Sablon Frans, "Caught our eye… Is this the best breeding couple of the world?"


Frans Sablon, Lebbeke (BE)

You know… there are good pigeons and even better pigeons… Quite a while ago, I met Etienne De Rauw and Frans Sablon. They became world famous in the small country of pigeon sport thanks to good pigeons and excellent offspring.

They were national champion in long distance racing in 2001. A while later, they decided to sell everything… At present, they are starting up their business once again each individually. And yes indeed… they were back in 2007. Etienne had a pigeon that ended among the first 10 national ace pigeons and the breeding stable of Frans was working overtime for another fancier. Frans prefers the breeding loft… He rather breeds than plays. ‘Everyone has preferences’, says Frans. Sablon has always been the driving force behind several top lofts in Belgium. Not just behind the team of De Rauw-Sablon but behind top racers such as Marcel Aelbrecht, Freddy Vandenheede, Erik Limbourg, Jules Mannaert, Degraeve-Van Geert, ... etc... as well. For one reason or another, 1990 has been a tremendously “productive” year for the breeding stable in Lebbeke.

Reason: that’s when the “dream couple” was born. You will not find a better breeding couple anywhere in the world… But that’s my humble opinion of course. Do you know a couple that has for instance a son that became 2nd national ace pigeon long distance (2001) and grandchildren that won -a.o.- 1st national ace pigeon long distance (2005) as well as 5th and 6th national ace pigeon long distance (2002 – 2004)? Even the offspring performs truly outstanding (or should we say fantastically?). This dream couple has a.o. the following stars among its descendants: two first national ace pigeons long distance racing KBDB (2003 & 2006) as well as a 4th national and 7th national ace pigeon long distance and middle distance (1999 & 2005). They also showed up in the Olympiad, in the pedigree of the 2nd Olympiad pigeon Category B 2007 in Ostend.

I’ve been to many lofts already… I have had thousands of pedigrees in my hands… I’ve taken a look at hundreds of records of achievements. And I have never before encountered a couple like this one of De Rauw-Sablon. These days, Frans is pre-eminently thé person to couple your pigeons… “I don’t even have time left to couple my own pigeons”, he tells us. Sablon has a breeding strategy... Clever inbreeding combined with masterly line breeding... Many are called but few know how it really works. Frans is not somebody who goes over it with a fine-tooth comb but he looks at the entire picture... Pedigree combined with lots of feathers and a strong body... According to Frans, the entire picture has to be right. In Lebbeke, the picture is right indeed and it has been for several years already. Simply take a look at all the stars we’ve been mentioning before. Which fancier in Belgium or in the world can say that so many top pigeons have bred in his loft or descendants have bred in other lofts? Believe me when I tell you that there haven’t been raised so many top stars in Arendonk unless we’d start talking about trade. Lebbeke is the top… you can be sure about that!