Last auction of the auction season 2010-2011 ends today!

In the last auction of the season we have a collection of top pigeons whereby many top fanciers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and England auction one or more pigeons. This auction ends on Sunday the 22nd of May and with it brings an end to a spectacular auction season on PIPA.

As we announced earlier, a portion of the proceeds from this last auction of the season out the ‘May Auction’, will be donated to an organisation working on rebuilding or supporting of Japan… just like we did at the beginning of 2005 for those affected by the ‘tsunami’ in Thailand-Indonesia-Sri Lanka, and in 2008 by the earthquake in China when we handed over a cheque to ‘Unicef’!

The pictures which have been in the news almost daily for several weeks now show that all help is more than welcome in Japan! The effects of the earthquake and ‘tsunami’ which have literally shaken and flooded Japan… are, and remain ‘poignant’. All that is left is ‘rubble’ and ‘scrap’! Add to this the almost daily tragic information regarding the nuclear power station in Fukushima, and the threatening danger for the long term public health, through the high ‘radiation’… it has set the world thinking.

These events forced us all to face facts, because… in spite of all human ingenuity, scientific researches and discoveries … we are totally powerless against the brutal force of nature. Japan has once again clearly revealed that…

A large scale human drama… all possessions and property which one had to work, toil and faced hardship for… were wiped off the map in the blink of an eye. Everything was lost from one moment to the next… literally carried away by the wave of destruction. It couldn’t be any worse! Many of our colleagues from the affected area in Japan lost virtually everything… everything they owned.

The reconstruction of the affected area will be a work of years, that much is clear… and, as a pigeon fancier, you can do your bit to help via PiPa. No less than 139 offers… all ‘top donations’ out the ‘crème de la crème’ of the international pigeon sport…  are now online in the ‘May Auction’! You haven’t only the opportunity of obtaining a pigeon of ‘top origin’… but you also support the ‘Support for Japan’!

Here below an overview of a few pigeons out the auction: