Piet & Dr. Henk De Weerd Lofts, Breda World famous under the name ‘Interpalomas Lofts’ (part 1)

They know his name into the furthest corners of our globe… There are plenty of superlatives to characterize him, ranging from … ‘Mister globe’, ‘the creator’, the ‘power broker’, the ‘pigeon professor’… we are of course talking about the ‘specialist’ far in the area of selection and breeding of sport pigeons… namely the late Piet de Weerd from Breda.

Piet de Weerd more or less dedicated his whole life to the pigeon sport… travelled the world over, flew over all the oceans, even in the days when air travel barely existed… has honoured all the so-called ‘greats’ and ‘top fanciers’ within our pigeon sport with a visit! His feeling for… and knowledge of the pigeons… cannot be matched anywhere in the world! He was not made an honorary citizen of the American city ‘New Orleans’ for nothing.

In the international pigeon sport Piet de Weerd is considered the ‘creator’… the stock layer of the modern ‘extreme long distance pigeon’… because he is the ‘Einstein’ of the ancient ‘Jan Aarden pedigree’… which has now grown to be the ‘old Steenbergs pedigree’… which in numerous lofts within the international pigeon sport lies at the basis of ‘current top performances’ in the ‘international overnight long distance’! In 1913 in Oude Tonge… a place in the west of the borough.

Oostflakkee (province South-Holland) on the former island Goeree-Overflakkee… Piet de Weerd saw the light of day. He first entered the pigeon loft as a 14 year old boy, and it was the loft of the then grandmaster and one of the greatest champions in the Dutch pigeon sport history… Ko Nipius from the nearby Middelharnis. The roles were soon reversed… and it was Ko Nipius who went to Piet de Weerd for advice. Piet was a former teacher… and his mastery of ‘language’ and ‘literature’, in combination with his love for the pigeon sport… made him a very accomplished writer and pigeon sport journalist. Countless educational reports were made by his hand… his experience and knowledge was bundled in book form… several marvellous, and more over educational, books appeared on the market! Piet de Weerd possessed the unbridled art of playing to the language and feeling of the fanciers like no other. As an author he has lifted the pigeon sport to a higher level!

But what makes him specifically so ‘special’… is his ‘great service’ in the creation of the modern homing pigeon for the ‘overnight long distance’. As pigeon sport chronicle he visited, invited or not, nearly all the top lofts worldwide... and whoever he visited, they were always impressed with his knowledge and feeling for discovering real ‘top pigeons’… from really excellent ‘stock pigeons’.  The best example of this was in the period 1958 – 1962 when Piet, racing in combination with Jozef Vandenbroucke in Wielsbeke was 3rd Nat. champion of Belgium, 6th Nat. and 2nd Champion Entente Belge as well as 6th and 7th Nat. champion.  Via his visits to numerous top lofts he formed a ‘perfect picture’ for himself… of how a real ‘top pigeon’, a real ‘super breeding pigeon’ must look like… which qualities a  ‘top pigeon’ had to have. He is the ‘maker’…  of several well-known top lofts… but he owes his great reputation by being the founder of the world famous ‘Jan Aarden’-pedigree… which was later to form the basis of the creation of the ‘old Steenbergs pedigree’. The Jan Aarden pigeons which for years ensured the ‘greatest successes’ in the national and international long distance races! Without Piet de Weerd… this ‘Aarden-pedigree’ would never have existed. Piet was not only a ‘close friend’ of Jan Aarden in Steenbergen…  he was also the deliverer of the basis pigeons for the stock building by Jan Aarden… and the man who made the most important couplings when putting together the breeding team. His service in the creation of this superior Aarden pedigree… was something which he enjoyed very much, no-one can deny it! What’s more… his knowledge and feeling for pigeon made such an impression on many so-called ‘toppers’ in our sport … that they all consulted him for advice… as a result of which the majority became even ‘stronger’ than they already were… through the couplings that Piet de Weerd carried out for them. He didn’t only ‘make’ the loft of Jan Aarden… but also did a titanic job by Jos Van den Broucke in Wielsbeke, by Raymund Hermes in Hamm/Sieg in Germany… and several other lofts. We still remember a nice anecdote from our starting years, when we took our first steps in the pigeon sport journalism… We were lucky enough to catch a conversation between a few West-Flemish long distance grandmasters, including Jos Van den Broucke… and whereby the name Piet de Weerd was mentioned and his first advice to Jos. Piet had advised Jos to visit a public auction and buy a certain hen! Before the start of the auction Jos went to inspect his future ‘pearl’… and he was amazed. It was an ‘ugly thing’, a hen that nobody wanted… but as it was sold for only 1.000 old Belgian francs, Jos took it home with him! What he couldn’t have suspected at the time… is that this ‘ugly thing’ would grow to be a ‘stock mother’ out thousands! You may ask what criteria ‘pigeon professor’ Piet de Weerd used to judge the sport and breeding worth of a pigeon?...

