Auction weekend closes at +220,000 EUR

11 auctions ended today; here is a brief summary of each auction:
Collector's items - 37 pigeons - 1,550 EUR/pigeon
We had several collector's items available for sale; here are the 4 most expensive pigeons:
- Daughter New Freddy - 4,000 EUR
- Inbred Birdy, the dam of a 31st final Zimbabwe OLR 2018 - 3,200 EUR
- Zoon Leeuw - 3,000 EUR
- Daughter Den Ad - 3,000 EUR
The 37 pigeons have been sold to the following countries: China (9), Iraq (7), Taiwan (5), Japan (4), Canada (3), Slovakia (2), Belgium (1), Italy (1), Malta (1), The Netherlands (1), Thailand (1) and The United States (1).
Jespers-Vanderwegen  - 7 pigeons - 1,036 EUR/pigeon
The Jerspers-Vanderwegen combination sold 7 youngsters of their best breeders in auction.
The most expensive pigeon is a son of Super Pair, which goes to Taiwan for 1,800 EURO.
The pigeons have been sold to fanciers from Canada (1), China (4) and Taiwan (2).

Sylvain Verhestraeten - 5 pigeons - 2,100 EUR/pigeon
Sylvain raised 5 youngsters, all closely related to stock breeder Jaguar 004.
The most expensive pigeon is unsurprisingly a son of Jaguar 004; he goes to China for 3,600 EURO.
The other pigeons are going to Iraq (3) and The Netherlands (1).

Kevin Saudoyez - 9 pigeons - 1,100 EUR/pigeon
Kevin sold 3 racing birds in auction, along with 6 youngsters of his best breeders.
The most expensive bird is Le Chateauroux 85, winner of a 1st Interprovincial Chateauroux. This cock will be transferred to Japan for 2,100 EURO.
5 pigeons were sold to a Belgian fancier, 2 to a Taiwanese and 1 to a fancier from Thailand.

Thibaut-Boons- 12 pigeons - 1,085 EUR/pigeon
The Thibaut-Boons combination was selling 12 young birds, all from their best breeders.
The most expensive pigeon was sale 1, a half sister of Niko and Vikie; they are going to Japan for 2,000 EURO.
The pigeons have been sold to 6 different countries: Belgium (3), Japan (3), Italiy (2), The Czech Republic (2), China (1) and Iraq (1).

Adrien Mirabelle - 7 pigeons - 1,186 EUR/pigeon
In his first PIPA auction, Adrien offered for sale 7 youngsters from his best breeders.
The 3 most expensive birds (all 1,400 EURO) were Son Chipo's Lad, Inbred Supreme and a daughter of Shogun.
The pigeons will find a new home in Belgium (4), The Philippines (1), France (1) and The United Sates (1).

G&S Verkerk- 12 pigeons - 2,730 EUR/pigeon
In this auction we had 12 pigeons from highly renowned Verkerk breeding birds
Here are the most expensive pigeons:
- Daughter Johnny English x Olymp. Solange - 8,000 EUR
- Son Bulldozer x Snape.
7 pigeons will be going to China, 2 to Taiwan, 2 to Japan, and 1 to Iraq

Embregts-Theunis (NL)- 19 pigeons - 1,570 EUR/pigeon
Peter Theunis offered for sale 5 racing birds and 12 youngsters.
The two most expensive birds are
- National Miracle, which goes to China for 3,600 EURO
- Miss Goldmine, Gold Rossi And Miss Super Nugget were sold for 3,400 EURO each
The pigeons have been shipped to the following countries: The Netherlands (7), China (6), Taiwan (4), Germany (1) and Italy (1).


Team BDS - 11 pigeons - 2,236 EUR/pigeon
In this auction we had 11 descendants from famous national winners.
The most expensive pigeons in this auction are two brothers of Star Geronimo, sold for 4,600 EURO and 3,600 EURO, and a son of a 1st National Agen 2017.
7 pigeons will be going to China, 2 to Taiwan, 1 to Italy and 1 to Belgium


Marc De Cock - 10 pigeons  - 1,185 EUR/pigeon
In this auction we have 10 youngsters from Marc De Cock's best breeders.
The most expensive one is a daughter of Johan, which goes to another renowned Belgian loft for 1,9000 EURO.
The pigeons will be shipped to the following countries: Belgium (4), China (3), South Africa (2) and Argentina (1).

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede - 6 pigeons - 2,333 EUR/pigeon
And we the ended the auction weekend with our Freddy Special of the Vandenheede brothers.
The eye-catcher of this event was Junior Pride, which was sold along with her sire for 3,800 EURO. Pride is in turn a son of Freddy.
The second most expensive pigeon is a grandaughter of Freddy, sold for 3,200 EURO.
4 pigeons will be going to China, 1 to Germany and 1 to Iraq.