Partnership Kazmierczak-de Jong (Heerlen, NL) winners of 1st National Pau in The Netherlands

The 2012 race from Pau was a very fast one. The first international winners arrived at 15h45 for the shorter distances to Northern France. After this, the Belgian and Dutch fanciers knew that they could expect an early arrival as well.

This was not surprising as the wind increased in the final 300 kilometres of the race. It was in the south of the Netherlands that the first national pigeon from Pau arrived home, winning against 2,651 pigeons. This pigeon has also won a 5th international against 8,359 pigeons and resides in the lofts of the Kazmierczak – de Jong partnership in Heerlen, in the province of Limburg.

This partnership was only founded two years ago. Leo De Jong had moved to a flat and he was no longer able to keep pigeons anymore, but Roman Kazmierczak offered him a solution: he had some lofts that had been abandoned for several years and it was an easy task for him to use them again to house racing pigeons.

Now the lofts of Roman house two sections with 12 widowers and two sections with eight pairs of stock pigeons in each. This young family of pigeons mostly consists of yearlings and a few two year old pigeons. For this season they have sent a limited number of pigeons for the one-day and long distance races.

The lofts are not positioned ideally, as the entrances face northwest, but they did find a way to have the morning sun in the lofts anyway as at the back of the lofts there are a few windows that allow the sun to come in.

The pigeons are let out two times per day if the weather allows. They are not trained in between and they are then immediately entered in races of 150 kilometres. Outside the season they are not given any medical treatment. They are paired in mid-March, after which they are given a treatment for tricho and ornithosis. During the middle distance season they are treated for tricho and ornithosis as well, but this is kept to an absolute minimum.

Throughout the year the two fanciers make use of natural products. This consists of garlic, tea and Vior from Bifs to increase the acidity of the pigeons’ drinking water. They also use several products from Dr. Brockamp, these are all natural products as well.

Their feed mainly consists of a mixture of at least four brands of feed; three racing mixtures and one bag of super depurative.

The winner of the national from Pau is a widowhood pigeon from 2010 with ring number NL10-1995068.


In the pedigree we find several well known names that have been very successful in international classics in the past. As a yearling he finished in the top 200 provincial from Cahors. This season he had two false pairings; after the second false pairing he was raced on widowhood. In the shorter distance races he was often among the first pigeons to finish, but the pigeons are not clocked for the sprint and middle distance races, so he did not feature on any official results there. After being released on Friday at 06h45 he was clocked home at 17h14:20 after having covered a distance of 968.762 kilometres. This resulted in an average speed of 1539mmin, which was more than enough to stay in front!