Well, he judged them almost invisibly on the quality of the muscles with the fingertips of his left hand. Piet de Weerd is indeed the expert who judges pigeons on the possibilities of the muscles… but also judges the ‘aggressiveness’ of the pigeon… by pulling on its beak. A pigeon that didn’t defend itself was in the eyes of Piet de Weerd completely useless nine times out of ten… according to him it had something to do with ‘survival instinct’! What was he looking for them when feeling the muscles?

First and foremost the ‘quality’ of the muscles (the quality of the muscle and the ability of the muscle to contract)… and the ability to store reserves (necessary for endurance), pigeons which can obtain a maximum of energy from a minimum of food! He also looked for the ‘perfusion’ of the muscle, and the muscle strength (the muscle mass).

Muscles are one part of the pigeon body which have to provide the ‘motor’, the propulsion of the body during a race… but for breeding, other things play an important role.

Piet de Weerd also looked at the eye pigmentation, and looked for pigeons with a ‘small pupil’… and a ‘fatty plumage’! But ‘nice models’… weren’t for him, quite the contrary (to illustrate this see the anecdote above from Jos Van den Broucke). We will try to explain to you in a few sentences how Piet de Weerd became the founder of the superior ‘Aarden pedigree’… it is a collection of a few nice anecdotes and main lines out his book concerning the ‘race horses of the skies’, as the late Piet de Weerd so nicely described our ‘pigeons’.

The concept ‘Top pigeon’ according to Piet de Weerd!
The biggest problem in the ‘modern pigeon sport’ is that almost 80% of the pigeons are completely useless… and the other 20% has to be treated very carefully if one wants to book ‘results’ for a long time. How did he go about it? Experience taught him that the best pigeons could be found amongst pigeons which distinguish themselves in races with ‘low speed’. Piet de Weerd prefers then ‘national winners’ in races where the pigeons as it were ‘walked’ home, so as he himself described it… hence his statement: The best pigeons in the world are ‘walkers’! Experience taught him that these hid the best breeding pigeons. You can always breed ‘speed’ into these pigeons, by crossing them with ‘sprint pigeons’ or much faster ‘middle distance pigeons’. Because everybody can introduce speed… the big problem is the further breeding of what the pigeon gets into its head. Whoever thinks they can see this in the eyes is completely wrong. Whoever carries out the selection based on the eyes for a few years, without testing the pigeons in the races… will after a few years have pigeons with ‘beautiful paintings’ for eyes, but these ‘Van Gogh’, ‘Picasso’ or ‘Da Vinci’-pigeons are hardly able to fly across the street! Yet Piet attaches some importance to the pigeon eye… especially the correlation and pigment, in other words the thick ‘clouds’ in the eyes, plenty of  ‘colour’ in the iris… and a small pupil. Whoever couples pigeons with ‘big pupils’ is on the wrong track… they will sporadically produce a good pigeon… but the chance is less than 1/100! Yet… the basket is and remains the best ‘selector’ at that level!

