Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) their pigeons also form the basis for numerous top successes in other lofts

The successes of the Geerinckx pigeons over the last 10 seasons, since they started concentrating on the grand middle distance and light long distance, are phenomenal. Not only in their own loft, but in numerous other lofts… a list which just keeps getting longer every year.

The area around Wommelgem… whoever has driven through Antwerp will no doubt have come across traffic jams, the intersection of the busy motorway E34-E313 is situated in the municipality … and often causes traffic problems. We, pigeon fanciers… know the borough Wommelgem as home to a few phenomenal toppers in our sport. It was Jos Soontjens who put Wommelgem on the  ‘pigeon map’… simply ‘outstanding’ in the sprint and small middle distance … virtually unbeatable! The Soontjens pigeons became world famous… especially through the late Pros Roosen, who bought a many pigeons in Wommelgem every year (a total of around 240), and within the shortest space of time outclassed and dominated the sprint and middle distance happenings in the area around Hasselt… and so bringing them into the commercial spotlight. But Jos Soontjens soon had a more than worthy successor in the form of Luc, Bart and Jurgen Geerinckx… who, with the ‘Soontjens’ pigeons as basis, made a flashing start in the pigeon sport… originally in the sprint, but since the new millennium they have concentrated fully on provincial and national grand middle distance. Via well thought through crossings the Geerinckx Household managed to breed more power and endurance into these pigeons… it was a combination which ‘took’! The ‘brainy head’ and the ‘fast wings’ remained intact…  and that was great news, because the pigeons out these crossings shouldn’t have to lose any of their ‘cleverness’ and ‘speed’… their extra ‘power’ now allowed Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx to excel with these pigeons in the provincial and national classics of the ‘grand middle distance’ to even ‘light long distance’… to also take on there a ‘dominant’ role, just like their mentor Jos Soontjens did years before, but then in the sprint and small middle distance!

We all know that the Geerinckx pigeons are currently ‘world top’ in these national classics of say a small 500 to just over 650 Km… their performances were reported in the international pigeon media several times… with approximately 10 provincial victories and 1 national victory (from Limoges Derby 11.869 p. in ’09) to their name over the last 3 seasons (2009-2011), pure logic! But many other lofts are also doing extremely well at the moment with the Geerinckx pigeons. A very impressive spectacle… the references here in front of us don’t lie. Gradually becoming enough to fill a book… but too many to mention in 1 report… let us then stick to the references from 2011.

-Bart en Nance Van Oeckel:

1° Olympiad bird Long Distance Poznan (50% Geerinckx pigeon)

Their wonderboy from 2011 is a a half Geerinckx pigeon, namely the ‘F16’… and he won

1° Nat. La Souterraine 3.562 pigeons (fastest of 20.227 p.)
5° Nat. Bourges       24.676 pigeons

-Jan Van Oeckel:

Won 1° National Bourges 20.544 pigeons (also fastest of 45.220 pigeons). This bird is also a 50% Geerinckx pigeon

-Kenji Schmitt:

The youthful battering ram from Averbode also performed very well with pigeons directly from the source in Wommelgem… 2 half Geerinck pigeons also caused fireworks in 2011 with a.o.:

5° Nat. Argenton 20.383 pigeons
6° zone Gueret    3.819 pigeons

-Van Hoof-Vanwijngaerden:

Have a real topper with ‘Black Pearl’… this pigeon also has 50% Geerinckx blood flowing through the veins, and performed as follows:

1° Provincial Blois    2.156 pigeons
9° Nat. La Souterraine 16.665 pigeons

-Florian Hendriks:

In ‘Cheryl’ and ‘Cheyenne’ owns 2 excellent nest sisters bred out a daughter ‘Wittekop Sylvester’, and they performed as follows in 2011:

‘Cheryl’won in 2011:

1° Sezanne  498 p. – 14° NPO 11.969 p.
2° Orleans  716 p. –  6° NPO 2.922 p.
2° Troyes   599 p. – 47° NPO 8.122 p.
12° Marche  988 p.
14° Orleans 433 p.

