Guido Loockx - Tessenderlo (BE) has a top candidate Olympiad pigeon in his ‘Kai-Mook’!

The region of Tessenderlo was repeatedly in the pigeon news during the last few seasons… especially in the provincial and national ‘extreme middle distance’ classics.

Two tenors were responsible and demanded the largest slice of the prize cake, namely the colonies Verrect-Ariën and Guido Loockx… which have grown over the last few seasons to become the authoritative figures, even at national level! By Guido Loockx it is especially the ‘Pantani-line’ which has given him the ‘rush’ towards national top !

The ‘Pantani’ opened the doors to the  ‘hall of fame
After finishing his university studies, Guido Loockx built on his remarkable pigeon career. He directly took over the leadership of his father’s colony and at the time raced from his parent’s house in Veerle together with his father under the name Loockx & Son. He proved that father Loockx had ‘class pigeons’ in the lofts by winning the 1° Nat Angoulême youngsters…yet when father raced alone he didn’t have enough time to bring the necessary continuity to the performances… racing at the top of the competition week after week. Something which changed when Guido took over… and started to concentrate more and more on the races of 450 to about 650 Km.
Guido knew better than anybody that to race at the ‘top’ you have to invest in ‘top pigeons’… and often via heavy investments… via hard work, much breeding, and a more strict selection… he managed to clear himself a way to the absolute top of our national pigeon sport!
Thereby there has of course to be a dose of good luck… to discover the necessary ‘top pigeon’ at the right time… or form the right combination(s), where out year after year the ‘top pigeons’ are bred… which are necessary to get on the right road to the top and stay there! Although of course one can give that luck a helping hand… by obtaining the necessary pigeons at the ‘right moment’, in the ‘right place’… and giving your colony the necessary ‘injection’ with a surplus of ‘class’! And if it ‘takes’… then you are often good for years. A tale that applies perfectly to the colony of Guido Loockx… who didn’t only discover his golden ‘stock bear’ in the ‘Pantani’… but also the pigeon that was to stand at the cradle of a gulf of top performances with which the Loockx-colony has flooded our pigeon land over the last few seasons. Let’s first take a look at the leading performances of the ‘Pantani’ self :

- ‘PANTANI’ B96-6038445
1° National Bourges II against 10.872 p. in 1998 (and 1° Prov from 1.492 p.)
1° Prov Bourges I against  2.936 p. in 1998 !
1° Intprov Chateauroux 1.432 p. in 1998 !
3° Intprov Argenton 1.166 p. in 1998 !
1° Soissons 409 p. in 1998
1° Reg + 12° Prov Orleans 4.237 YL in 1997 !
Olympic-Pigeon Blackpool 1999 ( Cat. ‘Allround’)
5° National Ace-Pigeon  KBDB  ½  Long Distance  1998
5° World-Champion  ½  Long Distance 1998
1° National Ace-Pigeon ‘Ave Regina’ 1998
2° National Ace-Pigeon ‘Ace of Aces’  ‘De Reisduif’
3° National Ace-Pigeon  ½ Long Distance ‘De Reisduif’
2° National Ace-Pigeon  ½  Long Distance ‘De Belgische Duivensport’… etc .

This ‘Pantani’ came self out cock ‘Father Pantani 215/93’ from Flor Engels & Sons  (out the lines Witpender 304/81 x 1° Nat La Souterraine: ‘Dikke 199/89’ x ‘Kadet ‘ Verbruggen)  x  a hen from Daems & Son from Bevel (out a granddaughter of stock father ‘Goede 75’ Daems x ‘ Oude Bourgesman’ ).
When, in 1990, Guido Loockx started from his current location, in the first instance with pigeons from his father… he immediately dug deep into his pockets in order to populate his lofts with the very best… in other words the ‘top class’ that was flying around at that time. It was also sometimes hit and miss by Guido… although the purchase of a ‘round of youngsters’ from Ivo Cools, including a ‘Grandson Nixon’ from Van Hove-Uytterhoeven was a direct ‘Bulls-eye’… there later followed pigeons from Daems & Son from Bevel where no less than 7 of the 9 pigeons obtained produced real ‘top racers’. Success was also booked with a ‘Son Zwarte Panter’ originating from Fons Slaets (which was sat coupled with a ‘Daughter Kadet’ from Karel Meulemans)… and in ‘94 and ‘95 Guido stood in Dentergem by Gaby Vandenabeele (youngsters out a.o. the ‘Wittenbuik’, the ‘Turbo’ etc…moved to the Schoterheide), followed by a visit to the families of the late Flor and sons Jos & Jules Engels. It is therefore out the combination of these purchases… in particular ‘Engels x Daems’… that the ‘Pantani’ was born… with which Guido had clearly found the ‘main bird’! His descendants, in combination with the other top lines allowed Guido to grow to be a ‘national topper’ as one of the leading colonies of our land in the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘light long distance’ (450 to 650 Km)… that is not only proven by the weekly ‘chain results’… but also by the recital of provincial victories that have now been put down on paper, in addition to 3 national victories with the ‘Pantani line’ as basis, being 
1 Nat. Bourges 10872 Old birds 1998 (Pantani)
1 Nat. Bourges 14207 Yrl. 2004 ( Prinses=Granddaughter Pantani)
1 Nat. Argenton 5001 Old birds 2007 (Rossini=Great-Granddaughter  Pantani)