Pigeons also have to have an unending ‘vitality’… this means a.o. a good natural resistance to sickness, so remain ‘healthy’ easily. Crossings often produce ‘more vital pigeons’ than inbred ones… by inbreeding you have to get rid of the ‘less vital’ straight away… and that can be more than 70%. But ‘no mercy’… otherwise this will inevitably lead to decay! Yet ‘inbreeding’ is unavoidable to bring about and retain a homogeneous  strain of pigeons…  because crossed with ‘strange inbred blood’ it gives a 70% chance of success! Piet de Weerd only spoke of a ‘pedigree’ when it could tolerate this inbreeding… he named Janssen-Arendonk, Bricoux, Delbar, Stichelbout, Vanbruaene… out the distant past as examples… and of course not forgetting his own creation of the ‘Aarden-pedigree’! Another important quality by top pigeons is their silky soft ‘feather quality’… he preferred pigeons with a thick and ‘fatty plumage’… which he also described as ‘wet plumage’… as such pigeons felt ‘wet’ or ‘clammy’ when you took hold of them. He has no use for pigeons with a ‘dry plumage’… there can be two causes for this… firstly a poor ‘feather quality’ in any case… or ‘bad housing conditions’, usually a (too) damp loft! Another necessary quality is definitely obtaining the maximum return from their food… to keep their weight up with ‘little food’, to stay round, to get their reserves from it.

And here it comes… the majority of ‘long distance pigeons’ which possessed the above mentioned qualities were found by Piet de Weerd in pigeons with a ‘short sternum’ and ‘long tail’. By a hundred superior ‘long distance cracks’ he examined, 70% had a ‘short sternum’ and a ‘long tail’. About the why… he has no explanation for it.

Staying at the ‘top’, means ‘being able to breed’!
The big problem in our modern pigeon sport lies, according to the late Piet de Weerd, in the fact that the majority of fanciers can’t breed! Some fanciers succeed sooner or later in making a successful coupling purely by chance. They rely on this for 5 or 6 years, to then disappear into anonymity just as quickly. The ‘reason’ for this… is also their ‘biggest problem’! They can’t form breeding couples! Whoever can perform at the top for a few years soon thinks that he ‘knows’ it… that the pigeon sport has no secrets for him… that he can do ‘everything’. The own ‘ego’… the glorifying of ‘own performances’ and ‘own craftsmanship’… it seems to be the worst ‘epidemic’ where our pigeon sport is concerned. Yet almost 10/10 of these chaps is not able to put together a good breeding couple… they are hardly able to tell a ‘racing horse’ from a ‘donkey’… says  Piet de Weerd. And whoever can’t ‘couple’… won’t breed any more real ‘toppers’… the ‘fall’ will follow just as quickly.

It is also a pity that certain fanciers buy real ‘good pigeons’… but don’t manage to breed anything from them. The majority are then very disappointed and remove the ‘good pigeon’ (sometimes not until after 2 or 3 years) from their loft… in the worst case they even stop practicing the pigeon sport. Simply because they are not capable of coupling ‘right’. All success in the pigeon sport revolves around… the ‘Coupling’ of pigeons! Piet de Weerd says of himself that he has coupled tens of couples which other fanciers would never have put together… and do you know which pigeons? Exactly… those with a short sternum and a long tail!

As stated earlier… the majority of the long distance toppers (quasi 70%) that Piet de Weerd saw (and there were a lot of them) had such ‘morphology’. The basket selected in that direction… the biggest fault committed by fanciers is their attempt… to compensate the physique of these pigeons with pigeons which have a completely different physique (e.g. with a long sternum and short tail)… completely wrong, it only leads to decay (read: breeding rubbish). Because according to Piet de Weerd the pigeon sport only has 3 secrets: ‘good pigeons’, ‘good pigeons’ and once again… ‘good pigeons’! The rest of the job is for the fancier… who in the first place has to try to keep his pigeons healthy, and bring them into condition at the right moment. Piet de Weerd also interfered in this… although we have landed by the field of one of the world’s greatest specialists where the modern ‘medical guidance’  of racing pigeons is concerned… that of Dr. Henk de Weerd… indeed, son of…

Dr. Henk de Weerd
In the meantime son Henk de Weerd appeared. The love for ‘racing pigeons’ was ‘fed’ to him via father Piet. As an excellent student… how could it be otherwise, as son of… he studied veterinary medicine, where at the hands of his father Piet he specialised in ‘small animals’… and more specifically in ‘racing pigeons’! He then acquired name and fame in ‘no time’ as a ‘specialist’ in the treatment and curing of racing pigeons, and set up his practice in Breda… where he set up a veterinary surgery… which soon became a ‘pilgrimage’ for fanciers from ‘all over the world’. He is currently one of the most, if not the most worshipped vets in the world. Via own practical experience, and elaborating on the old ‘Belgica’ from father Piet… he developed his own range of products (medication and health and performance supporting products)… which proved their ‘effectiveness’ at all levels… the name ‘Belgica De Weerd’ has now become a worldwide concept!

