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De Heijde Cor, Made (NL)

Achievements Cor de HEIJDE in 2007:

International Pau, Barcelona, Irun, Narbonne and Perpignan
72 pigeons basketted and 38 prizes achieved (53%)

Pigeons with Klamperblood in other lofts from 2005-2007 :
1e nat.St.Vincent Sect.4 1313 d + snelste totaal concours Koopman Ermerveen
1e NPO Streyregg 3376 d Henry Visser Hendrik Ido Ambacht
1e nat.Barcelona 13066 d F.Bungeneers Ranst (B)
1e nat.winnaar gouden vleugel Barcelona F.Bungeneers Ranst (B)
1e Bergerac 5071 d fondcl.Zuiderkempen M.Beset Den Bosch
1e nat.Mont de Marsan 19384 d M.Beset Den Bosch
2e nat.Bergerac S3 16861 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
3e nat.Bergerac S3 15900 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
3e nat.Barcelona 7489 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
3e nat.Pau 2413 .Verschuren Raamsdonkveer
3e internat.Perpignan dv 3131 d E.Mairlaen St.Martens Latem (B)
4e internat.Barcelona 25838 d F.Bungeneers Ranst (B)
6e nat.Bordeaux 7126 d A.Valk Hank
6e nat.St.Vincent 6830 d W.Versendaal Srijen
7e nat.St.Vincent 16057 J.Theelen Buggenum
7e nat.Bergerac S3 16861 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
7e internat.San Sebastian dv 1806 d Paul Callens Heestert (B)
7e internat.Irun dv 2509 d Paul Callens Heestert (B)
7e internat. Barcelona 25838 d .Hooijmans Kerkdriel
9e nat.St.Vincent 6830 d W.Versendaal Srijen
10e prov.St.Vincent 996 d J.Maes Zonhoven (B)
10e nat. Perpignan 5547 d E.Mairlaen St.Martens Latem (B)
10e nat.Bergerac 6629 d G.Rozenbrand sr.Sprang Capelle
10e nat.Narbonne 2563 d.L.Kurvers de Weerd Hulsberg.
11e nat Pau 2342 d. Heijde Geertruidenberg
11e nat.Montaban 7317 d Eddy Cardon Deerlijk (B)
12e nat.Bergerac 15900 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
13e nat.St.Vincent Sect.2 5232 d W.Versendaal Strijen
13e nat.Periqeux afd.7 4955 d J.Hooijmans Kerkdriel
13e nat.Bergerac 6629 d G.Rozenbrand.Sprang Capelle
16e nat.Pau 2157 d d F.Bungeneers Ranst (B)
22e nat.Bordeaux 7409 d Borst Kinderdijk
24e nat.Bergerac 6629 d G.Rozenbrand.Sprang Capelle
24e nat.Dax 3260 d W.v.d.Velden Boskoop
27e nat.St.Vincent 16057 d.R.Oomen St.Willebrord
31e nat.Pau 2212 d Eddy Cardon Deerlijk (B)
31e nat.Bergerac Sec.3 17160 d .Hooijmans Kerkdriel
31e nat.Bergerac 6629 d . Heijde Geertruidenberg
32e nat Pau 2342 d W.v.d.Velden Boskoop.
32e nat.St.Vincent Sect.3 5825 d J.Hooymans Kerkdriel
34e nat.Barcelona 7489 d M.van Turnhout Raamsdonkveer
34e nat.St.Vincent Sect.2 5232 d L.van Zuiden Alfen a.d.Rijn
35e nat.Chatearoux 10345 d Eddy Cardon Deerlijk (B)
43e nat.Carcasonne. 3167 d Heijde Geertruidenberg
57e nat Pau (B) 7218 d F.Bungeneers Ranst (B)

