Frederik Leliaert (Aardenburg) after national victory now a super Ace pigeon with ‘Eduardo’!

Various pigeon media shouted about his National triumph from Bordeaux from the rooftops … main character Frederik Leliaert remained calm and led his team in contention for further highlights…

Just over a month later there are more superlatives for this chap from Aardenburg; his yearling cock ‘Eduardo’ turned himself into the new long distance sensation in just four weeks with an 11. National - 17. National - 94. National!

“He seems to be more in his element week after week”
says Frederik whilst getting hold of his blue cock NL09-3909177 ‘Eduardo’ from the door opening … “Just like the other pigeons he was basketted every week up until La Souterraine on the 13th of June … after which the fortnightly  peaks in the ZLU classics began … a discipline which seems to suit him perfectly!” Frederik described it perfectly … the victory trips that ‘Eduardo’ makes can without doubt be described as extremely impressive:
26 June - 94. Nat. Bordeaux ZLU (769 km) against 3.835 pigeons.
11 July - 17. Nat. Tarbes ZLU (931 km) against 2.950 pigeons.
24 July - 11. Nat. Narbonne (904 km) against 3.849 pigeons.
As warming up this top talent noted the 230. La Souterraine 2.899 pigeons and the 537. provincial Tours 5.482 pigeons. Will ‘Eduardo’ qualify for Ace pigeon Grand Distance in the Dutch competitions? He will definitely compete for the top positions! ‘Eduardo’ comes out a daughter of the famous ‘Dees’, the multi-purpose legend, which after winning the 1. National and International Bordeaux ZLU 2007 with 3.992and 7.213 pigeons respectively, under relatively normal weather conditions (1.400 mpm), triumphed a year later in the very tough edition of National Narbonne ZLU 2008 against 3.816 pigeons (900 mpm). Frederik searched for a good partner for the daughter of  ‘Dees’, and found him by sport friend Eduard Ulijn in a magnificent son of ‘James Bond’, extreme middle distance topper by C. Becue from the Belgian Eernegem. They soon spoke of joint breeding with the ‘Son James Bond’ x ‘Daughter Dees’, and this coupling produced ‘Eduardo’.

Magnificent ZLU season
Of course, Frederik still enjoys the shock that his NL09-1239246 ‘Horus’ caused by winning the 1. National ZLU Bordeaux yearlings against 3.835 pigeons on the 26th of June. As full brother of ‘Dees’ he more than proved the class of the Van Kerkhoven basis which gave the Leliaert racing team three great victories within four years. The cock  ‘Aton’ also stuck out with the 104. Nat. Bordeaux 3.835 pigeons and the 7. Nat. Narbonne 3.849 pigeons … in the intervening Tarbes he didn’t actually win a prize. In short, Frederik is very satisfied with the ZLU season up until now. “I have basketted a total of 31 pigeons and raced 15 prizes in the ZLU, including the necessary top prizes.

A good average for a young team of pigeons! The statistics:

- Pau (2 entered, 1 prize) - 343. Nat. ZLU against 2.657 pigeons (sort Vanwildemeersch, in 2009 14. Nat. Pau)
- Bordeaux yearlings (12 entered, 6 prizes) - 1., 94., 104., 446., 768., 872. Nat. ZLU against 3.835 pigeons
- Barcelona (5 entered, 1 prize) - 587. Nat. ZLU against 7.016 pigeons
- Tarbes (6  entered, 3 prizes) - 17., 24. en  34. Nat. ZLU against 2.950 pigeons
- Narbonne (6  entered, 4 prizes) - 7., 11., etc. Nat. ZLU against 3.849 pigeons

In the preparation for the extreme long distance happenings they were entered every week, with a number of good classifications as a result:

- Morlincourt    (26 entered, 9 prizes) - 4. against 1.511 pigeons
- Breuil le Vert (26 entered, 12 prizes) - 3. against 1.534 pigeons
- Ablis          (27 entered, 8 prizes) - 4., 8., 11. against 1.180 pigeons
- Arras          (31 entered, 13 prizes) - 11. against 1.133 pigeons
- Tours          (28 entered, 11 prizes) - 4. against 694 pigeons
- Argenton       (20 entered, 8 prizes) - 4. against 511 pigeons
- Orleans        (17 entered, 13 prizes) - 3., 5. against 1.089 pigeons
- La Souterraine (17 entered, 9 prizes) - 10. against 385 pigeons

A fabulous honours list from Fredrik’s super stock of pigeons. Joint breeding with – in addition to Ulijn – a.o. Rinus de Lijser, Eduard Ulijn, Henk Zegers and Rob Liplijn give fresh blood and the purchase of  2. provincial  general ace pigeon ‘Het Superscheel’ from Martin de Poorter (original Gebroeders Scheele) has to enrich the blood lines even further. Will Perpignan next Saturday bring new success for Frederik? His men will certainly be ready for another battle with the elements.