With a father answering to the name of Piet de Weerd… it is then only logical that Dr. Henk became obsessed with ‘top pigeons’ and their secrets. In their free time most of the conversations between father Piet and son Dr. Henk were about pigeons and the pigeon sport in general… how could it be otherwise. They both then developed the idea of starting their own breeding station… where they could practise their own ‘couplings’ to their heart’s content… and would be in charge of everything themselves in order to breed to the ‘highest quality’. Their own breeding centre ‘Interpalomas Lofts’ saw the light of day…

Their greatest aim was then also their greatest problem… with which pigeons of ‘exceptional top class’…  which also met the ‘strict demands’ of the ‘master examiner’ Piet de Weerd… would they house their breeding lofts ‘Interpalomas Lofts’? They had to go in search of ‘proven long distance pigeons’… for pigeons which ‘achieved top’ in very tough pigeon weather… for proven ‘walkers’, as  Piet called them at the time! A few such ‘musclemen’ enjoyed his interest… pigeons which had been successful in the most difficult competitions, and which had the ‘breeding worth’ that Piet de Weerd had in mind! In the first instance the ‘own knowledge’ of father Piet was a great trump card, and formed a not to be sneezed at ‘advantage’, it was also their ‘greatest setback’, because… almost everybody knew of Piet de Weerd’s reputation… and knew for certain that when he went to collect a pigeon from a loft… the fancier in question was going to lose a real ‘top pigeon’! It usually made the asking price shoot up! However, many important purchases followed… Let us limit ourselves to the ‘absolute toppers’… in other words the ‘super breeders’ which have carried the name and fame of ‘Interpalomas Lofts’ worldwide… and which are still playing a leading role in the breeding lofts in Breda!

De ‘The ‘OUDE KRUK’ NL'80- 8016163

The undisputed stock father of the loft and described worldwide as the‘greatest breeding pigeon Jan Aarden of all times’!
In the total auction of Gerrit van der Kruk from Steenbergen mention was made of the unique breeding characteristics of the "Oude Kruk". In 1986 a son already won the 30th Nat. St. Vincent and in 1987 two sons ( nest brothers) won the 6th and 8th National Barcelona in a murderous Barcelona… in boiling weather and raced at ‘walking pace’… and so Piet and Dr. Henk de Weerd were there ‘directly’ to buy these two ‘thugs’ to help build up their ideal “Interpalomas” breeding centre,   filled with long distance pigeons.

After this murderous Barcelona they didn’t only buy the two nest brothers, but also the father ("Oude Kruk"), the mother ("Atossa") as well as the "Gouden Kruk", "Zwarte Kruk", "Roderick" and the "USA Kruk". The fact that these two cocks were the fastest series of 2 pigeons with the 36th and 43rd International against 21.545 pigeons was an "extra"! In addition to the prizes mentioned these two sons also raced a.o. the 51st and 106th Nat. Barcelona and the 186th, 253rd and 301st National Perpignan

Coupled with the best hens in the loft, the ‘Oude Kruk’ began his breeding crusade. Numerous excellent descendants from this cock were delivered all over the world, the victory march of the "Oude Kruk" could start. Several top lofts expanded their colony with descendants of this topper from the "Steenbergs strain", so as

-the Gebr. Brügemann from Assendelft with their "Myra": this hen won a.o. 8th Nat. Barcelona and was one of the top breeding hens from their loft.

-Lei Kurvers from Hulsbergthe miracle man from the south who won a multitude of series in the National and International races.

-C.de Jong from the Heen… the West European Cup winner from 1998… this jointly with a descendant of the "Oude Kruk".

-B.Morsnowski from Krefeld won a.o. 3rd, 4th , 11th National with a granddaughter of the "Oude Kruk"

 -Comb. Cornelissen from Breda won various top prizes with descendants from him a.o. 4th  , 8th , 14th ,  18th National etc. 

