Another top weekend for Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) with 1st Limoges yearlings, 2nd St.Vincent old birds, 2nd-3rd-4th Blois youngsters and 3th-4th Poitiers old birds

The weather does not seem to bother the pigeons of Marc Pollin at all: sun, wind or rain, his birds can handle any type of weather.


This became evident last Monday, when we saw some outstanding achievements by the Pollin pigeons after they had been basketed for an exta night in the club of Gistel. Let’s have a look at the results of the Pollin pigeons; the figures say more than words…

St.-Vincent  (899 km) Reg 209 oude:
2- 17- 28- 30- 32- 35- 37- 51- 59  (9/10) 
Prov       1,120 old birds:  3-67… (preliminary top-100)    
Nat.       5,431 old birds:  6 - …   (preliminary result)                               
Intnat. 13,085 old birds:  16 -…  (preliminary result)                                      

The pigeon BE10-3164027 that has managed to win the 2nd prize from St. Vincent is quite a special bird. The national and international winners of Gilbert Coolsaet were the only birds who prevented him from taking a first place at local level. This two year old cock has already had some very good results in the past:


St.Vincent  Reg     209 p. 2
            Nat.  5,431 p. 6
            Int. 13,085 p. 16
Montauban   Reg     174 p. 2
            Prov  1,109 p. 9
            Nat   6,822 p. 38
Limoges     Nat  13,781 p. 224

Click here for the pedigree

The victory in the classic yearlings race from Limoges was won in the fondclub Gistel and the old birds from Poitiers did an excellent job as well. The youngsters had a busy weekend as well with the first important race from Blois interprovincial. Marc clocked one youngster after the other with a nice 23/44 result. This opens opportunities for the classics in the next few weeks. To conclude we give you the results of the races we mentioned above:

Limoges yearlings (644km)  Reg 469 yearlings
1- 11-12-42-50-122-130-138  (8/14)                       
Prov.  2,867 YL: 5 – 75 – 78 - …                                                                             
Nat.  17,731 YL:   69 - …    (preliminary result)

Poitiers (548 Km) Reg  127 old  birds:
3- 4- 12- 21 (4/8)

Blois  (419 Km) Reg  149 youngsters:
2- 3- 4 -8 -10 -11- 12- 13 -16- 19- 21- 22- 23… (23/44)

The first class pigeons of Marc Pollin have been demonstrating their excellent form last weekend. Everybody knows that this family of pigeons is a tough opponent! We wonder what the Pollin pigeons have in store in the important classics of Souillac, Narbonne, Tulle and Perpignan with the old birds and the nationals for the youngsters.