Marathon cracks Wim & Bertrik Murk (IJsselstein, NL) own a unique family of racing pigeons!

These fanciers have won no less than 53 top 100 prizes at National/NPO and international level in just ten years. So it is obvious that this is a high quality loft. The Murk family has a hands on approach and they have created quite a unique pigeon breed.

High quality is very important to both Wim and Bertrik.  That is why they started to collect good pigeons at an early stage; their successes in 2012 are a result of this approach.     Briefly speaking their breed consists of 30% of top class hen Jantje; the other 70% is based around the bloodline of Koop and Gerda Kiekebelt from Drijber, the most important pigeon being Van Kootenduifje. She is the dam of 13 national top 100 winners and she is great-grandmother of the first International St. Vincent and the first NPO Periqueux.

As we said, this is clearly a marathon loft. Their pigeons are basketed for races of 800km and more from different release sites. 2012 was again a good season with several top 100 prizes. This is how the two fanciers approach things: “We are never satisfied, there is always room for improvement. That’s how you keep you and your pigeons focused!”

This is their list of top 50 places at National/NPO and international level:

1st  International St.Vincent     in 2011 against 3,490 pigeons over 1045km
1st  International Bergerac       in 2009 against 6,931 pigeons over 865 km
1st  NPO Periqueux                in 2009 against 4,348 pigeons over 826 km
1st  International Champion Maratahon        against 7,500 members in 2006
1st  Provincial Overnight Champion nominated against 2,000 members in 2011
2nd  NPO Bordeaux                 in 2010 against 2,465 pigeons over 895 km
7th  International Bergerac       in 2006 against 8,713 pigeons over 865 km
8th  International Kampioen Marathon N.U. against 10,000 members in 2011
10th NPO Periqueux                in 2008 against 3,811 pigeons over 826 km
17th International St.Vincent     in 2006 against 3,783 pigeons over 1045km
18th National St.Vincent          in 2010 against 5,698 pigeons over 1045km
24th International St.Vincent     in 2009 against 4,487 pigeons over 1045km
27th National Bergerac            in 2004 against 20,261 pigeons over 865km
32nd NPO Periqueux                in 2012 against 2,912 pigeons over 826 km
34th NPO Periqueux                in 2012 against 2,912 pigeons over 826 km
36th International Brive          in 2006 against 7,213 pigeons over 808 km
38e NPO Periuqueux                in 2010 against 3,425 pigeons over 826 km
38e International Brive           in 2006 against 8,620 pigeons over 808 km
41e NPO Periqueux                 in 2012 against 2,912 pigeons over 826 km
42e International Mont de Marsan  in 2006 against 2,505 pigeons over 993 km
43e International Montpellier     in 2011 against 4,043 pigeons over 939 km
43e NPO Brive                     in 2011 against 4,564 pigeons over 808 km
45e NPO Bergerac                  in 2011 against 3,297 pigeons over 865 km
47e NPO Bergerac                  in 2011 against 3,297 pigeons over 865 km
50e International Cahors          in 2012 against 5,003 pigeons over 913 km
50e International Brive           in 2004 against 9,350 pigeons over 808 km

They were particularly successful thanks to their top class hen and stock dam Jantje! Click here to read more about this hen!
This is truly an exceptional pigeon; she is one in a million. Every season her excellent descendants prove that she has great breeding qualities. In only three years’ time she has become the dam of:

1st  Int. Bergerac 2009 (I) - 6,919 pigeons 865 km   (Super 31)
2nd  NPO Bordeaux 2010 - 2,465 pigeons 895 km        (Fenna)
7th  Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance WHZB 2010 (Fenna)
8th  Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance WHZB 2010
32nd NPO Périgueux 2012 - 2,912 pigeons 826 km       (Tiësto)
38th NPO Périgueux 2010 - 3,425 pigeons 826 km       (Blue 13)
50th Int. Cahors 2012 - 5,003 pigeons 913 km         (Tiësto)
60th Int. Brive 2010 - 7,213 pigeons 808 km          (Fenna)
61st NPO Bergerac 2011 – 3,297 pigeons 865 km        (Blue 13)
69th NPO Perigueux 2012 - 2,912 pigeons (826 km)
71st Int. St. Vincent 2011 – 3,490 pigeons 1045 km   (Fenna)
77th NPO Périgueux 2008 - 3,811 pigeons 826 km       (Fenna)
85th Int. Périgueux 2009 - 7,330 pigeons 826 km      (Super 31)

And grandmother of:

17th Int. Ruffec 2011    – 2,285 pigeons 871 km
24th NPO  Périgueux 2012 - 2,912 pigeons 826 km
34th NPO  Périgueux 2012 - 2,912 pigeons 826 km
41st NPO  Périgueux 2012 - 2,912 pigeons 826 km
69th NPO  Bergerac 2011  – 3,297 pigeons 865 km
86th Int. Bordeaux 2010  – 3,814 pigeons 895 km

When we take a look at her pedigree we notice that she has the outstanding bloodlines of Jan van Straten! Jantje is a granddaughter of the 022. This excellent cock has won no less than three teletext races against 18,053, 6,327 and 6,473 pigeons! And there is more: we find several other top class racing pigeons or their descendants in her pedigree. Her grandmother is, for instance, a daughter of the 5th Ace Pigeon Europe Marathon; her father won a 42nd National, just to name a few (click here for the pedigree). What follows is a short but impressive overview of her best children, which were bred with different cocks (sires)!

(Click here for the pedigree of 'Super 31')

(Click here for the pedigree of Fenna)

(Click here for the pedigree of Tiesto)

(Click here for the pedigree of Blue 13)

Another highlight in the career of the Murk family was the First NPO/National in 2009, won by their top class racing pigeon GER-KO against 4,348 pigeons. It is remarkable that he won this race with a lead of no less than 30 minutes, in a race that was considered as one of the most demanding of the season. His average velocity of 954 metres per minute in a race of 826km says it all! A few years later it appears that his grandchildren are equally as talented as their grandfather. They have already managed to win a 24th and a 34th national Periqueux against 2,912 pigeons! Quality is the main ingredient in the loft of the Murk family; we see this every season again. The collection of their top class racers and breeders that will be auctioned at PIPA is obviously of great quality as well!

( Click here for the Pedigree of Ger-Ko)