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Andre Verbesselt - Buggenhout (BE) has a marvellous breeding mother in the lofts in his ‘Miss Joice’

If we take a look at the end results from the various ‘one loft races’ over the last few seasons , then we have to conclude that… sport friend Andre Verbesselt, from the East-Flemish Buggenhout, has been well on his way over the last few seasons to making ‘name’ and ‘fame’ in the Asian countries.

These ‘one loft races’ are often flown in ‘extreme’… in other words ‘very tough’ conditions! The pigeons which manage to excel here have to be able to ‘take the knocks’… have often to be able to defy ‘heat’ and ‘headwind’… and also posses ‘cleverness’, ‘orientation ability’ and ‘power’…  have an ‘iron character’… a boundless will to reach ‘home’! The Verbesselt pigeons have proven themselves as having an ideal ‘mix’ of all these ingredients… resulting in top prizes… in the ‘apex ‘of the competition happenings! His top performances in these ‘one loft races’… which have already been described in the media several times… are so ‘impressive’, that fanciers from ‘all over the world’ have suddenly shown interest in the pigeons from Andre Verbesselt… in their search for the ‘stock’ and the ‘basis pigeons’ hiding behind these successes. They will all have had an idea of the ‘classy material’ residing in the lofts in Buggenhout… mainly based on that classy Marcel Aelbrecht pigeons. They will also have discovered that an important factor in these successes is reserved for his superior ‘breeding mother’… who is gradually developing into the real ‘stock mother’ of the Verbesselt colony… the beautiful hen ‘Miss Joice’ !

Miss Joice B05-4130439

Without doubt ‘the’ hen with the greatest input in the ‘one loft race’ successes of Andre Verbesselt… so is she amongst other things:
Grandmother ‘Miss Arwen’: 8° Prize ‘Final Race’ One Million Euro Race Shanghai  2008
Grandmother ‘Miss Long’ : 12° Prize ‘Finale Race’ Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009
Grandmother ‘Miss Celine’:  45° Prize ‘Final race’ One Millon Euro Race Shanghai 2008
Great-grandmother ‘Soubalon’: 2° Prize ‘Final Race’ Million Euro Spring Race 2010
Great-grandmother ‘Miss May’: 10° Prize ‘Final Race’ Grand Pigeon Race Thailand 2009
Great-grandmother 26° Prov Argenton 3.395 youngsters in 2010 (by Jef Van Winkel) 

Can count!
Clearly a pigeon with ‘dominant’ breeding genes... which also come to the surface in future generations, and interpret a leading role! Not so surprising when we take a look at her pedigree… because she is also a direct Marcel Aelbrecht pigeon:

 Father: ‘Brother   Smallen’ B96-4391970
One of the ‘golden stock breeders’ in the lofts of Marcel Aelbrecht, where amongst other things he is father of:
-the ‘Patron’: 1° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2003
-the ‘934/04’: 7° National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2006
-the ‘077/03’: 51° Nat Orange and 91° Nat Montélimar
-the ‘049/01’: 2° Prov Marseille & 5° Nat Beziers
In addition he is also brother of that other top breeder… the ‘Smallen Jules 517/96’, who in turn is father of the 7° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 1999 by Jules Mannaert! That it concerns a ‘rich family’ of producers of top pigeons… is also proven by the other brother of his, the ‘Lucky 848/00’… who is both father of the ‘Blue Ace’, the 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2007 by Eric Limbourg… as the famous ‘Duiver BAK 17’ by Marcel Aelbrecht! He is also grandfather of ‘Nicole’, winner 1° Nat Argenton youngsters 2008 by Van Roy-Rochtus… and also grandfather of super pigeons so as ‘Bolleke Watten’, Geschelpte Blue Ace’ and ‘Favoriet Bak 17’…
GF: The ‘Super breeder’ B91-4560548… the ‘stock bear’ of the Marcel Aelbrecht colony by far is… a direct De Rauw-Sablon and then out the ‘world famous  Dream-Couple ‘Albert x Paola’ With this he is then a full brother of the ‘Limoges 261/91’ De Rauw-Sablon, from the 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’01 and many other top talents from this ‘wonder couple’!
GM: ‘Golden Lady’ B93-4429368… also a direct De Rauw-Sablon out the ‘Blauwen 069/92’ Limbourg x ‘Sister Limoges 235/91’ (and so also daughter of the ‘Dream Couple’)! 