‘Cheyenne’won in 2011:

1° Marche      457 p.
1° Rethel      368 p.
7° Rethel    2.482 p.
4° Charleville 413 p.
6° Sezanne     498 p. – 57° NPO 11.969 p.
6° Marche      428 p.

-Van Ostaeyen-Pikeur:

Have in their  ‘337/11’ a powerful 1° prize racer, a 50% Geerinckx pigeon, which won:

13° Blois  5.000 pigeons
1° Dourdan 2.698 pigeons              

-Ad Schaerlaeckens:

Colleague Ad also successfully introduced the Geerinckx pigeons into his classy pigeon stock. One of the shiners from this new crossing is definitely the ‘897/10’ (50% Geerinckx), proven by the following performances:

1° St.Quentin  7.861 p.
4° Morlincourt 1.150 p.
8° Sens          880 p.
9° Creil       1.113 p. etc…

-Klaas and Rik van Dorp:

Discovered, after the introduction of the Geerinck pigeons into their colony, how easy it is to achieve ‘top prizes’ with the ‘top class’ from Wommelgem:

Vierzon         1.942 p. (552 km): 1, 4, 8 and 9
Sens            2.293 p. (424 km): 1 and 2
Mantes la Jolie 1.600 p. (380 km): 1
Argenton        3.693 p. (631 km): 6
Nanteuil          706 p. (333 km): 1
Sens              907 p. (424 km): 1
Peronne         1.169 p. (247 km): 2 and 3

That opens perspectives for the future!

-Menten Michel and son:

Were 7° National Champion Middle Distance youngsters  KBDB 2011 with 2 pigeons from 100% Geerinckx origin. These 2 pigeons were also  1° and 4° Ace bird in the Middle Distance.

-Dirk van Dyck:  

Won in 2011 the 10° Ace bird Union Antwerp (with a 50% Geerinckx pigeon)
A few pigeons with Geerinckx blood in the veins helped win the ‘Gouden Duif’ (Golden Pigeon).

-Jochems-van Hasselt:

Won in 2011 a.o. the 3° National Bourges 20.544 pigeons (with a 50% Geerinckx pigeon)

-Marcel Wouters:

Were extremely successful with crossings from his Leeuw –line and the Geerinckx pigeons.  In 2011 it produced a few real top racers, a few examples are:
a youngster which in the middle distance in Union Antwerp won 2 x 1°:

1° Dourdan-Angerville 1.969 p.
1° Dourdan-Angerville 1.705 p.

A yearling hen ‘518/10’ won in 2011 a.o. the following prizes:

10° Intprov Vierzon   6.659 p.
21° Nat Bourges      20.544 p.

-Bart Gillis:

Won with his ‘847/11’ the 23° Nat Zone Gueret 4.877 youngsters (with a 50% Geerinckx pigeon)

-Ulrich Kutsche:

Has in his 09478-08-794 a real ‘topper’, which in 2011 won no less than 3 x 1° prizes with:

1° van  1.306 pigeons (392 km)
1° van  1.130 pigeons (475 km)
1° van    964 pigeons (266 km)

Compliments… not only for what Luc, Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx self have achieved with resounding performances in their own loft over the last few seasons, but also for what their pigeons have achieved or are achieving in other lofts. It doesn’t only testify the ‘great class’… these performances and references also lie at the basis of the fact that the Geerinckx pigeons are currently ‘hot’… becoming about the most sought after pigeon pedigree at this moment. Pigeons which understand the art of  racing ‘in front’, winning 1° prizes up to provincial and national level… pigeons which couple ‘smartness’ with ‘speed’ and ‘power’, enabling them to achieve marvellous performances in the grand middle distance and light long distance in our pigeon sport! Aren’t these the type of pigeons which we are all looking for?