Marc & Francky Van De Walle (Zwalm, BE) manage a super weekend with 1° Nat. Bordeaux 4.921 o.b. and 1° Nat. Orange Zone A!

After the Van De Walle colony had already ended in 2nd place ‘national’ three times, last weekend it was Bulls-eye with national victory from Bordeaux by the old birds!

It was like the devil was playing with us, said mother Van De Walle… both my husband Marcel (passed away in 2002) as my sons Marc and Francky landed in second place several times,  it looked like it was not for us…it seemed to be the case again from  Bordeaux in the first instance, but in the end ‘Lady Luck’ was on our side, and we could crack open the champagne for the national victory from Bordeaux!

Because indeed… according to the first national forecast on Saturday this victory for the old birds would go to Jos & Jan Loobuyck from Aalter. It should have done as they clocked their national winner at 19u07… but after they had written down the time and the number on the control ring to report to the club… they forgot to clock the ring in the mechanical clock. It wasn’t clocked until 17 minutes later… gone national title then. So at the last minute Marc & Francky Van De Walle were pronounced ‘national winner’ Bordeaux by the 4.921 o.b. (2nd international), and were also the fastest Belgian pigeon in the competition with a speed of 1071 m/min… clocked at 18h55 from a distance of 782,312 Km. 

Finally a 1st place 

Finally… you could say that. After during his career father Marcel had already won 2 x 2nd National Brive and a 2nd National Bourges, Marc & Francky have now managed national victory… and they are finally being rewarded. After the sudden death of father Marcel in 2002, they successfully took over the torch and were in the running for champion of Belgium twice, but here toot hey had to make do with the closest place of honour, as they were

2° General champion of Belgium KBDB 2004

2° General champion of Belgium KBDB 2007

Raymond Poulidor turned grey during the lesser times!

Marc (41 y.) and Francky (39 y.) have quite a large pigeon colony, with 30 breeding couples, 68 widowers, 20 racing hens and 150 youngsters are ringed. Marc is actually the daily carer, due to being at home during the day… whilst Francky, after his work (aluminium processing) and especially in the weekend, helps where necessary and takes care of the administration.

The racing hens are brought to a fitting nest position for the classics… the 8 old hens are now in the basket for Barcelona, whilst 6 yearlings were entered for Libourne and Bordeaux, with the following results:

Libourne Club 205 YL 1-14-23-53 (4/6)

      Nat  8.269 YL 21-610-838

Bordeaux Club 106 YL 13-17 (6)

The following results were also achieved this weekend:

Bordeaux Club 53 o.b. 1-18 (2/2)

       Nat 4.921 o.b. 1…

Orange   Club 54 o.b. 1-6 (2 op 2)

Argenton Club 239 o.b. 24-38 (2/3)

Argenton Club 562 YL   23-39-41-43-47-68-83… (13/28) 

The widow cocks don’t breed prior to the season, and are only allowed to brood once for 8 days, coupling end March. Seeing as how the old birds and the yearlings roam together in the racing lofts, and often have to be basketted on different days of the week, the cocks are only allowed to see the nest dish for a few minutes before they leave. In this way they are ‘calm’ when they are basketted, therefore losing no unnecessary energy to stress… says Marc. By the homecoming they are allowed to see their hen for 3 hours, sometimes varying depending on the distance and the toughness of the race. Every other month they are given a cure for ‘tricho’ but no further medication, not even for the heads! If the pigeons are not to their liking, or the prizes are not as they should be, then they will ask the advice of the vet. Only before the season is the faeces delivered for examination (for ‘cocci’ and worms)… although they are (almost) never  troubled by this due to the very dry attic lofts above the shed. When the pigeons return home they are given the quite light Casaert mixture as basis menu, only the last 3 days (or 6 last meals) before basketting are they given plenty of the racing mixture from Versele. The supplement pre-eminently used is Kaucabam… the youngsters are even given this throughout the year, the racing pigeons are only given this every day outside the racing season, during the season every other day.