-J. and Y. Cornelissen from Bredawon with "Astrid", a granddaughter of the "Oude Kruk" a.o.8th and 17th National from Barcelona and Perpignan.

-Cor de Heijde from Made won with his "Barcelonaduivin" the 15th Nat, 7th Nat, 21st Nat. and the 1st National Perpignan 1997… she is also a granddaughter of the "Oude Kruk" !

-The total list of prizes won by children and grandchildren grows each year… with

 1st Nat. Perpignan, 2nd Nat. Pau, 3rd Nat. Perpignan, 4thNat. Perpignan, 5th Nat. San Sebastian, 5th Nat.Barcelona, 6thNat.Perpignan, 6th Nat.Barcelona,7th Nat.Perpignan,7th Nat.Perpignan, 7th Nat.Perpignan,8th Nat.Barcelona, 8th Nat.Barcelona,8th Nat.Barcelona, 9th Nat.Perpignan, 11th Nat.Marseille, 13rd Nat.Pau, 14th Nat.Perpignan etc.

This ‘Oude Kruk’ was an exceptional breeding pigeon. His descendants still fight to be at the top of the international pigeon sport!

-‘SAMURAI’ NL90-0021346

Winner 1° NATIONAAL BARCELONA 1994 against 7.767 pigeons as well as the 2nd INTERNATIONAAL against 26.807 pigeons. In addition he also won:\

49th Nat.Barcelona 1993 against 10.574 pigeons
79th Internat.Barcelona 1993 against 33.146 pigeons
119th Nat.Barcelona 1992 against 7.243 pigeons
251st Nat. St.Vincent 1992 against 26.296 pigeons

With this he is one of the best Barcelona racers from the 90’s. This was all won in the top loft of Bram Walpot in Steenbergen. The parents of the "Samurai" both came from Chris Musters from Steenbergen. His father is a son of the "St.Vincenter"… one of the best long distance pigeons ever to have flown in the Netherlands. In the strong Zuidwesthoek this cock won 14 prizes in big long distance races so as the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 13rd, 24th, 32nd, and 39th against an average of 3.000 pigeons. Grandmother, the "Van de Wegenduivin" is a granddaughter of the "Barcelona" which a.o. won the  1st Nat. Barcelona, 5th Nat. Barcelona, 2nd Nat. St.Vincent and the 10th Nat.
 Mother is the "22"… her grandfather won 12 prizes in the long distance so as the 11th Nat. Dax, 65th Nat. Bergerac and the 72nd Nat. St. Vincent. The "22" is, just like the father of the "Samurai", a daughter of the "St. Vincenter". They angled from all corners of the world for this "Samurai". In the end it was Piet and Dr. Henk de Weerd who finally managed to reel in this fantastic cock for their ‘Interpalomas Lofts’. In the breeding lofts in Germany (by their good friend and champion racer Eugen Schnarr ) one thing has now become clear. "Samurai" produces, just like his illustrious ancestors, capital descendants when coupled with various hens. During the very tough 1999 season, despite the great losses, hardly any youngsters of the "Samurai" were lost. It was also clear here that the "Steenbergse fond sort" never disappoints. Over the last few years the descendants of this capital cock have performed especially well in the National and International races. Even in the far east the pigeons are in demand due to their enormous perseverance. One of his best known sons… which still leaves his mark in the breeding lofts in Breda, but also in the international competitions… is without doubt.

‘Sahib’ DV05031-95-2

He is father and grandfather of a.o. the

1° District Bordeaux 2001
1° District Bergerac 2004
1° National Barcelona 2005
2° National Barcelona 2009
4° National Barcelona 2009
6° National Bordeaux 2009 sector 1
16° National Pau 2007

Numerous children and grandchildren are currently holding the ‘torch’ in the ‘international grand distance’! Very strong pigeons… with an enormous ‘mordant’! In the lofts of Cor de Heijde in Made (NL) there are successful descendants of this ‘Sahib’… and via Cor they also went to the lofts of the Belgian ‘Barcelona fanatic’ Frans Bungeneers in Ranst… the man that won 1° National Barcelona 13.066 p. ‘05  +  the ‘Gouden vleugel’ by the Bruges Barcelonaclub… a stunt which he repeated in 2009, when he won 2° + 4° Nat Barcelona 13.503 p., and 5° + 9° Intnat Barcelona against 27.669 p… his 2° pigeon to arrive was his 1° nominated which once again gave him the ‘Gouden Vleugel’…  as you can see, descendants of ‘Samurai’ and his son ‘Sahib’ still play a leading role in the international ‘grand distance’-classics!

