De Jaeger-Devylder - Knesselare (BE) Truly ‘superior’ in 2009!

Anyone who followed the race reports from 2009 closely, or thoroughly analysed the national long distance results, will have come across the name De Jaeger-Devylder! It couldn’t be otherwise… because Freddy and Daniel had an excellent 2009 sport season!

A sport season that was crowned with several wonderful titles… whereby they often emerged as ‘laureate’, winner… even in prominent championships with national charisma! We have chosen a few random titles so as
1° All-Round Champion Belgische Verstandhouding 2009
1° Belgian National Fond trophy 2009 (Bruges Long distance championships)
1° National Decathlon 2009
1° Superprestige 2009 (Grand Slam)
1° Champion Long Distance Meetjesland with 1+2° nominated 2009
1° Long Distance Champion four-day Zwalm valley 2009
1° Champion National Races Fond club Steenbrugge 2009
1° Marathon Old Fond club Steenbrugge 2009
1° General Champion Fond club Steenbrugge 2009

2° National Marathon2009
2° Champion National Long Distance races 2009 ‘International F.V.’
11° National Champion Long Distance KBDB 2009

This is just a selection of the prominent titles 2009 from an endless list! And what’s more… titles and championships are often the perfect reflection of the performances of a colony over the entire sport season. When you consider the above title wins of the colony De Jaeger-Devylder in 2009, then you can’t do anything but come to the conclusion that they race  damn hard there… they perform at an exceedingly high level (see performances further)! Insiders won’t be surprised… they know better than anybody the often heavy investments that Freddy has made in order to house his lofts with the very best of the international pigeon sport. Just like in business, in his firm… Freddy strives for perfection, with maximal yield… knowing well that you only reap what you have first richly sowed! Trying to be one ‘step’ ahead of the competition… you don’t achieve it by resting on your laurels, and being satisfied with what you have achieved… but by being open for new opportunities, permanently searching for more and better… say the highest achievable! Is that not the difference between the ‘real topper’ and the ‘average fancier’…  in the pigeon sport? A successful businessman as Freddy De Jaeger has hereby swum the necessary ‘waters’, and you can’t teach him anything.  The pigeon sport is just the same as business… to optimally exploit your chances of success you have to work with ‘top material’ (read: the very best), that gives the best chance of success! Freddy brought ‘top class’ to his lofts in Knesselare, and is now picking the rich fruit! He is a man who knows how to address things… and aspires to the ‘top’ in everything… a mission in which he has already been successful with ‘honour’, because De Jaeger-Devylder is just ‘top’… in pigeon land! Let’s take a look at how things were addressed.

Short history
Freddy De Jaeger was taught the pigeon sport at an early age and is well on his way to following in the footsteps of his father Albert. Father Albert was a real ‘giant’ in his time in the middle distance and extreme middle distance, so much so that her was excluded or limited in many clubs… and this wasn’t because of his ‘poor game’, quite the opposite… it was because of the ‘sledgehammer’ that the late Albert sometimes held over the entire competition to reduce them to scrap. So devastating were the pigeons by the De Jaegers!
Following the death of father Albert and the connected public auction, Freddy joined forces with his neighbour, under the name De Jaeger-Scheyvinck. And once again walked pathways sown with success, and numerous victories and prominent titles – so as winner of the East-Flemish Marathon – being booked. However, the expansion of his firm meant that the pigeon sport took more and more of a backseat by Freddy. Freddy is namely CEO and manager of the firm ‘Jaegerson’, a subcontracting company for sheet metal, then situated in the shed behind his house. The further expansion of his company meant that his shed was soon too small, and Freddy left with his firm for the neighbouring Beernem. In the meantime his son and daughter also joined the company and later took over more of the running … positive for Freddy, who then had more time to completely throw himself into the pigeon sport. In the middle of the nineties he came to an agreement with his current companion Daniel De Vylder, to share the fortunes in the pigeon sport… whereby Daniel, as carer, had to ensure continuity in the pigeon household. The shed behind the house was turned into a real pigeon palace, more than enough room then. For 2010 the loft accommodation has been given a new look. Freddy & Daniel discovered that the lofts in the storeroom remained cold for too long  to allow early successes, the top condition usually didn’t come until the summer, somewhere around July. A Sharp contrast to the section of the widower’s team that resided in the large garden loft next to the storeroom. That’s why Freddy has just erected a splinter new garden loft (an early birthday present from his wife Kristien), where there is a sea of room and space (about 90 living boxes) for the racing team! Having an eye for detail… and responding to the situation… characteristics that are not strange to top champions of the calibre Freddy De Jaeger!

