“The story Queen Marijke Vink” (NL) - Part 1

It was some time ago that I had a day out. This time I was specially requested by Pipa to visit Marijke Vink in the Hoeksch – Waard, South – Holland (Ned.) situated Mookhoek.

Before you further read this report I would like to make a small, but important announcement. We all know it, statements are regularly made that it is impossible for the ordinary fancier to compete with the mega lofts. Now, the following report will more than prove the contrary. Because being champion for two consecutive years in the extreme middle distance at provincial level with only a handful of pigeons, and this against lofts of the crème de la crème, yes, the it appears that the smaller fanciers, as long as the class is there, also has a good chance. I hope you enjoy this article !!!

Just Marijke
“You know that I only want Janssen-pigeons. I think there are other pigeons just as good, but certainly none better”., Jos de Klak once said to Victor Vansalen. The main character in this report, Marijke Vink, must have thought often of these words at the end of the season when the balance was being made up and she came to the conclusion, “that there are probably other pigeons just as good, but none better …”. 1989 taught us the difference …. Koopman pigeons!!!

What followed in the coming years …….
What followed in 1989 says enough about the great class of these pigeons. In the meantime we are over twenty years further and good results are still being booked. Absolute class is necessary for extraordinary results and certainly when they are achieved every season with a colony of only 22, (and not one pigeon more) youngsters of the year 2010 who have to hold up the honour of  the loft Marijke Vink. Of course Marijke Vink is also on the lookout for reinforcements to strengthen the sort, but it is also nice not to deteriorate.

There were some fantastic pigeon years
After a short interval the Koopmen were visited and a new start was made in 1989. After the new start with and jointly through the Koopmen there was a more than imposing and later much talked about pigeon sport career for both Marijke and Henk. Marijke stood on the eve of building up world fame as it were, in just a few years’ time with her noble Koopmen. With various marvellous victories, Marijke was regularly introduced to a wider public. “Seeing the way in which this pigeon lady has managed to reach the top in such a few years, is the saying, “she saw, came and conquered” certainly appropriate to her” Quote; De Vredesduif. “A woman sets three hundred men checkmate” Quote; Nederlands Postduiven Orgaan. “A victory of triumph under arches of triumph from the Dutch “Pigeon woman” number one” Quote; De Duif.

The beginning of twenty fantastic years of top sport
After their first visit they said to father and son Koopman… we are going to start again, will you help us? And so it was ….. In 1989 22 eggs out the widowers were bought from C & G Koopman. Sometime later twenty youngsters were to form the basis of a  superb start which will never again be seen in the Netherlands. Marijke didn’t linger and the twenty Koopman youngsters were promptly basketted for the search to the first success… and they found it.

St. Quentin    7.133 p. 8, 14, 38, 47, 54 etc.
Etampes        3.332 p. 8, 23, 38 etc.
Chantilly      4.197 p. 3, 8, 9, 36, 40, 50 etc.

The following year the Marijke Vink loft won four first prizes including 1st Pont St Max 1.883 p. and 1st Peronne against 5.939 p. In the year 1992 they won 1st Youngsters Championship over entire South-Holland. They also had the best youngster at provincial level. They successes kept coming because in the year 1993 they carried on undisputedly with; 1st Orleans 7.243 p. (Jubilee race from the then province C) with “Oscar”. It was also the year that the super “Broekie” was born. This giant won; 1st Nat. Orleans 17.335 p., 1st Roye 10.286 p. and 3rd Etampes 5.053 p. His mother, “Sanne” got as far as pigeon champion district 3. Her father came out a brother of the very well known “Beatrixdoffer” and her mother was a daughter of this “Beatrixdoffer”. The sibling of this aforementioned “Sanne” is “Tadas” which won 1st Chateauroux 1.744 p. Both in 1992, ’93 as in ’94 she was proclaimed champion of district 3 with more than 300 members.

They moved house
In December 1994 they moved to Klaaswaal. The old racers from that period were sold, while the breeding pigeons moved with them. And the fact that this basis is a more than Golden breeding basis was soon proved in the new loft. In the first race from their new address in 1995 they won against 5.047 p. 2, 6, 11 etc. and within a few weeks the 1st against 5.798 p. The following year, we are talking about 1996, a.o. 1st Strombeek 6.017 p., 1st Peronne 7.658 p., 1st St. Ghislain 2.980 p., 1st Etampes 4.886 p. (2nd 16.124 p.) 1st Nat. Creil 17.435 p. And once again champion district 3. First prizes were also won the following year against thousands of pigeons. So won “Zola” in 97 the 1st Peronne against 7.344 p. and “Selene” won 1st from Houdeng 7.642 p. In total Marijke scored in 1998 19 first prizes in her club.

