Enne Dijkstra (Oudwoude, NL) “ The Long Distance Maestro of the North!”- Update: Long Distance Maestro of the Netherlands (1° Nat. Champion Long Distance) Enne Dijkstra

Enne Dijkstra wrote history in Oudwoude (NL ), the village where roughly 800 inhabitants feel at ‘home’ is a National Champion richer… The ‘Dijkstra-story ‘ has been given a golden frame as last weekend Enne Dijkstra was honoured during the National Manifestation in Houten, and not just honoured in any old way, he was given the prestigious title:1° National Champion Long Distance 2011

Top 3 National Champions Long Distance 2011 are Enne Dijkstra, Hans Dekkers and Jan Keen

Accompanied with a bunch of flowers, a beautiful trophy, wife and a loud applause from the public, Enne was in his element. When he left the podium his help and support in the pigeon sport, his son Arie, was waiting for him. A big smile covered both their faces, knowing that this was the ‘ultimate’ feeling. Enne has now won everything, but the opposition has been warned as a short talk with him taught us that he wants to try again next year. It would be marvellous, we will keep you informed. Enne Dijkstra can call himself the Long Distance Maestro of the Netherlands for a year. There in that 800 head Oudwoude there walks a brand new champion, a loft full of top pigeons and an unforgettable reminder of this title. On behalf of PIPA, Congratulations.
Do you want to know how Enne became 1° National Champion Long Distance?, read then the following report.



Even though pigeon loving Holland and abroad have known the Dijkstra family for  a long time, they still keep surprising us time and again. If it’s not son Arie then it is father Enne. The honour goes this time to the latter as there seems to be no end to the success story of Enne Dijkstra.

Arie Dijkstra                Enne Dijkstra             Ankie Viguurs

The following results seemed to be a good reason for PIPA to make an elaborate report about this champion:

1st Champion NPO 1-day long distance Province ’96.

1st Champion Not nominated Fries Fond Club.

1st Champion Nominated Fries Fond Club.

Hopefully we can discover what Enne Dijkstra does with his pigeons, as it seems logical that such a success doesn’t just appear out of thin air, yet Enne is matter-of-fact and says that he doesn’t do anything special. Enne has kept pigeons since he was 20 years old, a quick calculation made us realise that we were dealing with 46 years of pigeon experience. Enne raced with his son Arie Dijkstra for years of course! They always belonged to the champions, but what Enne has managed to achieve this year from his 5 metre garden loft can be called sublime. 

The system, care and selection:
He races the entire programme with his 12 couples in widowhood, but the emphasis is laid on the extreme middle distance. Enne, who calls himself an old fashioned scraper, always has a clean loft. “Not as much for the pigeons, but I don’t like walking in poo!” says the brand new champion. This year he tried something different in the training for the first time. This year his cocks had to train 2x per day, where normally it was only 1x. His hens had to train 1x per day. Enne likes his pigeons to train for 1 to 1,5 hours. It took a lot of effort at first, but they had to fly! Once the form is there, they fly themselves. I then go and clean the lofts, refresh the water etc. The care has to be done right! You can of course expect a pigeon to perform top, but then the pigeon can expect me to take good care of him! A lot of training also means a lot of food.

The hens are locked up during the day in boxes behind a large door. This to stop them pairing. Is it really necessary? Well, it works and then it is good!  In answer to the question as to whether the pigeons are given a bath regularly, there was a surprising answer. “Last summer my pigeons had a bath twice, the summers here are not very ‘summery’ and my pigeons have to train in all weathers. You shouldn’t forget that rainwater is the softest water for a pigeon.” Enne does prepare a bad if the pigeons put their head into the drinking bowl, “then I think it’s time”. By the way, where the raining is concerned. I don’t let them train for the last two days before being basketted if it is raining, they have to stay indoors!.

The youngsters are easy, although they used to give me a lot of work. This was then necessary for the general championship. But that is old fashioned. Now it is for Enne just a question of making sure that he keeps as many youngsters as possible. However, many is quite a few by the Dijkstra household, there are only 25 youngsters bred and kept in one loft for own use. This is convenient as the small chance of infection means there are few diseases. The lofts here are also kept very clean and I take them to a distance of no more than 25 km, but do it very carefully. A golden tip for the readers of PIPA: Give your youngsters an open loft for the first 4 or 5 weeks, or at least loose as much as possible. They get to know the surroundings and can judge danger better, since I’ve done this I have hardly lost any pigeons and the bird of prey isn’t fast enough. Pigeons then understand much quicker if there is a dangerous situation arising or not. It is also important that youngsters grow well, if you start training pigeons from when they are young then you stunt heir development. Youngsters should be allowed to be young!