The youngsters from the first round are raced up to the national races, the later rounds usually only have a few races (to Noyon a few times). But there is not much notice taken of the performances as youngsters… the selection is done by hand, on build and lineage. As yearlings, the cocks are raced up to Limoges… whichever pigeon wins per 10 is allowed to remain, the rest are examined in the hand yet again… the real long distance career actually begins when they are 2 years old… when the races of 700 Km and more are on the programme. Seeing as how there is still a lot of Imbrecht blood flowing through the veins of the pigeons via their old stock… it is sometimes remarkable how the pigeons undergo a metamorphosis once the threshold of 700 Km is reached… and the ‘top prizes’ come to stand on the honours list!

The same story applies to the ‘Bordeaux’, which as a yearling won per 10 from Limoges Yearlings, and this year had once again an early prize in the very tough Limoges at the beginning of June: 

-The ‘Bordeaux’ B09-4292770

’11 Bordeaux  Nat.  4.921 p. 1
           Intnat. 10.611 p. 2
’11 Limoges   Club.    738 p. 31
              Nat. 19.373 p. 967
’10 Limoges YL Club    637 p. 72
              Nat. 14.211 p. 1342

On father’s side he is brother and half-brother of an entire series of top athletes in the Van De Walle-lofts.

Father: ‘Bonte Wittekodde’ B02-4471148

A super breeding pigeon which, in addition to the brand new 1° Nat Bordeaux, is also father of:

-‘Europacup duivin’ which won 15° Nat Barcelona 13.305 p. in 2009!

-‘Nestsister Europacup duivin’ or  ‘the 851’: 163° Nat Barcelona 2009

-‘Libourneduivin’: 21° Nat Libourne 8.269 p. in 2011

-‘St.Vincent’: 52° Nat St.Vincent 4.679 p. in 2006

-‘Libelle’: 39° Intnat Soustons 4.099 p. in 2010

A ‘Sister Wittekodde’ performed as follows:

1° Vierzon and 19° Intprov 13.825 p.

2° Barcelona and 58° Nat 2.927 hens

2° Perpignan and 423° Intnat 4.376 hens.

This whilst also a brother won no less than 5 x top up to national and international level (see pedigree)

The ‘Bonte Wittekodde’ is self a son of the stock breeder and superior long distance crack, the ‘Rode Imbrechts’ 574/91 (self 4° Nat Brive 16.560 p., 77° Intprov Vierzon 11.618 p… 9 x per 10 in the long distance and 4° Prov Ace bird Long Distance KBDB 1994… coming out the top lines G.Imbrecht ‘Oude Vos’ x ‘Espoir’) x ‘Wittekodde Stefaan 172/97’ (coming out ‘Brother Witneus 370/92’ R.Florizoone x ‘Sister Barcelona I Meremans 002/92’… sister 2° Nat Barcelona 12.678 p.  ’98 and Primus Inter Pares 1999).

Mother: ‘Primusduivin’ B07-4369987

The mother of ‘Libelle 730/09’ which was 2nd Ace bird Long Distance in Zottegem, she won:

39° Intnat Soustons 4.099 hens (100° Nat 8.443 p.)

10° Argenton 1.067 p.,  43° Nat Zone 8.004 p., 209° Nat Argenton 23.900 p.

530° Nat Zone Bourges 11.355 p.

131° Nat Zone Gueret 5.237 p.

The ‘Primusduivin’ is self daughter of ‘Den Orange 102/99’ (1° Orange club) x ‘Mother Roste Narbonne 243/01 (De Roste Narbonne was 11° Prov Ace bird Long Distance KBDB ’08 and won a.o. 1° Narbonne and 72° Nat 4.664 p., 1° Montélimar and 104° Nat 8.634 p., 7° Tarbes and 175° Nat 4.660 p., 8° Albi and 167° Nat 5.063 d…).

Fanciers who would like to study the complete pedigree can see ithere

Orange makes the success complete

During the same weekend that the 1° Nat Bordeaux was won (clocked at 18h55) a good 17 minutes later (at 19h12) the 1° prize from Orange was also clocked… a pigeon which will also win the 1° Provincial 575 p., and 1° Nat Zone Orange! Talk about a double success, and this during one and the same weekend! Two weeks earlier this pigeon also won the 2° prize Montélimar club, 23° Nat Zone 979 p., 440° National from 8.040 p.! 


A top weekend which the Van De Walle household will remember for a long time to come! Who knows what will follow… now the spell finally seems to have been broken!