In 1999 the Super championship for youngsters in the province (South-Holland) was won by….., yes indeed, Marijke Vink. This championship was raced over the races; Chantilly 320 km., Ablis 420 km., Orleans 470 km. and Bourges 540 km. Marijke was 1st Super-champion with the following results;

Chantilly    6.158 p. 6, 7 etc.
Ablis        3.000 p. 1, 2, 8 etc.
Orleans      6.372 p. 2, 13, 19 etc.
Bourges      7.287 p. 4, 7 etc.   

A few months later they moved to Mookhoek/Strijen. With only 16 tested pigeons they started in April 2000 from the new location.
Duffel 3.380 p. 8, 9 etc., Peronne 5.016 p. 12th etc., Chantilly 4.954 p. 2 etc., Peronne 4.200 p. 1 etc., Deinze 2.005 p. 1, 10 etc. But the youngsters also performed marvellously from the new address, which was reflected in the result from Deinze. Deinze 4.302 p. 1, 3, 8, 15, 23, 29, 30, 32, 37, 38 etc.

The train carried on
In the years that followed the more than good results and super series piled up.

Creil        8.588 p. 1, 3 etc.
Ablis        4.041 p. 1, 2, 4, 5 etc.
Niergries    4.222 p. 1, 3 etc.
Menen        2.424 p. 1, 4 etc.
Morlincourt  1.868 p. 1, 4, 6 etc.

So won the NL 01-1866730 the 2nd Nat. Creil from 23.000 p. and this was the 1st from 8.588 p. His mother, a daughter of the super pigeon “Kleine Dirk”. Also the 1st champion pigeon Sprint 2001 District 3 comes out “Aladin” and he is then a son of “Kleine Dirk”. And then there was the last pigeon race old birds 2001 from Bourges (540 km.) North/Eastern wind, very warm and only 6 pigeons achieved 1100 m/p.m. Marijke Vink basketted 20 pigeons and won 16 prizes. Her result against 1.295 pigeons; 2, 3, 9, 16, 24, 27, 39, 41, 57, 71, 81 etc. It was a very tough race with a slow progress but Marijke did well !!!

Marijke just carried on  in 2002. 3 and 8 against 4.519 p., 1st of 5.199 p., 1st 4.279 p., 1st 4.417 p., 1st 5.927 p., 1st 3.051 p., 1st 2.047 pigeons. The year 2002 was also the birth year of the Super pigeon “Farah Diba”. She is a daughter of the Super couple; “Tips x Geschelpt Kannibaaltje”. “Tips” is a son of “Aladin” (out “Kleine Dirk” x daughter “Beatrixdoffer”) whilst his mother is a sister of “Kleine Dirk” (out “Gentil” x “Golden Lady”).   

Fara Diba”  NL 02-1616137
This phenomenon with wings performed more than superb as a yearling.

1st Ace pigeon 1-day long distance Prov.5
1st National Ace pigeon W.H.Z.B.
1st National Ace pigeon Long Distance The Best of The Best
1st West European Counties Cup Long Distance Individual
1st Chateauroux  3.894 p., 2nd Tours 11.270 p. and 12th Bourges 9.399 p.

A son (NL 03-1116539) of “Farah Diba” produced the GB-06-L27623 and he is in turn the father of  “Chanel” (NL 07-3762627) and she won a.o. 3rd N.P.O. Orleans ’08 9.800 p., 5th N.P.O. Orleans ’07 14.014 p., 4th Strombeek ’07 8.40 p. 

We are now by the year 2004
In the year 2004 there was another Super pigeon, “Reza”. In South-Holland this pigeon raced; 1st Peronne 28.332 p., 1st Chantilly 21.892 p. whilst as a youngster he had already raced a 1st Peronne against 10.589 pigeons. “Reza” comes out the coupling “Tips” x “Geschelpt Kannibaaltje”. The following year the theme in the Netherlands was the National race from Le Mans. This race was promoted over the whole of the Netherlands with special prizes being available everywhere. In Marijke’s District the first prize was a cow. In this District there were 546 pigeons and Marijke won 1 and 3 after racing for 8 hours. The cow was won by “Cowboy”(won as a youngster the 8th N.P.O. Chantilly 17.818 pigeons) His father was a son of  “Aladin”. Further in 2005; 1st 3.719 p., 1st 2.473 p. And four weeks after Le Mans the pigeon game ended and the book was closed.

All this violence came to a sudden end
Pigeons so as “Aladin”, “Tips”, “Reza” “Farah Diba” and of course the Koopman pigeons were responsible for this success. But it has to be emphasized that it was a son out “Kleine Dirk” NL-98-5821416 or rather “Aladin” who prevailed here. Just like a sister of, yes indeed, once again that “Kleine Dirk” namely “Last Lady”. “ But at the end of the Autumn 2005 there came an abrupt end to all the violence that Marijke Vink had caused in just a few years. All the pigeons, apart from 18 late pigeons, were sold. all the work over the years came to an end.