Championships 2007 :
Nat.Pau ZLU winnaar Golden Double
5e nat.kampioen Pyreneencup ZLU
1e Aangewezen kampioen Fondclub Flakkee-Brabant-Zeeland
1e Maraton kampioen Fondclub Flakkee-Brabant-Zeeland
4e Generaal kampioen Fondclub Flakkee-Brabant-Zeeland
3e Nationale Maraton ZLU
3e Asduif Perpignan 2005-2007
4e West Europese Super Maraton 8 getekende
5e Pyreneencup ZLU 5e Europa Maraton (telefonisch doorgegeven)
13e West Europese Super Maraton


This time set I off for PIPA to Made, a village with approximately 12,000 inhabitants in the municipality Drimmelen and in the province Noord-Brabant. Made arose as a collection of farms on the city meadow (known as that Meede) in the city Geertruidenberg. The village Made lies approximately eight kilometres north of Breda, on the border of the higher lain Brabantine. End destination was the Fresiastraat, where Cor de Heijde and his wife live in a splendid house with a superb large garden, in which his pigeon lofts stand.

The fancier
Cor (62) is general director/project developer of his construction company Lage Zwaluwe and therefore a very busy man, but for this interview he had nevertheless willingly made an afternoon free.
Cor became interested in pigeon racing through his father. At that time there were only 120 fanciers in the small community of Made. In the sixties he got to know Piet de Weerd. This through his son Henk de Weerd who had just completed his studies to become a veterinary surgeon. Cor became friends with Piet and went along with him to the many top lofts, where Piet was asked select the pigeons, and so therefore Cor got to handle numerous top pigeons. Piet was internationally recognised as an inspecting master and had an enormous feeling for muscles.
Cor - as he himself says – has really learned a lot from him..
It was also Piet de Weerd who imparted the finesses to Cor with regard to inspecting the muscles and assessing the vitality. To this day, Cor still uses the selection method, which he learned from Piet de Weerd.
Cor had in his younger years plenty of  “idols”, generally because of their results, but even now he still has a lot of respect for fanciers, who do not perform well but nevertheless still remain fanciers.
After Cor married in 1972, he started on his own in the pigeon sport.Cor started then with late yongsters. He became a member of the Madese union for pigeon fanciers. He is still a member of this association, which now has approximately 55 members.
Between 1972 and 1991 Cor played the complete programme and was six times general champion of CC Made- Raamdonksveer (130 members).
In 1981, Cor stopped taking part in the races, because he started up his own construction company.
In 1991 he started racing again, but now Cor only aimed at the overnight long distance. It is therefore only the overnight long distance and the rest is just training for Cor.
Since 1993 Cor belongs at the national top on the long distance.
In 1998, he was visited by robbers and approx. 80 birds, among which many children from the Klamper, and almost all his performance pigeons were stolen.
This is thus the reason why Cor doesn’t let anybody into his lofts..
The majority of the care of the pigeons is done by Bert van Beek. He takes care of everything : he cleans the lofts, buys the fodder and enters the pigeons for the races. When necessary Louis (brother of Cor) gladly lends a helping hand. In the evening Cor tries to feed his pigeons himself.
The lofts
Including the breeding loft the accommodation of Cor consists of  20 meters loft. Cor definitely doesn’t want more lofts and therefore more pigeons, because he believes much more in the quality of the pigeons then in the quantity. The stone loft has a cavity wall and concrete floor with a wooden floor on top. Only the aviary has grids.
The old pigeons reside upstairs and the youngsters on the ground floor. This racing loft faces south west. Square onto the stone loft is the wooden loft which houses the yearlings.
The lofts are cleaned every day