The selection is very simple, the youngsters which remain are nearly always allowed to remain. Cocks definitely, the hens are scrutinised more closely. I like to see them race in front as a youngster, but it is more important that they race constantly! If the choice is still difficult then instinct starts to play a role as well as build and lineage. They yearlings simply have to perform, and here also front racing or constant racing is very important. I prefer to race with a youngster than with a 2 year old who hasn’t shown a great deal. And you have to race well, and not put your pigeons into the breeding loft after 1 good race. You need the good ones in order to stay at the top, with all the risks that entails!

Enne hardly every uses medicine “they are given the compulsory vaccinations against paramyxo and for the last two years the youngsters have also been vaccinated for smallpox as many fanciers have been troubled by smallpox here”, and before the start fo the season they are given a cure against tricho. When they return home however, they are given herbal tea with onion and garlic in the water. Our pigeons also recuperate extremely fast. There is no difference between the cocks and the hens. They are very strong pigeons as we can conclude out the results, but in the loft they also display character. This is important for the longer races, says Enne. Enne never shows his pigeons before basketting! They are basketted calmly and focused. By the homecoming they are allowed to stay together, the length of time varies depending on the race. From the shorter races they are separated before 18h30, by the longer extreme middle distance races they can stay together until late in the evening or even the following morning. The pigeons aren’t stupid, you sometimes have to let them stay together for longer, otherwise you can forget :’widowhood’. 

Both A.G ( Arie ) and E.A.( Enne) know how to race at the front in this Chateauroux organised by the Friesian Fond Club. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree then!

The food is a mixture which son Arie prepares for Enne( old birds and youngsters). I believe that it is 4 types of feed, nothing special. I feed them more towards the race but actually they are given enough every day! The cocks are allowed to eat for half an hour, the hens a bit less. I also use a lot of peanuts ( up to Thursday ). They make the pigeons tame and strengthens the bond between pigeon and fancier. And a peanut is never wasted in the extreme long distance due to the nutrients. 

But the bond between pigeon and fancier is not the only bond which works well in the Dijkstra household. The father and son bond is also very strong. We help each other when necessary or possible. “Arie makes me lazy!” says Enne. He knows so much about our pigeons. Sometimes I don’t even get the chance to think and he has already given the right answer. On the other hand, it makes things easy for me, I can then occupy myself with other things in and around the pigeon loft. It is always great to be able to practise such a magnificent sport together with your son. That we are doing so well even up to national level, is a welcome bonus, as we enjoy it very much. The pigeon sport is simply a magnificent hobby and sport!

Time to introduce you to a few of these classy pigeons which a.o. have provided the unbelievable good results by the extreme middle distance maestro of the high north, Enne Dijkstra!

Every pigeon coach who looks at the pigeons above will see the unbelievable influence of the lines of Leonardo x Tinkelbel. Hence the short look at these magnificent pigeons from son Arie Dijkstra. 

Performances 2011 1-day long distance E.A.Dijkstra :

14/05/11 Sens (599,265 km)

Prov. 11 (NPO) 9.941 p.: 54, 74 (2nd nom), 127(1st nom), 128, 327, 421, 465. . etc. (12/20)
ACG 6     2.409 p.: 19, 26, 43, 44, 116, 146, 157, 296, 419, 488 (10/20)

28/05/11 Sens (599,265 km)

Prov. 11 (NPO) 8.013 p.: 132, 140, 240, 259, 301, 519 (1st nom.). . etc. (10/18)
ACG 6  1.895 p.: 68, 69, 114, 124, 145, 265, 342, 418, 443 (9/18)

11/06/11 Pithiviers (631,063 km)

Prov. 11 (NPO) 7.385 p.:  9(1st nom.), 23(2nd nom.), 443, 1209 (4/19)
ACG 6  1.779 p.: 2, 6, 131, 364 (4/19)

26/06/11 Orléans Saran (665,183 km)

Prov. 11 (NPO) 8.538 p.: 10, 98(1st nom.), 201, 514(2nd nom.), 1385, 2263 (6/10)
ACG 6  1.988 p.: 3, 30, 59, 130, 338 (5/10)

09/07/11 Pihtiviers (631,063 km)

Afdeling 11  6.511 p.: 20(3rd nom), 86 (2nd nom), 527, 750, 1136, 1280, 1401 (7/10)
ACG 6   1.446 p.: 2, 15, 129, 205, 320, 355 (6/10)                           

Finally: Enne Dijkstra, a man of few words but great deeds. Supported by his son, or possibly the other way round. His son is supported by him. Whatever the case, they are champions. Is it not either Enne or Arie, with their own sort of pigeons, who let the sun shine in province Friesland ’96. It is not easy to reach the top, but to remain there, race after race, deserves a great deal of respect.

Enne Dijkstra, a real champion!