Wilfried De Meester-Van Hoorebeke (Lovendegem, BE), owner of a few outstanding long distance pigeons with Aelbrecht & De Rauw-Sablon origins

Wilfried De Meester is a close friend of living legends Marcel Aelbrecht and Etienne De Rauw. Every time he paid them a visit he would get a few youngsters off their best breeders. This was of course a sound basis for a strong team of birds in the national long distance.

In a short while Wilfried (81) is going to quit pigeon racing and he has decided to offer his excellent collection of Marcel Aelbrecht and Etienne De Rauw(-Sablon) pigeons for sale on PIPA. He is a good friend of the two top class fanciers so he could get his hands on some of their best pigeons and house them in his loft in Lovendegem. This was of course of great benefit for the jovial Wilfried. In no time he had some great successes in the long distance. He obtained over 80 pigeons from the lofts in Lebbeke, most of which had to prove their skills as a racing bird before being transferred to the breeding loft. This is when the first selection was made. In the breeding loft the pigeons were watched and judged as well; the weaker birds were immediately left out.

Wilfried De Meester is first of all a pigeon fancier; he does not care for the commercial aspect of the sport. To him pigeon racing was and always will be a hobby, a pastime. He knows how to deal with animals: he used to be a dog trainer and was once Belgian champion in this discipline. He is also a bee-keeper: people come from miles around to get a jar of his delicious honey. As a pigeon fancier he showed the same skills and knowledge: he knew perfectly well how to push his birds to the limit to reach their best form. But he would never push them too far, he was very patient with them. The pigeons had time to gain experience and to mature. This allowed them to become excellent long distance racers as two year olds and as old birds. Wilfried De Meester loved to see his pigeons come home after a race, especially when there was a lot of wind and rain. He always kept a record of his local results; he was not interested in the other results. In 2012 he added a 1st Vierzon, a 2nd Brive, a 3rd Montclucon, a 4th and 7th from Bordeaux, a 9th from Montauban etc. to his list of achievements. This once again underlines the quality of his family of pigeons.

Bordeaux is without a doubt one of the big stars in the loft of Wilfried De Meester. He was the fastest pigeon in a very demanding 2010 race (he was electronically clocked with a velocity of 1,085 m/min) with temperatures exceeding 30°C. On the same day the pigeon Gilbert took the first national win for Erik Limbourg.

-BORDEAUX B08-4276703
A pigeon with an incredible pedigree… a combination of De Rauw-Sablon x Aelbrecht. A natural born racer
Sire: he stems from a direct Etienne De Rauw from Lebbeke (De Rauw-Sablon), the Etienne B06-4361305… who is a son of Blauwen 914 B04-4019914, a direct Marcel Aelbrecht and a brother of the Best pigeon 2004 and best cock 2005 of M. Aelbrecht (bred from top breeder Perpignan 065/97 x Dochter Limoges 043/03 De Rauw-Sablon) x Blauwe Kweekster B05-4372641 (a daughter of Paul 650/04 De Graeve-Van Geert but in fact a 75% De Rauw Sablon coupled with Dochter Limoges 001/03 De Rauw-Sablon).
Mother Bordeaux B07-4027809 was bred from two direct Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons, namely Blauwen Marcel B04-4436989 (which stems from Brother 1st Perpignan 550/96 x Blauw 041/03, a crossing of the top lines of Crack Aelbrecht x Limoges x Smallen De Rauw-Sablon) x Blauwke Aelbrecht B05-4112914 (a daughter of top class breeding cock Camiel Haeck 545/96 x Blauw Wouters-Coremans 299/04).

Unfortunately the rubber control ring was clocked too late so Bordeaux lost a few places and was ranked fourth. But that does not change anything about his great achievement that day, which impressed many fanciers. As a result Jos Joosen from Brecht asked him to do a joint breeding with his champion and the results were impressive. One of the youngsters of Bordeaux has won an 8th National against 17,735 yearlings and a top result from Tulle in the loft of Jos.

-The Super yearling 11-4303905 (for Jos Joosen)

  8° Nat Limoges 17,735 p. ’12
209° Nat Tulle   10,251 p. ’12

The two well known fanciers Raoul & Xavier Verstraete have also had a joint breeding with Wilfried’s Bordeaux, who races in the same club as them. The two national stars appreciated the performance of Bordeaux and as soon as they had seen the bird with their own eyes they were convinced of his excellent breeding qualities. Meanwhile several other national stars have paid a visit to his loft in Lovendegem for a joint breeding or to obtain a few young birds of the outstanding Aelbrecht and De Rauw-Sablon bloodlines. A growing number of fanciers are interested in purchasing one of the birds from Wilfried since these pigeons are no longer available in their loft of origins in Lebbeke: several birds were stolen from Marcel Aelbrecht and some time later there was also an auction of their racing birds. Another reason might be that the pigeons in Lovendegem are affordable; Wilfried did not want to make money out of it. It is probably a combination of the two.