Loft foundation
Counted as starting in 1972, one can state that the loft has mainly been built with the Jan Aarden strain.
This is the type of pigeon that Cor likes the most and which he has always been in search of. When Cor buys new pigeons, it doesn’t matter if they are old or young birds, because he has patience with pigeons if he sees something in them.
He has bought a lot of pigeons from Piet Lazerooms from Zegge, an ardent collector of the Jan Aarden derivation.
Also through Piet and Henk de Weerd and Jan Hermans pigeons of this lineage were introduced to his loft.
By means of John Lambrechts (B) is there since 1972 Catrijsse blood to be found in the pedigrees.
Young pigeons were bought from Jack Tournier in Lommel, Jan Theelen in Buggenum and  Chrétien Vissers in Beek. Due to a few carefully chose purchase from national top fanciers such as a son from “het wonder van Neer” and through breeding with other fanciers, Cor has build up his pedigree.
One pigeon in particular has played a leading part “De Oude Lambrechts” 73-BE-6722512, which Cor bought from John Lambrechts in Belgium, the author of the famous pigeon books.
This was the most complete and best pigeon that Cor has ever had in his lofts. He even achieved five first prizes, including two from Orleans and each time with an amazing lead.
Later it turned out that he was a good breeder and descendants from him not only won first prizes  from hundred, but also thousand kilometre races.
His blood is still to be found in many of Cor’s pigeons.

In 1981, as is already mentioned, Cor began his own business, which cost so much time and energy that the pigeons took second place.
Racing his pigeons became a minor issue and many of his racing pigeons were given to friends.
Ten years on and his business has expanded into a fairly large company, with quite a reputation in the region. Due to the fact that there was a good director and permanent workers, Cor was able to once again take the pigeons seriously.
With the children growing up and demanding his attention, Cor, after consulting his wife, decided only to take part in the overnight races.
After a strict selection, Cor decided to widen his breeding loft and buy some more pigeons.
He bought an old pigeon from Piet Lazeroms. He was able to chose the pigeon himself and while he was there he saw the NL_84_1870149 and his half sister the NL-81-308 F, at that time one of the best long distance pigeons in the Netherlands.
The “149” was a slim dark cock with a broken back, due to the fact that he had been attacked by a bird of prey.
There was nothing known about this pigeon, since it had never raced.
Still it was this cock that gave Cor the goose bumps the minute he saw it walking in the loft. When he held him in his hands, Cor knew it was the pigeon he was looking for.
Cor bought by Piet de Weerd three offspring from  the “Oude Kruk”, father of the 6th and 8th national Barcelona 1987 and a granddaughter of his.
By Jan Hermans he bought a daughter from “het Spinnetje Barcelona” and an inbred daughter from “de Smaragd”. Both parents had won national Barcelona.
Together with the pigeons already in his loft Cor made a new start.
The 149, now christened by Cor as “De Klamper” turned out to be a golden breeder.

Since 1991 it has been “De Klamper” that has made his mark on the colony. ( De Klamper is here in the area a common name for a bird of prey ).
“De Klamper” together with a daughter of the “Oude Lambrechts” the NL-83-8327512, produced the “St.Vincentduif” 92-NL-9254304. She won the 26th prize against 25041 pigeons and 44th prize against 28026 pigeons from national St.Vincent, but also 156th national Soustons against 13143 pigeons and 195th national Perpignan against 7580 pigeons.
It turned out that she was also produced fantastic offspring.
The “St.Vincentduif” was in addition the mother of the “Gouden Blauw” NL-94-1597171, who was the breeding mother bij the van der Matten brothers and whose youngsters include:

the 97-9751488 Geja
• 3rd national Soustons against 10953 pigeons
• 16th national Mont de Marsan against 17705 pigeons
• 75th national Dax against14226 pigeons
• 127th national Dax against 14223 pigeons
• 215th national Bordeaux
• 236th national St.Vincent

Bonte Dax 00-0052548
• 4th national Dax against16377 pigeons
• 55th national Pau against 2792 pigeons
• 85th national Bordeaux against 6713 pigeons
• 90th national Bordeaux against 4626 pigeons
“ de Carcassonne”
• 6th national Carcassonne against 3167 pigeons

De “St.Vincentduif”, is the grandmother of, amongst others,
• 9th national Dax against16377 pigeons
Nl-96-9649665, who won the following prizes for his friend F. Jansen from Bavel :
• 43rd national Pau against 2451 pigeons
• 30th national Perpignan against 5479 pigeons
• 55th national Barcelona against 8140 pigeons

