-23-25 and 5/8


Most important titles between 2009 and 2012

1st National Champion KBDB Criterium Youth Clubs
Youth Club K.B.D.B Antwerp 2012:
2nd General Champion Sprint (behind Stickers-Donckers)

General Champion Quievrain 'De Noordhoek'
General Champion Quievrain 'De Snelvlucht'
General Champion old birds 1 + 2 + 3 nominated
General Champion yearlings 1 + 2 + 3 nominated
Autumn Champion 'De Snelvlucht'

General Champion Quievrain 'De Noordhoek'
General Champion Quievrain 'De Snelvlucht'
Champion First Nominated Yearlings Quievrain

Youth Club K.B.D.B Antwerp 2010
1st Young birds middle distance
2nd General Champion middle distance

Champion 1st nominated yearlings Quievrain 'De Noordhoek'
Champion 1st nominated yearlings Quievrain 'De Snelvlucht'
Autumn Champion

Youth Club K.B.D.B Antwerp 2009:
2nd General Champion Sprint (behind Stickers-Donckers)