Marc Pollin (Snellegem, BE) for the second year in a row General Provincial Champion KBDB West Flanders!

One of the leading colonies of our country from sprint to 'grand distance' is without doubt that of Marc and son Geert Pollin! In the sport year 2011 this West-Flemish topper once again managed to achieve a series of magnificent victories!

Performing at the highest level for years, at the very top of the pigeon sport happenings… the majority of us never get that far, for others it seems like child’s play. A paragon at that level is definitely Marc Pollin from Snellegem… a real all-rounder with 1° prizes from Sprint to ‘grand distance’ to his name… but moreover someone with superior stock pigeons! Without a real pedigree, without a good family of breeding and performance pigeons it is almost impossible to remain at the top of our sport for years!

The ‘roots’ of the Pollin-colony lie by the ‘Vooruit’ in 1977 (bought in the auction of Vondelinck-Delaleeuw from Beerst)… which we can consider the real ‘stock father’ of the Marc Pollin loft. One of his most famous descendants was without doubt the legendary ‘Montauban’… a pigeon which has caused a sensation worldwide! His grandson, the ‘Son Tony 030’ is then father of ‘Nai’ B04-3003112, self a superior long distance racer (see performances on the photo), but moreover a powerful breeder, which has now become one of the pillars on which the current successes are founded. Two direct sons of his have demanded the leading role here, namely the ‘Provinciaal Poitiers’ and the ‘As-trix’.

Even by top lofts so as that of a certain Marc Pollin, things don’t always go smoothly, they also have their share of bad luck. So was the racing career of the ‘Provinciaal Poitiers’ abruptly aborted in 2011 due to a serious injury from Arras, one of the first Sprint races in April, in the run-up to the serious work on his programmefor 2011. Consequently this pigeon was forced to take his place in the breeding loft earlier than planned. Possibly a blessing in disguise… because in 2011 his great breeding talent came to the fore, with 2 direct sons which immediately developed into superior 1° prize winners in the national long distance for yearlings with a.o. ‘provincial victory’ from Bordeaux, whilst 2 other direct children had already noted down a  ‘provincial victory’, a.o. from Souillac in 2011… which means that he is already father of no less than 3 x 1° Provincial winners! We have listed them for you :

-‘Provinciaal Poitiers’ B07-3080116

  1° Prov. Poitiers      1.457 p.
 25° Nat. Limoges Derby  6.138 p.
 36° Nat. Souillac       7.045 p.
 45° Nat. Limoges       11.869 p.
 78° Nat. Chateauroux   17.109 p.
 88° Nat. Limoges       10.448 p.
261° Nat. Souillac       7.597 p.

-The ‘025’ B10-3164025

  1° Prov. St.-Junien  1.736 p.
215° Nat. Chateauroux 25.263 p.
204° Nat. Limoges     14.868 p.

-The ‘Libourne’ B10-3164026

1° Libourne YL     256 p.
3° Prov Libourne 1.245 p.
4° Nat. Libourne 8.269 p.

-The ‘Souillac’B08-3090290

  1° Prov. Souillac 1.138 p.
 42° Nat. Souillac  5.667 p.
136° Nat. Limoges  19.373 p.

-The ‘Bordeaux’ B10-3164098

1° Prov. Bordeaux yl. 1.045 p.
3° Nat. Bordeaux yl.  6.245 p.
5° Intnat Bordeaux   11.444 p.

This ‘Provinciaal Poitiers’ is clearly a breeding pigeon with ‘content’, which via his sons ‘Souillac’ and ‘Bordeaux’ played a leading role in the honours list 2011 from the colony of Marc Pollin, both as 1° Provincial winner!

Another highlight… not only from 2011, but out the entire pigeon career of Marc Pollin, was without doubt the winning of the ‘Belgian Master’ 2011, the Belgian ‘one loft race’ in Nevele , together with his Chinese companion Shao Tingyuan. The winning pigeon was bred in the lofts in Snellegem. The father of the winning pigeon is a ‘Grandson Alonso’… with which we end up by star racer ‘Alonso’… so once again that ‘golden’ breeding line of ‘Nai’ !

-‘Alonso’ B08-3090052

Great-grandfather winner Belgian Master 2011

’10 Chateauroux  Nat. 17.109 p. 4        
’10 Limoges      Nat. 10.448 p. 105
’10 Souillac     Nat.  7.045 p. 155
’10 Tulle        Nat.  6.695 p. 197          
’09 Limoges      Nat. 16.896 p. 275
’11 Limoges      Nat. 19.373 p. 302
And further:
Chateauroux      Club    334 p. 1
                 Prov. 2.211 p. 2  
Arras            Club     346 p. 2            
Orleans          Club     584 p. 2                 
Argenton         Club     374 p. 4
Limoges          Club     534 p. 5
Ablis            Club     389 p. 5            
Tours            Club     528 p. 6 etc… 

He is a full brother of ‘Hamilton’ and son of ‘As-Trix’! And ‘As-Trix’ is then yet again a son of ‘Nai’, with which we end up once again by the ‘stock bear’ which lies at the basis of the current top successes in Snellegem! 

-The’As-Trix’ B07-3080019

1° Ace bird Long Distance youngsters KBDB West-Flanders
Nantes reg.     224 p. 1   
       s/nat. 1.889 p. 1
Poitiers reg.   206 p. 1   
       s/nat. 1.099 p. 6 
Tours  reg.     228 p. 6   
       Prov.  1.930 p. 39

-‘Hamilton’ B09-3091037

1° Ace bird Yearlings KBDB W-Fl!                           
Chateauroux nat.     18.725 p. 3
Argenton    nat.     22.718 p. 58
Chateauroux nat.     19.816 p. 118
Orleans                 584 p. 1

With which we have brought into view the enormous ‘breeding worth’ of this Nai-line. The line which together with that of the other stock breeder the ‘Perpignan’, whereby the ‘Dortmunder’ (a half-brother ‘Nai’), the Cruyff (2° Nat Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 2010, and full brother ‘Nai’) and the ‘Mortifer’ are more or less the main pillars on which the top performances by Marc Pollin are currently based! Pigeons which over the last few seasons have all played a leading role in the competition happenings up to national and international level and which allow Marc Pollin to perpetuate his status as ‘top star’ in the pigeon sport! For the second year in row he is 'General Provincial Champion KBDB West-Flanders'! This prooves everything...

(P.S. if you would like to scrutinisethe complete stock building of Marc Pollin: click  here)

The National ‘TOP 100’ performances from   2011

    Race                      Pos.    Number birds  

Bordeaux yl. (780 Km)         3       6.215 
Libourne yl. (740 Km)         4       8.269
Agen (Tarbes) (800 Km)       19       4.818  
Souillac (708 Km)            42       5.667  
Agen (Tarbes) (800 Km)       44       4.818  
Bordeaux (780 Km)            53       4.866  
Chateauroux (495 Km)         60      25.263  
Agen (Tarbes) (800 Km)       67       4.818  
Gueret old (562 Km)          86       2.745  

PROVINCIAL ‘Top 3’ from 2011

Souillac                     1        1.138                    
Bordeaux yl.                 1        1.045                     
Libourne yl.                 3        1.245

A few most prominent titles and victories already known from 2011

General Provincial Champion KBDB West Flanders
2nd Provincial Ace bird Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB West-Flanders

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