Monique NL-96-9659741
• 10th national Perpignan against 5479 pigeons
• 12th national Dax 1979 against pigeons
• 137th national Dax 4108 against pigeons
• 186th national Perpignan against 6859 pigeons
• 201st national Marseille against 5739 pigeons
Mooi Grijs NL-98-9829142
• 8th national St.Vincent against 16486 pigeons but also grandmotherfrom 9 grandchildren who flew top 100 national

The sister of the St.Vincent pigeon, the NL-92-9295170 turned out to be a formidable breeder and was amongst others by W. Stiel in Arcen grandmother of the 1st inter-provincial Bordeaux against11473 pigeons.

“De Klamper” produced with the “Oude Kruk” the  Barcelona pigeon NL-93-9345559. This wonder pigeon achieved the following: 1st, 7th, 15th national Perpignan and 21st national Barcelona,1st, 4th,11th,13th international pigeons and was in 1995 international the 4th ace pigeon.
With the “Mooi Donker” from Piet Lazeroms , the “De Klamper” gave two super pigeons: De Perpignan 93-9345564 and the Broer Perpignan 93-9345629. The Broer Perpignan 629 won
• 40th national Marseille against 3571 pigeons
• 44th national Bordeaux against 1996 pigeons
• 116th international Marseille against 15078 pigeons

De Perpignan even flew as a yearling:
• 7th national Perpignan against 5024 pigeons
• 30th international Perpignan against 14283 pigeons
• and 59th national Perpignan against 3985 pigeons
• 59th nat Perpignan against 4342 pigeons
Later he turned out tob e a superior breeder and is also father and grandfather from a whole series national and international top pigeons both at home and abroad.
The most prestigous children and grandchildren from “De Perpignan” are:

Don Michel 96-9659671
• 17th 55479 pigeons
• 21st against 7195 pigeons,149th against 8637 pigeons, 306th nat. Perpignan
• 39th against 3755 pigeons,58th against 5617 pigeons,179th nat. Dax
• 164th nat. Marseille against 4919 pigeons
• 1st national Asduif Perpignan 1999-2001
• 1st national Asduif Dax 2000-2002
Don Michel is also the father of the  NL-98-9829107 Miss Marseille 3rd national Marseille against 5883 pigeons.

In addition Monique NL-96-9659741 is a granddaughter of “De Perpignan”
For Frans Jansen the earlier named other granddaughter of “De Perpignan” X de St. Vincentduif the NL-96-9649665 achieved the following:
• 43rd national Pau,
• 30th national Perpignan
• 55th national Barcelona

For Jan Hooijmans from Kerkdriel flew a granddaughter NL- 99-1142635
• 3rd National Barcelona
• 7th international Barcelona.

Two other grandchildren, the NL-04-1038448 and the NL.04-1038468 flew respectively 2nd nat. Bergerac and 7th nat. Bergerac against 17160 pigeons.
The Perpignan hen NL-03-0334500 is also a granddaughter and flew
• 17th national Perpignan against 4719 pigeons
• 50th national Perpignan against 6300 pigeons.

Another granddaughter NL-05-0522417 won as a yearling 9th national Bergerac against 6629 pigeons.
Also the famous Miss Waalre NL-00-1211188 with
• 1st national St.Vincent against 1334 pigeons and fastest from 15122 pigeons
• 1st national Ruffec from 1835 pigeons, the 12th national Bergerac against 3223 pigeons
• 42nd national Ablis against 10030 pigeons is a granddaughter of “De Perpignan”.

From the pairing Perpignan X St.Vincent pigeon (halfbrother x halfsister) there are an incredible number of offspring  which have flown national top prizes, including.:
1st, 2nd,2nd,2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th,8th,9th,10th, 11th 12th etc.
The union brother Perpignan X Barcelona pigeons, also halfbrother X halfsister and two children from “de Klamper”  have become parents of:

“Het Diamantje” Nl.96-9659727 a very good breeding hen, from which with a son of de “Samoerai” (1st national Barcelona) “de Nick” NL-00-0035299 was bred. He won first prize from Bordeaux against 5479 pigeons with very bad weather.
Nick is also grandfather from the van 6th national Carcassonne and 12th national Periqueux.
A full brother from Nick, the NL00-2117637 is the father of B-02-6502747 “Queen Tonny”, who won 1st national Barcelona 2005 against 13066 pigeons in Belgium and 4th international Barcelona against 25835 pigeons as well as winner Gouden Vleugel (Golden Wing).
From “het Diamantje” with a son of the 1st national St.Vincent from Cr. van der Pol, that Cor received as a present after the theft of his pigeons, was “Don John” NL99-9909931 born. He won 1st provinciaal Dax against 3962 pigeons and the 3rd national Dax against 18323 pigeons.
A grandson from her and “de Perpignan”, NL-02-0226331, won in 2006 7th national and 17th international Dax against 11517 pigeons.

A few other children from “De Klamper”:

“De Teen” NL-96-9692071 flew for brother Lowie 11 prizes in the overnight longdistance and became grandfather of the 37th national Barcelona.
He is also grandfather of:

“De Bergerac” NL-03-1348149 flew for M.Beset, ‘s Hertogenbosch
• 1st national Bergerac against 5071 pigeons
• 13th national St.Vincent against 16621 pigeons
• 1st national Mont de Marsan against 11313 pigeons.

“ Dochter Klamper” thr NL-91-9133580
• 25th national Marseille against 4449 pigeons
• 85th national Dax against 20283 pigeons.
A few grandchildren from “De Klamper”:

Ingrid NL-97-9731428
• 14th national St.Vincent against 17333 pigeons
• 73rd national Marseille against 6699 pigeons

Astrid NL.99-9909930
• 35th national Perpignan against 4719 pigeons
• 39th national Barcelona against 8713 pigeons,17e international hens against 6526 pigeons,
• 146th national Perpignan against 5890 pigeons
• 194th national Perpignan against 7083 pigeons

“De 650” NL-91-9133650
• 14th national St.Vincent against 25024 pigeons
• 179th national St.Vincent 19876 pigeons
• 182nd national Dax against 14220 pigeons
• 280 th national Dax against 20283 pigeons

"Leontien" NL-98-9829121
• 40th national Dax against 5617 pigeons
• 45th national Dax against 3755 pigeons

"Jennifer" NL-98-9829094
• 49th national Dax against 4328 pigeons
• 70th national Dax against 9405 pigeons
• 104th national Pau
• 138th national Pau against 2772 pigeons
• 138th national Pau against 2792 pigeons
• 204th national Pau

"De 566"
• 50th national Perpignan against 6300 pigeons
• 74th national Perpignan against 7645 pigeons

Cor has 20 breeding couples, but he also breeds with the superior racing pigeons and even with late youngsters.
Between the breeding pigeons there are feel descendants from the stock father of the loft “ De Klamper”.
Both racers and breeders are coupled at the end of March/beginning of April. Not all the young pigeons are retained. Cor breeds roughly 120 young pigeons for his own use. Through his own selection about 50 to 60% of the young pigeons depart.
There is no stock couple by Cor, but it is well so that Cor keeps his basis pigeons together.
Cor uses both inbreeding and crossing. He prefers to inbreed with his own pigeons and add something new to it, but it always has to be something extra! He is very critical when adding other pigeons.
Examples of very successful inbreeding are the coupling Perpignan X St.Vincentduif and the coupling Broer Perpignan X de Barcelonaduif have ensured tremendous offspring.
Children from this coupling can be crossed very well. Examples are  Diamantje X the son 1st national St.Vincent from Cr. van der Pol. From this couple came “Don John” and “Serena” ,but also the son of Samoerai 1st national Barcelona from Henk de Weerd formed with multiple hens a good breeding couple that, amongst others, produced “Nick”, “de Jonge Samoerai” and  “Astrid”. In addition, a granddaughter “de Oude Krukfrom de Weerd formed, together with  “De Klamper”, a super couple, who bred the famous “Barcelonaduif 559”.Breeding with a few pigeons from Jan Theelen inbred to the “de 508” worked wonderfully. “Don Michel” and “Jennifer” are illustrations of this. The “oude Lambrechts” has produced well, crossing with the Klamper line.