The achievement of Bordeaux has impressed many fanciers and the loft has gained worldwide recognition. The pigeons that come from the breeding loft of De Meester have been very successful already, especially in the loft of Jos Joosen.

Aelbrecht and De Rauw-Sablon: a sound basis!

In order to get his hands on the best pigeons available Wilfried De Meester was willing to pay a bit more. As a dog trainer he managed to find the best dog for the job and as a bee-keeper he had the best beehives and queens to make delicious honey. As a fancier he also had the knowledge to find the pigeons that would make him a successful fancier. He knew where to find the pigeons that would win top prizes in the races.

Wilfried wanted a sound basis for his loft and he knew where to find the best pigeons: in the lofts of his close friends from Lebbeke, Marcel Aelbrecht and Etienne De Rauw. Their pigeons would form the basis for a successful loft in the future. He has already had his first successes from Bordeaux, Vierzon, Montauban, etc, but the best results will be won by other fanciers, especially the ones that will manage to obtain some of the birds of the Aelbrecht and De Rauw-Sablon collection, which is now offered on PIPA. Howver, the years are passing by, says Wilfried (81). “It was getting too much, that is why I had already sold one half of my beehives. Luckily enough I could always count on my assistant Guy Van Hoorebeke (his team partner), although he has a busy daytime job. But Guy and his wife Herlinde have started a family now so it is difficult for him to go to the loft every day to take care of the pigeons and to wait for their arrival.” That is why Guy decided to move the young birds to a loft near his house two years ago. Now he races them under the name of Herlinde Bundervoet. In the last two seasons he has found some reinforcements and he is now ready to take part in the national long distance competition. This is when Wilfried decided to quit the sport. However, as long as his health allows he will be there to assist his former colleagues and to give them invaluable advice.

Soon the career of Wilfried De Meester will come to an end with the selling of all of his direct Marcel Aelbrecht and Etienne De Rauw pigeons. Each one of them is a pigeon with great racing and breeding qualities. This auction will be the last highlight in the career of Wilfried. A lot of his pigeons will probably win top prizes for other fanciers. However, in the pedigrees and the reports we will probably find the names of Aelbrecht or De Rauw instead of Wilfried De Meester, because that makes them a lot more valuable and commercially attractive, which is regrettable. In pigeon racing fanciers are not always given the credit they deserve. However, this does not mean Wilfried would not enjoy a great achievement by a descendant of one of his pigeons. His pigeons have always been very talented and they will be in the future, no matter where they are housed. Wilfried, all the best to you...

Some of the best results of 2012

12/5 Angerville 439 yearlings:
12-13-25-28-50-51-59-72-86-89-98-100… (14/24)
19/5 Vierzon 325 yearlings:
1-23-24-27-29-41-65-72-75-76… (13/23)
26/5 Bourges  554 yearlings:
37-85-87 (3/5)
02/6 Limoges 645 old birds:
37-63-80-92-118-123-145-161-190… (22)
17/6 Montlucon 743 yearlings:
3-95-121-148-149-179-182-190-203-231 (10/14)
23/6 Montauban 235 old birds:
9-26 (met 2° + 1° nom. of 3 p.)
Nat 6.822 old birds: 100-360 (2/3)
30/6 Bordeaux-Agen  174 old birds:
4-7-42 (with 2-3-1° nom. of 6 p.)
Nat 4,971 old birds: 101-167…
Intnat 10,717 old birds: 145-247-2490 (3/6)
07/7 Brive 474 old birds: 2-61 (2/7)
Nat 11,130 olds: 26… (prognosis top-1000 Nat)
16/7 Limoges 984 yearlings:
15-28-38-51-232-262-269 (7/12)
Nat 17,735 yearlings: 491-837-980-1114… (top 2000 Nat)
29/7 Narbonne 199 p.  19 (1/3)
04/8 Tulle   464 yearlings:
44-71-88-90-97... (9/11)
Nat 10,251 yearlings: 510-897-1091-1100-1217-1960-1979-2471 (8/11)