Mother: ‘Daughter  Perpignan B04-4019957
A superior breeding mother in the lofts of M.Aelbrecht which self won 19° Prov Argenton 6.269 d. and 59° Prov La Souterraine 3.938 p.!
GF: The ‘Perpignan’ B97-4263065… winner of a recital of top prizes, including
1° Nat Cahors 3.476 p. Zone B
1° Reg Vierzon 1.395 p.
19° Nat Perpignan 5.852 p.
He also turned out to be worth his weight in gold as a breeder, so is he a.o. grandfather of the 2° Nat Ace pigeon  KBDB 2006 by Louis Vandeneynde, Brussegem! He is also a grandson of that other racing and breeding phenomenon by Marcel Aelbrecht: the ‘Crack 066/91’!
GM: ‘Daughter Limoges’ B03-4316043… grandmother of the 2° Nat Ace pigeon KBDB Louis Vandeneynde… and daughter of stock bear ‘Limoges 261/91’ x ‘Daughter Marseille 309/02’ !

So as we can conclude out this pedigree, it is anything but coincidence that also this ‘Miss Joice’ has grown to be a top breeder of format… as all the necessary ingredients are present, with icons so as the ‘Crack’, the ‘Perpignan’, the ‘Limoges’… an no less than 4 x the line of the  ‘Dream Couple’ worked into the pedigree! She is a perfect sample of the ‘stock building’ which has led to the ‘domination’ of the De Rauw-Sablon and Aelbrecht pigeons in our national pigeon sport !

This ‘Miss Joice’ resides in the lofts of Andre Verbesselt and is not coupled with just any old pigeon… but with the beautiful athlete ‘Son Bak 17’ B07-4373754, forming the ideal couple… with which we once again come across the success lines of the ancient De Rauw-Sablon stock, because the ‘Bak 17’ is formed by:
-‘Father Bak 17’ B02-4333378… son of more or less the ‘best breeder’ De Rauw-Sablon’ at the moment, namely the ‘Lucky 848/00’, a.o. father of ‘Blue Ace’: the 2° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’07 by E.Limbourg (and this ‘Lucky 848’ is self son of the ‘Super breeder 548/91’ x ‘Golden Lady 368/93’) x ‘Daughter Dromer 665/01’ (out the famous ‘Dromer 519/99’ De Rauw-Sablon x ‘Daughter Limoges 805/00’). Once again inbred to the line of the ‘Dream Couple’… again and again!
-‘Mother Bak 17’ B99-4365061… half-sister of the 1° Nat Perpignan… and daughter of ‘Den Yzeren 044/93’ x ‘Sister Crack 205/94’ (sister of stock pigeon  ‘Crack 066/91’).

‘Class’ and ‘quality’… that much is certain !
After the ‘cowardly’ theft by Marcel 2 years ago… with the immediate effect, the public auction of the ‘entire racing team’ M.Aelbrecht… may we suggest that Andre Verbesselt is more or less the only one… who still has such a wealth of descendants from all the ‘top couples’ of Marcel Aelbrecht…. they don’t call the colony of Andre Verbesselt the noble ‘branch’ Marcel Aelbrecht for nothing!
It is sufficiently well-known that Andre Verbesselt and Marcel Aelbrecht have been close pigeon friends for years… it’s then nothing but logical that sport friend Andre has built up his colony with virtually only pigeons out the absolute ‘top couples’ from his sport friend Marcel… with which he has now built up his own stock of ‘top athletes’. With overwhelming success… the nicest proof of this is the magnificent performances that the Verbesselt pigeons have delivered over the last few seasons in various ‘One Loft Races’ in China and Thailand! No, this is no coincidence… but the purest proof of the ‘top class’… in other words the ‘world class’ residing in the lofts of Andre Verbesselt at the moment! A stock of pigeons with enormous potential… both in ‘performing’ and ‘breeding’… yes, pigeons with a ‘future’ !