Racing system
Cor supposes, that he can race with 60 to 70 pigeons. The rest is because he couples the pigeons too late to race the overnight races. They are still youngsters and are therefore mainly trained.
The pigeons are always raced with no system. Cor does this because it is much easier and he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time caring for the pigeons.
Good pigeons are easily motivated and the distances are used to achieve form. The distances are not the same for all the pigeons. This is where the attentiveness of the fancier comes in to play.
Cor isn’t complex about the preparation of the overnight races: in the main, the cocks are entered one week and the hens the next week. Cor doesn’t have a special system, but is of the opinion that a system can have many benefits. Cor does not have the time but he doesn’t loose sleep over it!
Cor does not use light or darkness for his pigeons. In Made, everything happens as it happens.
Cor decides in which order to enter his pigeons by relying on his instincts.
The breeders in the aviary get regular baths throughout the week and the rest of the pigeons once a week. There is nothing added to the bath water.

Feeding system
The pigeons for the overnight races are given plenty to eat. Cor mixes 3 sorts of sport feed from Mariman. The mixture is the same all through the year.
Cor gives the pigeons grit and nibbling seeds every day.

The training of the pigeons
During the racing season the pigeons train for an hour each morning and evening.
The older pigeons are taken on the odd occasion to a distance of roughly 50 km. The youngsters more frequently.

Medical matters
Cor tries to keep his pigeons in good health using natural products. After the racing season they are given pigeon tea, appel vinegar and other similar things. According to Cor, nothing can be left to chance during the season otherwise you will be too late. In all the time he has had pigeons he has used products from Henk de Weerd. Henk de Weerd is not only a good frien, but also a very good authority on pigeon matters.

Performances 2006
• three times teletext:
1. 6th national Carcassonne,
2. 7th national Dax
3. 9th Sector national Bergerac
• National 11 pigeons managed to finish in the top  100
• international 10 hens in the top 100
• Perpignan 13 from the 20 won prizes with amongst others 17th,35th,69th,92nd,230th etc. against 4719 pigeons
• Barcelona international 11 from the 15 pigeons won prizes
• Perpignan International hens ended as follows:10th,19th,33rd,41st,72nd,91st etc. 8 from the 13 hens won prizes against 1356 hens
Cor attaches the most value to early prizes, because you have to have luck with the championships.
Cor’s favourite pigeon is without a doubt “De Perpignan”. He is a son of “de Klamper” and the only performance pigeon directly from de Klamper, who wasn’t stolen in 1998. Above all, he is a match forDe Klamper as a breeder!
The pigeons from Cor have performed excellently for years: both by him and by others!

Below a summary:
1st Perpignan nat.1997 3985p  NL93-9345559 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Perpignan intern. Hens 1997 2382p  NL93-9345559 C. de Heijde, Made
1st St. Vincent fondunie 2001 1570p  NL-98-9829142 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Dax Brabant 2000 2001 3962p  NL-99-9910031 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Bordeaux Brabant 2000 2001 5478p  NL-00-0035299 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Bordeaux Fondunie  2001 2087p  NL-00-0035299 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Bergerac Nat. NPO  2004 7340p  NL-03-0033499 C. de Heijde, Made
2nd St. Vincent Brabant 2000   2001 4302p NL-98-9829142 C. de Heijde, Made
2nd Perpignan Nat. hens 2004 1873p  Nl-97-9774541 C. de Heijde, Made
3rd Marseille nat.   2004 5883p  NL-98-9829107 C. de Heijde, Made
3rd Marseille nat. hens 2004 1168p  NL-98-9829107 C. de Heijde, Made
3rd Dax, ZLU Brabant 2000 2002 378p NL-98-9829121  C. de Heijde, Made
3rd Marseille nat.   2004  5883p  NL-98-9829107 C. de Heijde, Made
3rd Marseille nat. hens 2004 1168p  NL-98-9829107 C. de Heijde, Made
4th Perpignan Intern. Hens 1996 2233p  NL-93-9345559 C. de Heijde, Made
4th Dax ZLU Brabant 2000 2002  378p NL-98-9829094 C. de Heijde, Made
5th Bordeaux FBZ 2002 1333p  NL-00-0035327 C. de Heijde, Made
6th Perpignan intern. 1997 12367pNL-93-9345559  C. de Heijde, Made
6th Tarbes ZNB    1998 961p NL-90-9060307 C. de Heijde, Made
6th Marseille Brabant 2000 2002 476p NL-00-0035345 C. de Heijde, Made
6th Carcassonne nat. 2006 3167p  NL-03-0334469 C. de Heijde, Made
7th Perpignan nat.  1994 5024p  NL-93-9345564 C. de Heijde, Made
7th Perpignan nat.  1996 3815p  NL-93-9345559 C. de Heijde, Made
7th Perpignan Intern. hens 2004 4776p  NL-97-9774541 C. de Heijde, Made
7th Dax nat. 2006  3260p  NL-02-0226331 C. de Heijde, Made
8th Tarbes ZNB 1998 961p NL-96-1056854 C. de Heijde, Made
8th Perpignan nat. 1999  6857p  NL-97-9779633 C. de Heijde, Made
8th St. Vincent nat. 2001 16486pNL-98-9829142 C. de Heijde, Made
8th St. Vincent Fondunie 2001 1570p  NL-98-9829072 C. de Heijde, Made
8th Dax nat. Hens 2002 971p    NL-98-9829121 C. de Heijde, Made
8th Marseille Intern. Hens 2004  3512p  NL-98-9829107 C. de Heijde, Made
9th Perpignan Intern. Hens 1998 2964p  NL-96-9659741 C. de Heijde, Made
9th Bergerac Brabant 2000 2006 6629p  NL-05-0524417 C. de Heijde, Made
10th Perpignan nat.  1998 5479p  NL-96-9659741 C. de Heijde, Made
10th Barcelona Brabant 2000 2001 852p NL-96-9659705 C. de Heijde, Made
10th Perpignan Nat. hens 2006 1356p  NL-03-0334500 C. de Heijde, Made
1st Bordeaux 1998 338p  NL-97-9723971 J. Horward, Breda
1st Bordeaux interprovinciaal 2000 11473pNL-99-1552712 W. Stiel, Arcen
1st Bordeaux G. Peeters, Budel
1st Deventer 1999 4700p  NL99-4707403 H.Visscher, Westdorp
1st Bergerac Brabant 2000 2002 6924p  NL-01-0121666 W. de Leeuw, Bavel
1st Ruffec, nat.  2004 1835p  NL-00-1211188 C&G Koopman, Ermerveen
1st St. Vincent, nat. 2004 1333p  NL-00-1211188 C&G Koopman, Ermerveen
1st St. Vincent Brabant 2000 2004 5627p NL-00-0038514 H. van Seeters, Oosterhout
1st Limoges Brabant 2000 2004 887p NL-00-0040970 Jan Verschuren, Raamsdonkveer
1st Barcelona Nat. België 2005 13066p B-02-6502747 F. Bungeneers, Ramst (B)
1st Barcelona Gouden Vleugel 2005 13066p B-02-6502747 F. Bungeneers, Ramst (B)
1st Bergerac Fondclub Zuiderkempen 2005 5071p NL-03-1348149 M. Beset, Den Bosch
1st Mont de Marsan Nat.  2006 19384p NL-03-1348149 M. Beset, Den Bosch
1st Bergerac 2006 202p NL-05-4002141 Gebr. Janssen, Gennep
2nd Dax Brabant 2000 2001 3962p NL-99-9910323 P. van Gils, Made
2nd Bordeaux 2002 1333p NL-99-9938226 L. de Heijde, Geertruidenberg
2nd Bordeaux NPO Z-H 2004 8854p  NL-02-1616574 W. Versendaal, Strijen
2nd Limoges Brabant 2000 2004  887p  NL-03-1261437 Rex de Leeuw, Made
2nd Bergerac Nat. sector 3 2005  16861pNL-04-1038448  J. Hooijmans, Kerkdriel
2nd Bergerac 2006  202p NL-05-4002144  Gebr. Janssen, Gennep
3rd Bordeaux nat. 1999 5178p  NL-98-9848241 Gebr. Van der Matten, Andel
3rd Souston nat.1999 10953p NL-97-9751488 Gebr. Van der Matten, Andel
3rd Bordeaux Brabant 2000 2004    8168p  NL-98-1414010 L. Pruisen, Moerdijk
3rd Barcelona nat. 2005 7489p  NL-99-1142635 J. Hooijmans, Kerkdriel
3rd Barcelona nat. hens 2005  NL-99-1142635 J. Hooijmans, Kerkdriel
3rd Pau nat. 2006 2413p  NL-04-0434562 Jan Verschuren, Raamdonksveer
3rd Bergerac nat. 2006 15900p NL-05-1600983 J. Hooijmans, Kerkdriel