-‘SHERPA TENSING’  NL' 83-865526

This cock… originating from Wim van Leeuwen in Hedel… ensured that the name of his owner, L. van Noordende & son Nico from Hardinxveld- Giessendam was commonplace in the pigeon sport. Nowadays Nico van Noordenne is racing extremely strongly in the programme races. Father of "Sherpa Tensing"  is the "99 vlieger" which self won 12 prizes in the overnight races from Dax, Bergerac and St. Vincent. In 1983 and 1985 he returned home wounded, but still managed to make the National result, pigeons with the right character and perseverance. His sister was the mother of the world famous "Smaragd" (in 1984 1st International and in 1985 the 2nd International Barcelona). Father "99 vlieger" is "son Kromme" from the Gebr. Kuypers, Neer x "Dure duif"… a M. van Geel hen… line "Lange x Dolle". Mother "Sherpa Tensing" is the NL82-1200006 a full sister of the 1st National Dax 1981 and also car winner against 9.691 pigeons. This hen raced two top prizes in 1980 and 1981 from St. Vincent. Her father is "t Heintje", a son of the "Pau" from H.Oostenrijk. This cock won a.o. 12nd Nat. Pau, 154th nat. St. Vincent, 160th and 188th Nat. Dax. Mother "t Heintje" is a daughter of the "04" who is good for the 52nd Nat. Bourges… 5th, 53rd and 87th Nat. Marseille. "t Heintje" was coupled with "Kuypertje" a direct Gebr.Kuypers pigeon from the line son Kweekkoppel x daughter "Barcelona 1" sister of the "13", "92" and "53". These cocks won a.o. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 21st, 44th, and 95th Nat.Barcelona by the Gebr. Kuypers in Neer. Keeping the above in mind, it is not surprising that "Sherpa Tensing" won the 1st National Barcelona in 1987 (in a very tough Barcelona… one for ‘walkers’ nota bene), after he had won an early prize in 1986 from St.Vincent. Various fanciers were very successful with the descendants of this topper… they won a.o. 3rd Nat. Perpignan, 4th Nat. Barcelona, 5th Nat. San Sebastian, 8th Nat. Soustons, 10th Nat. Pau and the 11th Nat. Angouleme. All this by the top lofts so as L.Kurvers- Hulsberg, B.Morsnowski- Krefeld, J.Jahn Lohmar, C.Cornelissen- Breda and L.Lessmeister- Hütschenhausen.

-‘BUFFEL’ NL89-1479431

The "BUFFEL" is one of the "Aces" from Interpalomas Lofts. Not only because of his lineage, but also because of his fantastic breeding results together with "Dicky".. Up to the 2° and 3° generation the descendants display their qualities in the Nat. and Int. Nat. long distance races. His father is "Sherpa Tensing" which won the murderously tough National Barcelona in 1987. Mother "Buffel" is a super hen from own breeding loft, namely "Bonte Koe". She is a daughter of the 2nd fastest pigeon from St.Vincent 1981 ( Jan Aarden) x "Robijn" son of wonder hen "Argentina" which self won a.o. the 4th National 1981 from St. Vincent. "Bonte Koe" is closely related to "Sabine" by Kipp & zn from Germany, the top loft in Germany and a “Purple Rose”, another granddaughter of “Argentina”.

