Arnould Jans - Tongeren (BE) Wins 1° National Pau 2.215 pigeons Belgium!

With the race from Pau the very first ‘international classic’ of the racing season was on the programme… for which this year 8.137 pigeons were basketted… an increase of 529 pigeons compared to last year… which mainly came from the Belgian with 2.215 Belgian pigeons at the start (compared to 1.984 in 2009).

It was indicated on the racing programme that they had opted for a morning liberation… but the weather gods interfered. Because the Pau-pigeons were also given 2 extra nights in the basket, because instead of on the Friday morning, it was not until Sunday that the pigeons could start their ‘trip back home’! A liberation that left a funny taste… because our Chairman of the ‘nationale sportcomité’, mister John Goegebeur almost immediately sent out a press release in which he stated that the liberation took place without his approval and against his advice. Something which will definitely have consequenties for those responsible for the liberation.
Of course for our sport the sportivity predominates the sport… and Chairman Van Bael will probably breathe a sigh of relief. that his ‘Pau’ went fairly smoothly all in all… the first pigeons arrived ‘slowly’ as it were… but starting at 11o’clock it started going smoothly, and at around 13h30 to 14h  (depending on the distance) there weren’t many pickings left!
The international victory went to Germany… and at national level we have to look in the direction of Limburg, where the national victory went to a certain Arnould Jans from Zonhoven.
When Arnould wanted to let out his racing pigeons for the morning training he saw his national ‘Pau winner’ at the trap. He finally clocked his pigeon at 7h04, from a distance of  936,547 Km with a velocity of 1195,09m/min. With this Arnould Jans won the national call (international: 2° prize) with a big lead on Paul & Sven Saeytijdt from Nederbrakel (1120 m) and Galle-Wynants from Veldegem (994 m).

Up until then the winning pigeon ‘1° National Pau’ ring B08-5101758 was not really a ‘highflyer’… this was the first real highlight on his honours list, directly good for ‘national victory’ and 2° Intnat Pau 8.137 p… although we have to add that Pau was his first international race which he was given as a 2 year old. Prior to this he was hardly ever trained as a youngster, as a yearling he went to Libourne… and in 2010 he had already raced Gien and Brive… to now shine from Pau. His origin shows that he has real ‘marathon blood’ flowing through the veins.
His grandparents won the ‘1° series National’ with the ‘1° + 2° nominated from Barcelona in 2006… and this with a 70° + 111° place national against 11.802 p. (intnat 249° + 347° place).

In the winter of 2006 Arnould could also put on his ‘best suit’ for the annual party of the ‘Cureghem Centre’ … in the Constant Van den Stock-stadium in Anderlecht…  to  accept the great ‘Ereprijs Memorial Gust De Backer’… more or less the nicest memory from the last few seasons. But this… yes, this is definitely much nicer… and he can now stand on the ‘national podium’ in Oostende as winner 1° Nat Pau… going from ‘anonymity’ straight to the highest podium. Yes, the pigeon sport can be beautiful… to be able to achieve such a magnificent victory as a pure hobbyist. Arnould still can’t believe it… and clearly still has to recover from all the emotion and the honour that has suddenly overcome him!
He is a long distance man in heart and soul, preferably even  ‘extreme long distance’… and has now been crowned for his years of work with his own long distance stock!
For which our most sincere congratulations!