Vredeveld-Leemhuis (Coevorden, NL) phenomenal in 2011 – directly after the 1st and 2nd NPO Pommeroeul 8.056 pigoens, now the 1st-2nd-3rd Boxtel 12.123 pigeons

After a year with only youngsters, the Vredeveld and Leemhuis families made their debut in 2011 from a new location with a very talented team of yearlings … talent which was directly translated into 6x 1st prize in big races and now as the first NPO competition for youngsters presented itself, they struck again with the 1st and 2nd NPO.

‘What a season’ many will have said whilst perusing the results from the Veenschapsweg 24 in Coevorden, where a fantastic accommodation gives form to the collaboration of Harm Vredeveld and his protégé Robert Leemhuis. Their collaboration has in fact been an enormous success from the moment that the first pigeon flew out of the trap from the new loft. Both men joined together a capital breeding colony and in 2010 the products of this, namely 'Boy' x 'Queen' and 'Silverboy', as youngsters,  left hardly anything over for the opponents. Resulting in: 

- 17-7 Heteren (102 km)
   70th-73rd-74th-75th-77th against 10.632 p.
- 24-7 Boxtel (151 km)
   3rd-28th-30th-53rd-57th-61st etc. against 9.946 p.
- 31-7 Lommel (187 km)
   85th-87th-97th against 2.879 p.
   also 7th-8th-11th-49th-50th-51st-59th-69th etc. against 8.935 p.
- 7-8 St. Truiden (230 km)
   1st against 2.919 pigeons
   also  10th against 8.722 p.
- 14-8 NPO Strombeek (255 km)
   62nd-76th-89th-96th etc. against 19.737 p.
- 21-8 NPO Rekkem (330 km)
   91st-95th-96th-98th etc. against 2.607 p.
   also 30-34-35-37 etc. against 15.627 p.
- 28-8 NPO Arras (380 km)
   91st-94th-95th-97th-100th against 2.019 p.
   also 24th-36th-37th-40th-68th-71st-82nd-106th etc. against 10.735 p.
- 4-9 Morlincourt Derby der Junioren (430 km)
   53rd-55th-57th-66th-70th-71st against 4.550 p.
- 18-9 Duffel
   82nd-88th-91st-93rd-94th-97th etc. 16.545 p.

Hard to imagine after such a triumph that 2011 would bring even more success. In the old bird season the young and hungry racing team had to compete against many chastened fanciers and experienced clappers. Undaunted, they  entered into the battle and at the end of it all they reaped great respect from everywhere for their phenomenal top prizes in the NPO classics so as 1st-2nd-4th NPO South Troyes and 2nd-3rd-10th NPO Pithiviers  ... best old bird races 2011 are: 

- 23-4 Geel
  10th-30th-32nd-42nd-43rd-44th-45th-46th-47th-82nd-84th-87th against 2.742 p.
  13rd-60th-63rd-82nd-84th-85th-86th-88th-90th against 11.483 p. in province 10
- 30-4 St. Truiden 
   33rd-34th-36th against 10.145 p. province 10
-  7-5 Isnes
   1st-4th-6th-15th-etc. against 2.457 p.
- 14-5 Breuil le Vert.-Clermond
   27th-33rd-41st-42nd-48th-52nd-59th-96th-97th-102nd NPO against 9.786 p. province 10
- 21-5 Epehy
   1st-2nd-3rd-22nd-24th-25th-26th-27th-28th-30th-37th-39th-43rd-52nd-54th-against 2.181 p.
   8th-9th-10th against 8.927 p. province 10 South
- 28-5 Troyes
   1st-2nd-3rd-18th-19th-38th-47th-52nd-70th-74th-96th against 906 p.
   1st-2nd-4th-21st-26th-58th-71st-84th NPO against 3.999 p. prov. 10 South
   5th-6th-8th-35th-43rd-96th-etc. NPO against 8.721 p. province 10
 total- 11-6 Pithiviers
   78th-79th-80th-89th-105th against 791 pigeons
   NPO against 7.749 pigeons province 10

After the fantastic result from Pithiviers followed by a few long distance races, they decided to aim their arrows fully at the races for youngsters. Remarkably enough it is the ladies in the Vredeveld-Leemhuis racing team who specifically raced into the spotlight in 2011. All ‘women of status’ with many having the noble lines of ‘Boy’ x ‘Queen’ flowing through the veins or definitely some other top genes from Martin Van Zon’s super stock pigeons with 'Silverboy' as figurehead ...  or from excellent reinforcements so as ‘Novastar’ (5x 1st prize), ‘Space Shuttle’ (1. Nat. Ace bird Middle Distance WHZB & NPO) or ‘X-factor’ (top racer) which stand at the basis of very early prizes 

The hens which really stood out in 2011 are :

- NL10-4796268 ‘Paulien’

    1st Pommeroeul          1.114 pigeons
    2nd Epehy               2.181 pigeons
    4th Isnes               2.457 pigeons
    15th NPO Pithiviers     7.749 pigeons 

Full sister of  ‘Paulien’ is ‘Lynn’, 1st from Boxtel in 2011 against 12.123 pigeons 

Father: ‘209/05’ alias ‘Pauli 2’,  direct from Paul Huls and grandchild of both the ‘Figo’ Reynaert and ‘Monnik’ x ‘Kanibolleke’, the stock couple of the super specialist from Zonhoven.
Mother: ‘154/04’ alias ‘Sun Delight’ who was also mother of ‘Sunstar’, fastest pigeon from Morlincourt 2007 against 19.533 pigeons for Harm Vredeveld. This hen is 100% Martin van Zon and inbred to ‘De 79’ from Verstoep on which Van Zon mainly built his colony. 