-‘DICKY’ NL89-1479231

Is a daughter of "Oude Kruk" (the ‘stock bear’ by far, see above)  x "Jacky" and, partly due to her fantastic breeding results together with "Buffel", has clearly made her mark on the now overloaded with international fame breeding centre ‘Interpalomas Lofts’. Her mother is "Jacky" a half-sister of the famous "Bergerac" from M.Janssen from Limburg. This cock won a.o. 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat.Bergerac + Car against 15.069 pigeons, the 25th Nat.Dax and finally the 7th Prov. Argenton. “Jacky” stems from the pedigree Piet Meevissen, and  was bred and raced by the well-known Limburger Math.Janssen from Schimmert. The day that Piet de Weerd was given this pigeon to hold, he began cleaning his glasses, because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A hen with supple muscles and marvellous eyes… more colours, marking, "clouds" and glow, he had never seen anything like it. Are you then surprised that the purchase of this wonder hen was made in the ‘blink of an eye’?

-‘ARGENTINA’ NL81-1895517

Winner  4° National St.Vincent in 1983. A full brother of her father won 4° National Barcelona… her grandfather won a.o. 5°, 12° and 23° National Barcelona! What a miraculous family of very strong extreme long distance pigeons! This ‘Argentina’ developed into a ‘golden breeding mother’ with marvellous breeding results… so as by Kipp & Son in Hornbach, Germany! The ‘Sabine’ NL84-2015947 (a daughter of ‘Camel’ x ‘Argentina’) followed in the footsteps of her mother, and was self mother of the 27° + 75° Nat Barcelona, the 3° + 51° Nat. Perpignan, the 12° Nat Marseille, the 18° + 23° + 39° Nat. Pau, the 2° Nat San Sebastian etc… we can also add in passing that Kipp & Son won 1° Internat. Barcelona in 1998… this pigeon has as grandmother (on mother’s side) a 100% de Weerd-pigeon and a full brother of this ‘Barcelona winner’ won self 5° International!

These are more or less the ‘pillars’ on which the modern breeding lines of the ‘Interpalomas Lofts’ are based for the ‘grand distance’ or ‘overnight long distance’…  are still based on today… and in which numerous fanciers have now found reinforcements… have laid their ‘basis’ for ‘top performances’ up to international level, in their own loft!

Piet is no longer…
A few years ago father Piet and Dr. Henk de Weerd appointed Jan van Wanrooij to take care of these top pigeons. Every year the pigeons were strictly selected by the 3 men, to give their breeding loft an even higher level of quality. Various descendants have raced many top prizes over the last few years in the National and International races… not so surprising. They always used (long distance)pigeons of exceptional ‘top quality’… which were ‘selected’ and ‘coupled’ by the ‘master hand’ of pigeon celebrity Piet de Weerd!

The date of 4 July 2009 will always be like a ‘black page’ in the history books of the international pigeon sport… the day that mister Piet de Weerd… the ‘icon’ who was enthusiastic about the pigeon sport for more than 60 years… passed away at the age of 96. We couldn’t put it better than the farewell letter which the co-workers of the firm ‘Belgica de Weerd’ typified their ‘stepfather’:

At the end of the 40’s mister Piet De Weerd stood at the cradle of the veterinary medical coaching of racing pigeons. Mister De Weerd has also received worldwide recognition for his undisputed mastership through his way of selecting and coupling of the most valuable and best pigeons. Through his books and articles he introduced the readers to the ‘greats’ of the national and international pigeon sport. We are convinced that his heritage will live on in everyone who cares about the pigeon sport.

A great loss for our sport which lost its ‘icon’… one of its ‘figureheads’… its ‘creator’. In the meantime his life’s work carries on undisturbed in his son Dr. Henk de Weerd… has blown new life into their breeding loft ‘Interpalomas Lofts’, and turned into new paths to walk… you can read more in ‘part 2’ of this family chronicle!

