Bart & Nance Van Oeckel (Oud-Turnhout, BE) dominate provincial Montluçon, winning 1° yearlings!

Just two weeks after winning 1st provincial Chateauroux old birds Bart and Nance have done it again: they have won a provincial win from Montluçon with yearlings, as well as a 2nd prize provincial old birds.

The pigeons of Bart and Nance did an excellent job in the race from Montluçon on 23rd June, not only with a provincial win, but with a series of top results from their pigeons. 40 pigeons were entered for the race and a total of seventeen pigeons were eventually clocked, well within the top 100 provincial. That is something! Take a look at their impressive results from Montluçon:

23/6 Montlucon Prov 2,222 yearlings:
1-3-10-13-14-15-19-20-21-31-53-54-66-128-135-162-173-195-201-202… (29/34p.)
23/6 Montlucon Prov 1,253 old birds:
2-4-23-86-300-341 (6/6p.)

It was the superior yearling Dries who took the win from Montluçon. This is a top class athlete bred from a crossing of Gaston Van De Wouwer x Meulemans. His father is Jerome van Gaston BE09-6111725, which stems directly from Berlaar (another member of the renowned Kaasboer line, the successful line of Gaston van De Wouwer) x Hildegard BE09-6350464… you can take a look at the full pedigree here. We give you a resume of the list of achievements of Dries BE11-6126071:

1st Prov Montlucon   2,222 p. in ’12 
2nd Prov Chateauroux 2,478 p. in ’12 
4th Intprov Blois    5,000 p. in ’11 (1° local 190 p.)
13th Prov Gueret     2,222 ’11 enz…

So the pigeon that managed to win a 1st provincial from Montluçon is a pigeon to remember. The overall performance of the entire loft indicates that the team of Van Oeckel is in excellent form. This is evident in their exceptional achievement from Montluçon. We wonder if they will be as strong in the classic from Argenton next weekend.

In the past few weeks the pigeons of Bart and Nance have been performing as follows:

17/6 Montlucon Prov 2,071 old birds:
84-106-119-357361-434 (6/6p.)
     Montlucon Prov 3,284 yearlings:
18-62-91-136-138-181-206-210-212-278-310-316… (27/42p.)
09/6 Chateauroux Prov 1,862 old birds:
1-29-33-311-414 (5/ 8p.)
     Chateauroux Prov 2,478 yearlings:
437-456-487-531-629-745-795-806 (24 out of 41)
02/6 Chateauroux Prov 1,762 old birds:
163-165-474 (3 out of 7)
     Chateauroux Prov 2,139 yearlings:
645-681-685 (18 out of 40)
26/5 Bourges Prof 3,184 old birds:
103-145(2 out of 2)
     Bourges 3,068 yearlings:
166-385-709 (3 out of 4) 
19/5 Vierzon Prov 1,892 old birds:
8-136-139-147-254-485 (6 out of 8)
     Vierzon Prov 1,297 yearlings
207-234-274-289-336-337-351-399-427-429 (27 out of 40)