Championships in 2006:
1st national long distance with the highest score in category 5,6,7en 8
6th Europa marathon
1st Sport 10 national Barcelona 10 signed hens
3rd international Barcelona 10 signed hens

IFC 4000
international ace pigeons Perpignan- Barcelona 5th,8th en 10th

Long distance club Zuid-Nederland
7th champion overnight

Others perform well with the pigeons from Cor:
Frans Jansen, Bavel
L. de Heijde, Geertruidenberg
Jan Hooijmans, Kerkdriel
Gebr. van der Matten Andel
Frans Bungeneers, Ranst ( B )
Geert Roozenbrand, Sprang-Capelle
Gebr. Verzendaal, Strijen
Jan Verschuren, Raamsdonkveer
Eddy Cardon, Deerlijk ( B )
Ad Valk, Hank
van Seeters, Oosterhout
Jan Theelen, Buggenum
W.Stiel, Arcen
L.Kurvers, Hulsberg
Gebr. Bruggeman, Assendelft
Loek van Zuiden
Ben v.d.Borst, Alblasserdam
Etiënne Meirlaen, St.Jacops latem (B)
Paul Callens Heestert (B)
Ten Asbroek, Haaksbergen
Stefan Brinkman, Bocholt (D)
Ad van de Hout, Made
De ideal pigeon – at least how Cor likes to see it - is not too big, very stable, with an extremely soft  plumage. The feathers should be oily and he likes to see a pigeon with a lot of pigment.
The eye colour is not the most important, but the vitality that shines out.
The pigeon must have a sharp look!

Tips for novice fanciers
1. Don’t get caught up with side issues, but concentrate fully on the pigeons and their care.
2. Don’t just look at the pedigree cards, because the cards don’t win races.
3. Employ a strong selection.
4. Enter well trained pigeons for the races.
5. Be at one with your pigeons

Goals for the future
Top results, that is the only thing that counts in pigeon racing!

I was the guest by a fancier, who as well as running his demanding business, still finds time to relax through the pigeon sport. A man, who loves waiting for his pigeonsaand for who it can’t take long enough, because whilst waiting he feels relaxed and can really enjoy himself. A fancier who usually achieves the best results in the holiday period, because then he can spend more time and energy on his pigeons.
A fancier who tries to keep the sport simple: no separate racing systems or complicated feeding schema’s.
A man who holds the view that “everything revolves around quality pigeons”. A man who uses a very tough, but fair selection procedure. In my humble opinion these are all the ingredients needed to stay at the top for a long time.
Cor, I wish you good luck for the future and enjoy!