Top references of the golden breeding strain De Weerd

1° International & national
1° Nat. Perpignan yearlings 2005 L.Lessmeister Germany
1° Nat. Barcelona 2005 Fr.Bungeneers Belgium
1° Internat. Barcelona 2005 C.Schaschohkow France
1° Internat. Barcelona 1998 Kipp & zn Germany
1° Internat. Pau 2000 p. Wolf Germany
1° Internat. Dax 1991 R. Hermes Germany
1° Internat. Marseille 1987 Herbert Gross Germany
1° Internat. Marseille 1992 R. Hermes Germany
1° Nat. Marseille 1999 Kipp & zn Germany
1° Nat. Pau 1996 R. Hermes Germany
1° Nat. Perpignan 2000 W. Hellenkamp Germany
1° Nat. Perpignan 1997 C. de Heijde Netherlands
1° Nat. Barcelona 1998 Kipp & zn Germany
1° Nat. Barcelona 1994 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
1° Nat. Barcelona 1993 H.D. Rass Germany
1° Nat. Barcelona 1987 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
1° Nat. Dax 1991 R. Hermes Germany
1° Nat. Marseille 1987 Herbert Gross Germany
1° Nat. Dax 2001 W. Schweizer Germany
1° Nat. Marseille 1992 R. Hermes Germany
1° Nat. Pau 2000 p. Wolf Germany
1° Nat. Pau 1996 R. Hermes Germany
1° Nat. Bordeaux 2000 Herbert Gross Germany
1° Nat. Soustons 1996 Hendriks-Debus Netherlands
1° Nat. District 2 Bordeaux 2004 Cor de Heijde Netherlands
1° Nat. District 7 Ruffec 2000 H. Brakelé Netherlands
1° Nat. District 2 Bordeaux 2001 C. de Heijde Netherlands
2° International & national
2° Internat. Bordeaux 2000 Herbert Gross Germany
2° Internat. Barcelona 1994 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
2° Nat. St Vincent 2005 Geert De Coninck Belgium
2° Nat. Barcelona 1998 Kipp & zn Germany
2° Nat. Zone Brive 2004 R Coster Netherlands
2° Nat. Dax 1996 A. Vermaas & zoon Netherlands
2° Nat. Pau 1996 L. Lessmeister Germany
2° Nat. Perpignan 1994 B. Morsnowski Germany
2° Nat. San Sebastian 1994 Kipp & zn Germany
2° Nat. St. Vincent 1981 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
2° Nat. Perpignan 1998 Waldemar Fuhs Germany
2° Nat. Bergerac 1996 K Krom Netherlands
2° Nat. Marseille 2000 L. Lessmeister Germany
2° Nat. Barcelona 2000 W. Bolting Germany
2° Nat. Dax 2001 W. Schweizer Germany

3° International & national
3° Nat. Marseille 2002 P.Hendriks & zn Netherlands
3° Nat. Marseille 2004 Cor de Heijde Netherlands
3° Nat. Marseille 2000 K.losset Germany
3° Internat. Tarbes 1997 K Krom Netherlands
3° Nat. Perpignan 2000 W. Bolting Germany
3° Nat. Perpignan 1994 B. Morsnowski Germany
3° Nat. Dax 2001 C. de Heijde Netherlands
3° Nat. Perpignan 1991 Kipp & zn Germany
3° Nat. St. Vincent 1983 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
3° Nat. St. Vincent 1995 A. Vermaas & zoon Netherlands
3° Nat. zone Munchen 2000 R Coster Netherlands
3° Nat. zone Brive 2000 A. Wolters Netherlands

4° International & national
4° Internat. Barcelona 2005 Frans Bungeneers Belgium
4° Nat. Narbonne 2005 Fr. Louvegnies France
4° Nat. St. Vincent 2000 Gebr. Bruggeman Netherlands
4° Nat. zone Bergerac 2000 A. Wohers Netherlands
4° Internat. Marseille 1995 C. Comelissen Netherlands
4° Nat. Perpignan 1998 C. Comelissen Netherlands
4° Nat. Barcelona 1994 B. Morsnowski Germany
4° Nat. Pau 1998 Heuts & zn Netherlands
4° Nat. Dax 1993 L. Lessmeister Germany
4° Nat. St. Vincent 1980 Interpalomas de Weerd Netherlands
4° Nat. Perpignan 1998 B. Morsnowski Germany
4° Nat. St. Vincent 1983 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands

5° International & national
5° Nat. Dax 2004 W.Kronert Germany
5° Nat. Pau 2001 Ben de Baat Netherlands
5° Internat. Barcelona 1998 Kipp & zn Germany
5° Internat. Dax 1993 L. Lessmeister Germany
5° Internat. Perpignan 1994 J. and Y. Comelissen Netherlands
5° Nat. Barcelona 1987 Interpalomas De Weerd Netherlands
5° Nat. Marseille 1999 Kurvers - de Weerd Netherlands