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Stefaan Van Grootel (Helmond, NL) has international Ace bird Grand Distance 2011 and best hen international races 2011 in his ranks

The best pigeon in the international races is a two year old hen this year. Stefaan Van Grootel from Helmond, near Eindhoven is this year the proud owner of this super pigeon. Stefaan clocked his hen twice at around quarter past six in the morning in the two biggest races on the international long distance calender: Barcelona and Perpignan.

This hen, with ring number 3944172/2009, was given the name of his daughter Carolien. As a yearling she raced from Bordeaux with afternoon liberation the 133rd against 3993 pigeons (1110 mm), with which she proved that she had the necessary potential. As preparation flight she raced Bergerac with afternoon liberation where she was 539th against 4288 opponents. (778 mm). In this race she was basketted in widowhood.

She was then allowed to build a nest and after brooding for 10 days was basketted for Barcelona. The thought of her nest gave her extra wings because she was already home in the Dutch Limburg at 6h15. This was good enough for the 23rd place in the national result and the 26th in the international result and also the 11th place by the doubling hens. 

After this magnificent performance a new nest was built and she was trained hard for the closing race from Perpignan. She left again with 10 day old eggs. The motivation and condition were still super, as she was clocked in the  morning twilight at 6h14. This was yet again a shining performance which was good enough for the 12th national, the 16th international and the 6th place by the hens. Thanks to these 2 exploits Stefaan can rightly say that this year he had the best pigeon in the international races (measured by 2 prizes).  (Click here

for the prizes from Carolien and the prizes from Stefaan Van Grootel in 2011.)

This year was a year in which the women had taken power in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. After Carolien it was a yearling hen from Karl Heinz Koers from Mandel (Germany) which showed her older colleagues what was what from Tarbes-Agen and Perpignan. In addition there was also “Peggy” by De Clercq-Vervaeren from Rillaar which, also in the double Barcelona-Perpignan, was crowned as national Ace bird grand distance in Belgium.

Congratulations to this young fancier on these marvelous performances! 

Mother of Carolien

Father of Carolien

Pedigree Carolien