- NL10-4796285 ‘Fergie’

    4th NPO South Troyes            3.999 pigeons
    8th NPO total Troyes          8.721 pigeons
    12th NPO Pithiviers            7.749 pigeons
    24th NPO Arras                10.735 pigeons
    42nd NPO Breuil le Vert        9.786 pigeons
    27th Epehy                     2.181 pigeons
    63rd Geel                     11.483 pigeons 

Father: ‘836/09’ alias ‘New Generation’ a son of the top racer ‘Novastar’ which won 1st prizes against 3.134 -1.219 – 405 – 267 pigeons and was winner of the clock race Pithiviers 2006. Mother comes out the 1st NPO Orleans 8.626 pigeons winner ‘Silverboy’, stock breeder via Martin van Zon.
Mother: ‘117/04’ alias ‘Witpen Van Zon’, a grandchild of ‘De Limoges’ on father’s side and on mother’s side out super couple ‘Brother 79’ x ‘Havenith 54’ … once again 100% Martin van Zon. 

- NL10-4796299 ‘Adele’

    2nd Boxtel                      2.123 pigeons ( after loft companion)  
    6th NPO Orleans                 7.270 pigeons
    10th NPO Pithiviers             7.749 pigeons

Father: ‘560/09’ direct out ‘Silver Boy’, the earlier mentioned 1st NPO Orleans winner with 33 degrees and fastest in the competition from 15.855 pigeons. He was coupled with a daughter of the famous ‘Aladin’ (son ‘Kleine Dirk’).
Mother: ‘734/09’ comes out a half-brother of ‘Silverboy’ x ‘Kaja’, winner of 1st Nat. Tours 11.270 pigeons for Martin van Zon. 

NL10-5011629 ‘Space Girl’

    1st NPO South Troyes            3.999 pigeons
    5th NPO total Troyes    8.721 pigeons
    27th NPO Breuil le Vert        9.786 pigeons
    25th Epehy                     2.181 pigeons
    35th St. Truiden              10.145 pigeons
In 2010 as a youngster winner of
    18th NPO Morlincourt           4.550 pigeons
    21st NPO Strombeek            19.937 pigeons
    74th Heteren                  10.632 pigeons 

Father: ‘127/09’ alias ‘Space Shuttle’ – the phenomenon with three 1st prizes in big races and as a result of which a.o. declared 1st Nat. Ace bird Middle Distance  WHZB 2009 and 1st Dutch Middle Distance pigeon in the West European Counties Cup.
Mother: ‘143/08’ alias Baby Blue’ - super inbreed to the stock couple as daughter of ‘Lucky Boy’ (out ‘Boy’ x ‘Queen’) x ‘Klein Blauwtje’ (out ‘Game Boy’ x ‘Bandit Queen’, so son x inbred ‘Boy’ x ‘Queen’). In 2010 other youngsters from ‘Space Shuttle’ x ‘Baby Blue’ won 3rd NPO 19.737 pigeons, 21st against 16.545 pigeons and 37th against 10.662 pigeons.  

Out a brother of‘Baby Blue’ come the brothers ‘223/11’ and ‘302/11’, respectively winners of the 9th NPO St. Quentin 7.567 pigoens and 3rd Boxtel 12.123 pigeons after two loft companions. 

Whilst the old birds were allowed to recover from a difficult 1-day season, Robert and Harm were focusing on the game with the youngsters; the future which had to be tried to the full. As always, with success, as everything the duo Vredeveld-Leemhuis has touched over the last few years appears to turn into gold … After a good race from Ravenstein it was proven in the NPO-race Pommeroeul on the 13th of August. 

- 23-7 Ravenstein youngsters
   2nd-5th against 9.158 p. province 10
- 6-8 St. Truiden youngsters
   1st-4th-11th-22nd-36th-37th-58th-66th-94th-96th-97th-98th against 9.103 p. province 10
- 13-8 Pommeroeul youngsters
   1st and 2nd NPO against 8.056 p. 

- 20-8 St. Quentin youngsters
  9th-21st-22nd-37th-38th-39th-43rd-51st-69th-76th-78th-80th NPO against 7.567 pigeons
- 27-8 Peronne youngsters
  20th-21st-49th-51st-52nd-53rd-54th-55th-56th-58th-61st-62nd-77th-78th-81st-83rd-84th-87th-91st against 1.392 pigeons 

Winner of the 1st NPO Pommeroeul was the NL11-5012295, a cock out the above mentioned ‘Lucky Boy’ (top racer out Love Couple ‘Boy’ x ‘Queen’) coupled with a Martin van Zon hen out a half-sister of ‘Silverboy’ .. The 2nd NPO went to NL11-5012207 also a grandchild of ‘Boy’ x Queen’! Father of this ‘207/11’ is ‘X-Factor’, 2nd Ace bird Sprint province 10 and 10th Ace bird youngsters province 10 with many top prizes against thousands of pigeons, including 1st Morlincourt 5.155 pigeons. 

Both the old birds and the young toppers were able to finish off the season in style in the late races; a possiblity which the classy star ensemble gripped with both hands … and which resulted in:

- 3-9 Boxtel late races
  83rd-84th-87th-90th-91st against 12.123 pigeons 

Regarding all the other top prizes so as 2nd and 3rd NPO Pithiviers – 2nd and 5th province Ravenstein youngsters – 1st and 4th district St. Truiden – 9th NPO St. Quentin – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Boxtel etc. all descendants of stock line 1 ‘Boy’ x ‘Queen’ and stock line 2 ‘Silverboy’, underlines the super quality of these bloodlines. For Vredeveld-Leemhuis their class by the ‘comeback’ mid 2010 was irrefutable; more than a year later the opponents can’t match up to all their force. The super tandem proudly promote one of the best performing Dutch 1-day colonies of 2011.