“The story Queen Marijke Vink” (Part 2)

After a quiet year without having to perform, the decision was made to try again with the youngsters in the year 2007. It became more of a challenge to try to get back to from where they had said farewell……the top !!!!

The new start

Kleine Dirk
After many attempts they finally had that eureka feeling again. A daughter of the “Che” from the Eijerkamp family was responsible. At the time “Che” was coupled with a daughter of, yes indeed… the “Kleine Dirk”. This daughter “Che” is the mother of “Verdi”, the only son of hers in the racing loft. The father of “Verdi” is a son of the previously described “Aladin”. A son of “Verdi” won as a yearling 1st Peronne 38.775 pigeons and as a youngster he won 1st Strombeek 3.988 pigeons. In the end it is once again the Super-quality which makes a significant contribution to the champions colony of Marijke and Henk Vink.

There are many good pigeons, but not many have been given the privilege of being added to the archives of legends. For this a very rare special quality is demanded… namely ‘hereditary (over) domination’…  and we can safely say that both the “Kannibaal” and “Che”, but certainly also “Aladin” belong here through their excellent descendants.   

The new start
After a relaxed year without ‘pressure’ to perform a decision was made in 2007 to try again with the youngsters. It became more of a challenge to try to get back to from where they had said farewell……the top !!!!

The first year after the new start
The first year they would only race the races with the youngsters. Marijke basketted her new load of racing pigeons 9 times. The opponents were given a rude awakening at once… this was clear from the beginning. In the first competition that year she immediately won 1st Pommeroeul 4.549 p. with a grandson of the earlier mentioned “Aladin”, 1st Mariembourg 4.331 p. with “Domela” . He comes out a full brother of “Tips” and a 1st Ablis 2.292 pigeons and this with a 4 minute lead. And this winner is a full sister of “Demelza”, a son of “Domela” with the 6th Peronne ’08 against 26.271 pigeons. “Domela” self won the 4th Chateauroux in 2008 against 8.201 pigeons.  It seemed… that Marijke and Henk hadn’t forgotten, how to ‘top’ with their pigeons.

It is now the year 2009
Arriving in the year 2009, the year that something special happened. They were back with a vengeance, 1st N.P.O. Bourges 8.579 p. with “Domela” and a 10th N.P.O. Bourges 8.579 p. with “Verdi”. “Verdi’s” father is a son of “Aladin” and his mother is a daughter of  “Che” from the Eijerkamp family.  All in all we can conclude that two years after their new entrance, whilst the loft was still being built up… Marijke performed at the highest level straight away (1st Champion Extreme Middle Distance Province 5). In their eyes this prestigious championship came too quickly. But then a year later in 2010, winning this much fought after title again, yes, this betrays both the class of the pigeon as the craftsmanship of Marijke and Henk which lurks behind this championship.

But in 2010 they did it again
In spite of  Marijke and Henk saying themselves that the championship of 2009 came too quickly, we can now, anno 2010 conclude that the ‘Vinkies’ are back with a vengeance at the top of the current Dutch pigeon sport. A son of  “Verdi” won 1st N.P.O. Peronne 38.775 p. As a youngster this giant also won a 1st from Strombeek against 3.988 p. “Verdi” self won the 4th N.P.O. Orleans 10.660 p. In 2010  “Valerie” won 4th N.P.O. Creil 29.208 p. And this “Valerie” also won 1st Pommeroeul 1.145 p.

Looking to improve the pedigree
The descendants of “Kleine Dirk” have seriously pushed the performance curve higher, and not only by Marijke Vink. They also searched here for material to possibly push up the performance curve. The references of “Golden Lady” also inspired Marijke to the Kanibaal-qualities and, as you can guess… they also obtained a few successful acquisitions from this success line… and it was a direct bulls-eye. Once again it was a direct Koopman pigeon who administered the injection of the desired quality.

The NL 05-1936775 or “Louis” from Koopman
His father, the NL 01-1135568 is a son of the famous “Ons Louis” from Koopman.
The mother of “Louis” is “Showpiece”, also a marvellous breeding hen.  In the short time he resided here in the lofts “Louis” was… father of the following toppers of the loft;

“Kleine Dibha” 9th Ablis N.P.O. in 2007

“Demelza” 3rd Blois N.P.O. 15.172 pigeons and Orleans N.P.O. 12.047 pigeons.

“Valerie” 4th Creil N.P.O. 29.208 pigeons but also the 1st Pommerouel 1.145 pigeons.

The last very good reinforcement concerns a daughter (NL-07-1371254) of the world famous “Che”from the Eijerkamp family. Her mother is a daughter of…. “Kleine Dirk”. This “Daughter Che” has once again proven what extra pigeons can mean to a loft. Her first son “Verdi” is a real champion, his first son gave Marijke one of her greatest victories, namely 1st Peronne against 38.775 pigeons. In addition to “Verdi”, “Louis”, “Demelza” and “Daughter Che” you won’t be surprised that the breeding loft, housing 11 couples, almost completely consists of these lines. But we mustn’t forget the father of “Kilwillie” either. I’m referring to the well-known “666” (NL 01-0108666) from the champion of Zeeland, Henk Melis.  But, as Henk indicates, there are of course purchases made which have gone just as quickly as they came. This seems to be very important in this loft, especially seeing the bloodline This is important by the introductions of new pigeons and Marijke and Henk ensure that the ‘breeding’ also sits in a good stock or bloodline. The breeding method can be described as positive mass-selection, and for this they don’t have to breed from every pigeon available. A logical result of this is that the number of youngsters bred doesn’t have to be so big, so that at the end of the year they don’t have to get rid of many pigeons.

