Super hen Devil’s Daughter of Kurt and Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) winner of 1st national Argenton against 4,774 old birds

The first prize in the recent national race from Argenton was won by an excellent pigeon, a hen on widowhood with a co-efficient of a mere 0.16% over three national races in 2012. But there is more: she also won several top prizes as a yearling in 2011, winning a 3rd provincial ace pigeon middle distance yearlings KBDB West-Flanders.

This hen outclassed her rivals with a velocity of 1203.63 m/min over a distance of 497.222 km. Her half sister La Toya has won a 10th national with a velocity of 1169.26 m/min.

This is how Devil’s Daughter performed in the three national races in 2012:

1st  national Argenton      4,774 p.
7th  national Bourges      20,589 p.
18th national Chateauroux  16,479 p.

This makes Devil’s Daughter one of the contenders for the title of ace pigeon. Let's take a look at some other results from her:

4th   prov.     Bourges      2,322 p.
11the national  Chateauroux 25,263 p.
18th  prov.     Chateauroux  3,486 p.
24th  prov.     Chateauroux  4,072 p.
4th   prov.     Tours          518 p.

This superstar belongs to a team of hens raced on widowhood in 2012 which has been performing outstandingly well this season. The national victory is the crowning glory for father and son Platteeuw. At the national days they will again be awarded after their previous national victory with the young birds from Gueret.

Her pedigree shows us that Devil’s Daughter stems from parents/grandparents who were very talented as well and who were at the top of the national:

Sire: 227 Labiau (07-3011227) winner of 18th national Bourges against 27,506 birds and 163th national Bourges 1,355 birds
GF: Labiau Junior (02-4425363)
GM: Mother Victoria (97-3072314)
Dam: Devil’s Diamand (02-3020638) winner of for instance, a 5th national La Souterraine 13,737 pigeons
GF: Black Diamand (99-3099097) winner of a 49th national Limoges 23,550 pigeons
GM: Alexia II (97-3097405) winner of a 36th national Bourges 3,397 birds, a 52th nat. La Souterraine against 11,659 birds, a 75th nat. Bourges against 4,202 birds, etc.
(Click here for the full pedigree of Devil's Daughter)

La Toya

La Toya (09-3099159) is another excellent hen in the team of Kurt and Raf. This hen has an impressive list of achievements as well. First of all there is a 10th national from Argenton. In 2010 she has won for instance, a 4th provincial ace pigeon KBDB middle distance and she has also won the following prizes:

77th national Chateauroux  16,479 p.
96th national Bourges      20,589 p.
19th prov. Argenton         3,250 p.
1st  Tours                    107 p.
2nd  Clermont               1,908 p.
41th prov. Tours            3,501 p.

Sire: Red Opium (03-3114102) was 1st ace pigeon Belgian National Distance Trophy
Dam: Devil’s Diamond (02-3020638) is also mother of Devil’s Daughter
(Click here for the full pedigree of La Toya)

A provincial top result as well

Under the name of Noels-Platteeuw the fanciers were also successful in the national from Argenton (11 August) in Limburg. It was a young bird who took the 1st provincial, crowned with no less than three pigeons in the top 12 at provincial level.

Many congratulations to Kurt and Raf on their national win!