Pedigree "Pantani"

Olympiad pigeons
This ‘Pantani line’ not only lies at the basis of a whole series of provincial and national victories… but already 3 Olympiad pigeons have been produced out this success line, and there are real odds that a 4° Olympiad pigeon will be added in the form of super hen ‘Kai Mook’. Take a look at what this super hen has managed to shake out of her wings :

-‘KAI-MOOK’ B08-5002089

 1    Prov. Bourges I ‘09    2181 p.
1    Bourges                 367 p.
2    Gien (30-5-09)          467 p.
4    Prov. Gien             2026 p.
16   Prov. Montluçon        2630 p.
25   CFW Montluçon          5192 p.
40   S-Nat. Montluçon       9350 p.
5    Pithiviers             1017 p.
1    Club. Argenton           268 p.
2    Prov. Argenton         1362 p.
11   CFW Argenton           4689 p.
12   Nat ZC Argenton        4307 p.
18   Nat. Argenton         21092 p.
51   Prov. Gien (13-06-09)  4677 p.
40   Prov. Chateauroux ’09  2938 p. (after 12 loft companions !!!)
10   Melun                  1128 p.
19   Prov. Bourges I ‘10    2804 p.
48   Nat. ZC Bourges        7176 p.
157  Nat. Bourges          22476 p.
3    Prov. Chateauroux ’10  2018 p.
3    Nat. ZC Chateauroux    5993 p.
4    CFW Chateauroux        4706 p.
72   Nat. Chateauroux      20330 p.
1    Gien ‘10    	     673 p.
2    Prov. Gien    	    3528 p.  

With this she has already been awarded :
1 National Crack pigeon Middle Distance ‘Duivenkrant’ 2009
1 National Ace pigeon Yearlings LCB 2009
1 National Ace pigeon Middle Distance LCB 2009
1 National Ace pigeon ‘As der Azen’ LCB 2009
4 Middle Distance European-Cup 2010
4 Long Distance European-Cup 2010
Candidate Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance in Poznan- Poland 

Pedigree " 5002089-2008

Her lineage :
Father: ‘Brother Super Patricia’ B03-2244352
which was bought in the total auction of Patricia Verhaegen (Aarschot). One of the nicest, possibly the ‘best’ from this auction according to Guido… he comes in any case out the best of the loft of Patricia Verhaegen… as he is a brother of the 'Super' which was self father of 'Miss Rapido', 2° Nat Ace pigeon  Middle Distance KBDB.
GF: ‘Grijze Kannibaal’ B97-2288462… a Dirk & Louis Van Dyck.
GM: ‘Jackpot-hen’ B95-6143546… a super breeding hen, and self a powerful 1° prize winner !

Mother: ‘Daughter Pantani’ B05-5124340
is an own breeding product and inbred to ‘ Pantani’.
GF: 'Lichte Pantani' B97-6129404… without doubt the best son of ‘Pantani’, both as racer and breeder! He won 2 x 1° Crépy, 1° Intprov Argenton, 2° Prov Argenton 2.672 p., 5° Prov Argenton 2.955 p., 11° Prov Chateauroux 4.579 p., 25° Prov Argenton 2.595 p... etc.
GM: ‘Prinses’ B03-5062953… winner 1° Nat Bourges 14.207 Yearlings, 1° Montluçon 446 p. and 2° Prov 2.756 p… (= granddaughter Pantani… out ‘Son Pantani 517/00’ x ‘100% Vandenabeele hen’, a daughter of ‘Stock father 2’ Loockx… more or less the top couple since the new ‘millennium’). The ‘Prinses’… is also mother of 'Guéret Princess', 4th Nat. Guéret 2636 p.  in 2009…

