Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL): a phenomenal fancier

A phenomenal fancier from Zeeland: that is an accurate description of Koen Minderhoud, who has been racing at the highest level for many years. Many champions come and go but the Minderhoud loft has had sustained success; 2012 was yet another great season.

When you invest in top class pigeons you will reap the benefits for many years to come. Koen Minderhoud is well aware of that. Back in the 1980s he purchased a whole lot of direct Vandenabeele pigeons and they had a great influence on his team. Later on Koen moved his loft from Westkapelle to Koudekerke but that was not a problem for his pigeon family. He further improved his breed with new bloodlines from Leo Broeckx, Jos & Jules Engels and more recently Verbree & Albert Derwa, which added a finishing touch to his breeding team.

The Minderhoud pigeons seem to breed outstanding pigeons effortlessly. The highlights for the 2012 season were five first prizes won in big races, which eventually resulted in an impressive provincial list of achievements in District 1 Zeeland:

      1st prov. Champion Middle Distance District Zeeland 2012
      2nd prov. Ace Pigeon Young Birds District Zeeland 2012
      5th prov. Champion One Day Long Dist. District Zeeland 2012
      6th prov. Ace Pigeon District Zeeland 2012
      8th prov. General Champion District Zeeland 2012
      8th prov. Ace Pigeon General District Zeeland 2012

In addition to the outstanding results in the championships they have also had some excellent results in the most demanding one day long distance races: since 2008 Koen has won no less than 32 teletext notations, eight of which were won in 2012:

      1st  Teletext District Zeeland Pithiviers – 5,015 p.
      1st  NPO District Zeeland Chateauroux     – 3,238 p.
      4th  NPO District Zeeland Chateauroux     – 3,238 p.
      5th  NPO District Zeeland Bourges         – 4,847 p.
      6th  NPO District Zeeland Orleans         – 3,822 p.
      8th  Teletext District Zeeland Pithiviers – 4,631 p.
      8th  Teletext District Zeeland Pithiviers – 4,631 p.
      10th Teletext District Zeeland Pithiviers – 5,015 p.

One of the pigeons that is responsible for many of the successes in this loft – 2012 was no exception – is the amazing Blauwe 522 NL04-0421522. He was an outstanding racing pigeon and he has won for instance:

      1st  NPO Tours    –  6,144 p.
      1st  Chantilly    –  1,474 p.
      2nd  Peronne      – 10,041 p.
      2nd  Pommeroeul   –  1,478 p.
      6th  Peronne      – 10,681 p.
      12th Pommeroeul   – 10,225 p.

One of the best breeders here is the daughter of Blauwe 522, the NL05-0508670. She bred the best young birds of 2012. The 670 is the dam of for instance the second NPO Chateauroux 5,223 pigeons, the fourth NPO Chateauroux 3,238 pigeons, the sixth NPO Argenton 2,991 pigeons and the 23rd NPO La Souterraine 3,539 pigeons. She is also the dam of the young and talented NL12-3210037 Gouden Crack 037, a name to remember! In 2012 she has won:

      1st  Gouden Crack Young birds Fondclub Zuid-Nederland
      2nd  Prov. Ace Pigeon Young Birds District Zeeland 2012
      1st  Orleans          – 490 p.
      5th  Breuil le Vert   – 956 p.
      13th Orleans          – 740 p.

The pigeon NL09-3912393 Blauw Roodoogje played a significant role this season as well, both as a racer and as a breeder. This amazing hen won a first prize in 2012:

      1st Pithiviers       – 5,015 p. (and a teletext notation)

A direct son of hers, the NL10-3011221 Mister Bradley, illustrates the breeding qualities of this bloodline. He has won a first prize as well:

      1st NPO Chateauroux  – 3,238 p.

Some of the other highly successful descendants of 'Blauwe 522' include: 

059/08 (A daughter of Blauwe 522)
      6th  NPO La Souterraine  –  2,889 p.
      15th NPO La Souterraine  –  3,539 p.
De 624 Doffer (A son of Blauwe 522)
      1st  Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds Entente 2011
599/11 (A son of Blauwe 522)
      1st  Sens                –  1,412 p.
      16th NPO Orleans         –  3,569 p.
600/11 (A daughter of Blauwe 522)
      16th NPO Bourges         –  4,847 p.
De Kanje’ (A son of Blauwe 522)
      1st  Quievrain           –    639 p.
      8th  NPO Pithiviers      –  5,142 p.
Broer Pareltj’ (Grandson of Blauwe 522)
      8th NPO Chateauroux      –  3,677 p.
Cock of Orleans (Grandson of Blauwe 522)
      1st Orleans              –    889 p.
      1st Orleans              –    560 p.
      4th NPO Orleans          –  4,515 p.
Nestzus Orleans (Granddaughter of Blauwe 522)
      5th  NPO Bourges         –  4,847 p.
      13th NPO Tours           –  5,334 p.
176/10 (Grandchild of Blauwe 522)
      1st Orleans              –    736 p.
      2nd NPO Orleans          –  4,911 p.
Het 45je (Greatgrandchild of Blauwe 522)
      1st prov. asduif generaal 2009
      1st Peronne              – 11,724 p.
      1st Breuil le Vert       –  7,228 p.
      6th NPO Chateauroux      –  3,777 p.
      7th NPO Argenton         –  4,441 p.