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Wulf van Laar (Elst, NL) ends a great season with 7 teletext notations

Wulf Van Laar, who plays under the name of W.E. van Laar, has had a great 2012 season with 7 teletext notations. So we paid him a visit to get to know his pigeons and his approach.

Wulf van Laar (45) is an account manager for Rabobank and has been a pigeon fancier since the age of nine. Despite his busy job as a manager he has had some great successes with his pigeons. His wife Joan plays an important role here: she takes care of the pigeons as well. Two is better than one! They have won no less than nine first prizes in the CC and 7 NPO teletext notations and championships this season. This impressive feat caught our attention.
















It is obvious that there is a well organised approach behind his success. First of all the pigeons are treated against paramyxo and the pocks every year. Before the season a vet takes a smear test of the pigeons’ throat and examines their droppings. When the pigeons arrive home, during the week and in the racing season, nothing is added to the drinking water. But this season the young birds were given a medicine against ornithosis on two occasions. This means that the birds get a treatment if the fancier senses that something is wrong. The young birds are darkened and lightened; the old birds not.

Their racing birds are played in widowhood for every flight (between 100 and 1000km)! In May the sprint racers are released in the morning for a training flight of 45 minutes. After that the long distance cocks are released; Joan is there to let the birds enter the loft. At 5 o’clock in the evening the widowers are released a second time. At 18h30 the sprint hens are released for a flight of about one hour. At the end of the day the long distance hens are released as well for a flight of one hour as well.

An attentive reader has noticed that the young birds are not released and that is indeed the case. Until three weeks before the first flights the young birds are only released in the weekends (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Wulf has a busy schedule during the week and there are a few birds of prey in the neighbourhood as well. Three weeks before the start of the season the young birds are trained at a daily basis and the long distance pigeons are then given a break. The pigeons are also separated two to three weeks before the first NPO race. The long distance birds are transferred to a different loft. Wulf knows from experience that pigeons perform better if they are housed in a loft with as few birds as possible. This is a way for the cocks to acquire territory. Before the season the pigeons are tossed five times. More tosses are not necessary and it would not be possible either, due to lack of time.

Wulf van Laar has had some outstanding achievements this season:

S20 Epehy           against 5094p = 11-19-20-26-27-49-51-73-81-89-100 41/30
S21 Epehy           against 3250p = 21-26-84-157                      19/10
M19 Peronne         against 5252p = 12-23-47-73-118-142               47/23
M22 Nanteuil        against 2939p = 2-4-30-32-69-89-100               22/16
M26 Mantes la Jolie against 2359p = 14-30-34-44-71-80-87-93           20/13
M27 Peronne         against 1845p = 10-19-101-110-112-122-356         10/ 7
O21 Orleáns         against 2530p = 14-22-26-29-106                   20/ 6
O23 Salbris         against 1645p = 19-28-43-58-98-124-227-240        20/ 8
O25 Blois           against 1788p = 2-5-12-36-108-198-201-233         15/ 8
O27 Bourges         against 1450p = 3-4-7-48-125-214-293-302-319      15/ 9
O29 Tours           against 1469p =  12-14-16-54-66-126-133-160-232   15/ 9
N24 St.Vincent      against  384p = 4                                 6 / 1
N27 Albi            against  524p = 4-7-15-45                         8 / 4
J31 Quievrain       against 4786p = 22-26-81-84-85-88-89              59/46
J32 Peronne         against 4348p = 10-13-22-24-32-47-50-51-78-103    58/30
J33 Morlincourt     against 3130p = 2-5-12-23-29-33-83-84-95          49/20
J35 Mantes La Jolie against 2344p = 2-14-33-34-60-62-85-114-115-140   37/17
A32 Duffel          against 4324p = 18-21-32-35-72-76-82              10/ 9
A34 Pommeroeul      against 4402p = 1-21-47-50-56-57-73-103           35/24
A36 Peronne         against 2855p = 8-9-11-18-40-87-88-161-208        20/11
A= old+young    S= Sprint    M= Middle distance    D=one day long dist.    N=overnight

He also had a few great results in the Super long distance club Gou, with for instance a first prize against 734 pigeons from Morlincourt last weekend.

The best pigeons in the loft of De Wulf are mostly Ad Schaerlaeckens pigeons. In 2005 they paid a visit to the lofts of Schaerlaeckens, who gave four young birds to Wulf. Seven years later the four have become the stock birds of Wulf. He obtained them from the lines of Sharp Eye and Ace Four combined with Pearl Eye, Fameuze 191 and top class pigeon Wounded Knee! Later on he purchased a few pigeons from Anton Ruitenberg as well, including a few children of Wondere Dirk. These bloodlines were an important factor in the teletext notations this season.

For the overnight races he was assisted by Cor de Heijde. Wulf likes to compete in every discipline but he would sometimes neglect the overnight competitions. Still he had three national top -100 classifications this season:

98th National St.Vincent against 4,575 pigeons ( Cor de Heijde line)
30th National Albi       against 5,949 pigeons ( Van Heijst x Polder line)
82nd National Albi       against 5,949 pigeons ( Van Heijst x Polder line)


An overview of some of the best pigeons of Wulf van Laar

The Super 018: the picture says it all. He has won 20 prizes 1:100, including nine first prizes. He was also awarded as first ace pigeon allround in region 3, which has 350 members. A great performance! She stems from a grandson of Sharp Eye of A.S. coupled with the top lines of De Klak of Jos van Limpt. Her sire is also a great breeder with descendants winning a 3rd NPO, 4th NPO and at least three first ace pigeons!

This is another big star of Wulf with no less than two NPO teletext notations. This hen also has the bloodlines of A.S. and De Klak. Her sire is a son of Pearl Eye (who won four prizes including a 1st Arlon 5106 pigeons, 1st Strombeek 820 p. and 1st Strombeek 578 p.). The dam is also mother of Superracer 018: De Klak hen. She is a proven breeding hen!

In 2011 this pigeon had already won the title of first ace pigeon young birds. She was bred from 10-391, the first ace pigeon 2011 sprint in the same district! Her daughter is 11-912, which has won a secondNPO Blois against 3,939 pigeons!

Four first prizes! 10 times a 1:100 and a 13th national ace pigeon sprint... This is an exceptional bird with the outstanding bloodlines of Ad Schaerlaeckens!

Wulf and his wife Joan have a successful system. His pigeons are true top flyers and they leave nothing to chance to win as often as possible. Some critics say that an amateur fancier cannot compete with the professional or retired fanciers but Wulf proves this is not true! He is a fancier with a day time job and he has one dream left: he has won several second prizes NPO and now he aims for a first prize! We’ll keep an eye on him next season!

Wulf, good luck, we wish you all the best.