The ‘Father Prinses’ B00-5143517 has, as stated, grown over the last few years to become the absolute star breeder in the lofts of Guido Loockx. He is a.o.
- father of the ‘Zitter’:  1° S-Nat. Ace pigeon Centre & East…
- grandfather of a.o. 'Zoë' : 1° Prov Argenton 2081 p… and 4th best Youngster in the 4 Nat. races in 2008.
-grandfather of 'Cloë': 1° Prov Gien 2763 p.
-grandfather of 'Triple': 1° Prov. Guéret 997 p. etc...
Admit it… a full sandwich… but one that perfectly shows that the top successes achieved by ‘Kai Mook’ were anything but luck… but rather a logical result of a combination ‘top class’, ‘lineage’ and  ‘performance capability’ of the blood line from which tshe stems! When this ‘Kai Mook’ later makes it as Olympiad pigeon… she will be the 4° pigeon out the ‘Pantani line’ to make the Olympiad! Whoever has done any better?
In the Olympiad she will in any case be the successor to ‘Mrs. Blue Sky’… the hen that represented the Guido Loockx colony in the previous Olympiad in Dortmund  in 2009!

-5010619/2006 ‘Mrs. BLUE SKY’

        2    Prov.    Chateauroux ’07    2.772 p.
    2    I.Prov.  Chateauroux ’07    3.969 p.
    3    S.Nat.   Chateauroux ’07    8.218 p.
    2    I.Prov.  Montluçon          4.028 p.
    4    Prov.    Montluçon          1.796 p.
    5    S.Nat.   Montluçon          7.302 p.
    4    Prov.    La Souterraine       667 p.
    7    Nat. ZC  La Souterraine     1.862 p.   
    22   Nat.     La Souterraine     4.314 p.
    12   Loc.     Pithiviers         1.123 p.
    20   I.Prov.  Argenton 05/07/08  2.527 p.
    52   S.Nat.   Argenton 05/07/08  4.640 p.
    25   Prov.    Chateauroux ’08    2.735 p.
    64   S.Nat.   Chateauroux ’08    8.216 p.
    63   S.Nat.   Argenton 28/06/08  3.144 p . 

She also stems from this same successful ‘Pantani line’ !

Father: ‘Kleine Fernand’ B01-5260020
Also a ‘Son’ of stock bear ‘Pantini’, which this time sat coupled with ‘Gerry’ NL99-1585440… a full sister of the memorable ‘Kleine Dirk’ from Gerard Koopman  (out ‘Gentil 3220/92’ x ‘Golden Lady 060/96’)… obtained via Dr. F. Mariën.
Mother: ‘Mother Mrs. Blue Sky’ B02
a direct Dr. F.Mariën… bred out the ‘Kleine Maurice 472/96’ x ‘Blue Jos Vd Veken 721/95’.
Just phenomenal… what this powerful stock pigeon ‘Pantani’ has already bred 


Pedigree "Mrs Blue Sky"

Success and perfection … hand in hand!
Of course Guido has the advantage of being able … for the full 100%... to be able to concentrate on the pigeon sport… but that fact alone is definitely not enough. To be successful… and to remain, in the pigeon sport… needs more ingredients of course. Because in addition to the above described ‘top class’… ‘new reinforcements’ came to Tessenderlo over the last few seasons…  which enabled Guido to take a step up, to change over to a higher speed… in other words, to get the full ‘return’ from his colony! And that is naturally the ‘manager’ himself… the man at the 'helm', who himself has to posses the necessary ‘pigeon feeling’… the circle must be complete, the perfect system must be found which pasts best by him and his pigeons… to come to top successes in the pigeon sport 

In addition to 40 to 50 breeding couples… wherefrom the majority reside in breeding boxes… there are 30 racing cocks in classic widowhood, 20 couples racing pigeons in ’total widowhood, in addition to 150 youngsters which are raced with the ‘sliding door’. Although the game with the youngsters is more of a side issue for Guido… his full attention goes to the old birds and the yearlings! The jigsaw pieces seemingly fit together perfectly by Guido Loockx at all levels… that was reflected once again in the 2010 season. Something which will later be translated into a representation of our country in the Olympiad in Poznan with ‘Olympiad hen’ Kai-Mook! It won’t only be a new ‘success’ for the Guido Loockx colony… but also a crowning on the strong pigeon game over the last few seasons! You are welcome to it !