The loft and the numbers
As already indicated in the previous report, their loft was and is, and certainly when taking into account the results and championships achieved, smaller than I had expected. Yes, to be honest, after seeing how they raced I had expected more of a mega loft. Luckily the opposite is true… and that was confirmed again during my visit. Despite the small accommodation, they have thought long and hard about the lay-out. There is a loft a few measuring a few metres for the widowers (9 pigeons). There is also a loft which is divided up for the racing widow hens (14 pigeons) and the annual +/- 25 youngsters. For the breeding pigeons present, eleven couples, there is accommodation available in the garage adjoining and after the house.

The game and their method
In Mookhoek both the cocks and hens are raced in widowhood. It is however so that by both the cocks as the hens which are raced… their partner always remains homes. In other words, both the hens of the widowers as with the cocks of the widow hens are never raced. (Which other great champion also did this? Now, the late Anton Witjes, the man behind the great successes of the later Mrs. Eijerkamp and later Lotte Eijerkamp)

The widowers and the breeders are coupled at the same time and the eggs from the breeders are placed under the widowers. The couples of the widow hens are then coupled and the same principle is applied. Both the cocks and the hens raise two youngsters if possible. These don’t lay any more eggs… but are coupled again in March. After brooding for 5 days the game can begin. They don’t believe in showing the partners (at least not by the widowers) or other tricks. They are simply removed from the loft for the first 1 ½ months. After this period they are sometimes given a dish, but never a hen. The hens on the other hand are always shown their partner before being basketted. And depending on the race, the partners are sometimes also shown after the race. The youngsters that have been bred here are darkened and raced with the natural system. After the season the pigeons are coupled and are allowed to raise a round of youngsters after which they are separated as soon as possible. Because the lady of the house tells me that she finds it important that the pigeons, after a season of  effort… enjoy themselves after the season. The pigeons, once they have been coupled, spend plenty of time outside. With  loving look she says, “It is wonderful to watch the pigeons on the grass after they have made their rounds. No, during this time they don’t have to do anything but can do almost everything”. This was described to me… as only a lady, with love for her pigeons can do !!!

The care
Talking about the care we can conclude that we can describe it here as very punctual and totally in the hands of Marijke. Once the game has got going, as it is so often described… the pigeons are preferably let out twice a day. They don’t believe in compulsory training here. When the pigeons are well, then they train enough themselves. The youngsters on the other hand are let out once a day to fly their rounds. Marijke goes into more detail, “They rush outside and disappear for  over 1 ½ hours”. Outside this training they are fed with quite a free hand. Especially as the extreme distance races are about to start. In the beginning they sometimes add a percentage depurative to the racing mixture and this certainly in the sprint races. But in general the pigeons are fed well. They can also eat as much as they want when they return from a race. This again on the advice of Gerard Koopman. By the way they have taken the advice of Gerard on most things concerning the care of the pigeons. The water dishes here are, temperature allowing, only refreshed once a day. They are regularly given vegetable matter, brewer’s yeast, and peanuts. But in fact, as Marijke tells me emphatically, this is a difficult subject to describe clearly. It can keep changing, you just have to keep your eyes open and act accordingly.

The secret, or is it just the medical section
Medically it is the same as by many of us. During the first brood a cure with BS or Ronidasol. Further the pigeons and the droppings are controlled by Dr de Weerd in Breda and they handle accordingly. Then at the beginning of the season a cure for tricho by the homecoming in combination with glucose and electrolytes. This is also dependant on the toughness and warmth of the race. Otherwise they are only given pure water for the first hour. Once every 4, 5 or 6 weeks, depending on how the pigeons are, a cure for Ornithosis. Take note, this is purely dependant on how the pigeon are. In the starting period the pigeons are given a remedy for any dormant Adeno Coli syndrome. But according to Marijke and Henk the most important thing is to keep your eyes continually open and simply pay attention.

I don't know if it's too far-fetched but still
Out “Aladin”, coupled with “Farah Diba”, he produced “Mascotte” NL 03-1116539 his son NL 05-1375863 won a.o. 1st Ablis 3.547 p. Another son “539” namely GB-06-L27623 (via Peter Fox) won 1st St Quentin 1.879 p. This by the well-known combination Colijn – Ganus. But this “L27623” is father of “Cantel” NL 07-3762627, she only raced as a youngster and a yearling and was not raced further than Orleans. As a youngster she won 4th Strombeek 8.402 p., 30th Pommeroeul 8.567 p. and 5th N.P.O. Orleans 14.014 p and as a yearling 3rd N.P.O. Orleans 9.800 p., 3rd Creil 3.616 p., 6th Pithiviers 3.784 p., 8th Pommeroeul 2.082 p., 9th Pommeroeul 2.201 p., 11th Creil 8.574 p. (She is now by Peter Fox) Also out the NL 03-1116539 the NL 04-2041664 and she is the mother of “Kilwillie” with 22nd N.P.O. Blois ’09 12.147 p. and 25th N.P.O. Chateauroux ’09 7.355 p.

The words of Marijke and Henk are then
After examining several top pigeons, they both admitted that it was this super line that made them 1st extreme middle distance champion in 2009 and 2010 in their province.

What makes this all so special
Hundreds of first prizes were achieved by these special ‘classy pigeons’. Because results so as those above can only be realized by very good pigeons… that is the conclusion that they already came to in 1989. Simply a stock containing more than just breeding ……
After reading all this I hope to have given you as reader a good impression of the loft, Marijke Vink from the South – Hollands Mookhoek. Here, by the more than sympathetic couple in the form of Marijke and Henk Vink the rule applies, “Not a lot is good, but the good is a lot” !!!