‘Grand Distance’, the challenge!
 Freddy en Daniel directly opted for the ‘Grand Distance’ as goal, and for this went in search of pigeons of noble long distance origin. It is a public secret that Freddy has always had an ‘eye and ear’ for real ‘top pigeons’… call it for our part ‘having a nose for top class’! Not every shot is a direct hit, unfortunately… but percentage wise the number of pigeons bought with which he has been very successful is extremely high… and that translated itself directly in remarkable performances in the competitions! It has in any case mad his road to the ‘national top’ a lot shorter!
For the ‘extreme long distance ‘Freddy took a fancy to the very strong character pigeons from Roger Florizoone. So one day he left for the Netherlands, for the Total auction Hendryckx-Meyberg, where there was a treasure of Florizoone pigeons for sale. On his way to this auction Freddy was listening to the radio and heard about the terrible ravage that the ‘Tsunami’ had inflicted on the Far East (a.o. Thailand and Sri Lanka), also claiming a great number of lives. Freddy had just bought a hen from Gaby Vandenabeele, a late summer youngster out the marvellous ‘Bliksem’ x ‘Manuela’. Seeing that she didn’t have a name, Freddy christened her as his ‘Tsunami’-Hen B04-3230937, which developed in the lofts in Knesselare to a real ‘breeding wonder’, a hen of priceless value! For a first coupling she was paired with  ‘Lichte Crayonné’ B00-4385037 (a chap that had won 6° reg & 124° Nat Cahors)… a pigeon out the old stock Freddy De Jaeger which was a product of a crossing Gebr Decroix (H.Van Damme) x Invincible Montauban (S.Toye) x Frans Waerniers x Barcelona specialist M.Verschuere. A new success story seemed to be in the making here… yet this ended in a small tragedy because when the youngsters from their first nest were 10 days old the ‘Lichte Crayonné’ suddenly died in the hands of Freddy. The youngsters were placed under a feeding couple… and grew to be 2 strong cocks… later christened the ‘Tsunami 114’ and the ‘Tsunami  115’! Both top athletes have now developed into real ‘crack pigeons’, take a look:

-‘Tsunami 114’ ring B06-4247114 has already noted down the following ‘tops’:
In 2007:
Orleans               721 p.    11
Tours    Club         736 p.    42
             Prov    3.392 p.    213
Argenton Prov   5.134 p.    924
Bourges               188 p.    8
             Zone A    3.733 p.    351
In 2008:
Ablis                483 p.        35
Tours  Club        463 p.        5
           I.Prov    2.874 p.    44
Limoges Prov    2.454 p.    237     (21 June)
Limoges Derby     196 p.    8    (5 July)
          Zone A    3.166 p.    73
          Nat         6.016 p.    117
             Oude       346 p.     11
          Zone A    5.549 p.    111
          Nat       11.995 p.    199
In 2009:
Roye             452 p.    26
Roye             534 p.    29
Orleans         294 p.    13
Brive  Nat 17.456 p.    2308
Montauban         137 p.        11
        Zone A    2.583 p.    189
        Nat.        7.203 p.    406
Tarbes            166 p.    4
        Nat      4.812 p.    34
        Intnat 12.849 p.    74
Perpignan       145 p.        9
        Nat    7.364 p.    254
        Intnat       18.354 p.  446

-‘Tsunami 115 ring B06-4247115 (nest brother of previous) won
Ablis         243 p.        12
Nantes      105 p.        19
In 2008:
Bourges            350 p.        17
       Nat.      19.084 p.      499
Cahors  Nat    5.441 p.    1055
Tarbes 3-Prov    356 p.        1
         Nat.      4.660 p.    9
         Intnat  12.537 p.    19
In 2009:
Tours       215 p.        4
          Prov    1.495 p.    37
Cahors        191 p.    5
          Zone A    2.310 p.    98
          Nat    7.347 p.    140
Limoges Nat    11.869 p.    1084
Narbonne       169 p.        8
          Nat    7.156 p.    382
          Intnat      14.505 p.    520
What is remarkable here is that both these brothers race ‘fine top’ up to ‘extreme long distance’ (Tarbes-Narbonne-Perpignan)… something you don’t immediately expect from the ‘Bliksem-line’ from Gaby Vandenabeele. Which proves that the Vandenabeele pigeons have much more up their sleeves than their ‘domination’ in the  ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘small long distance races’, in which they have accumulated world fame. Subject to a fitting crossing with classy ‘extreme long distance pigeons’, clearly ‘crack pigeons’ for the tougher work can also be gained here. Because these ‘Tsunami 114’ and ‘Tsunami 115’ in the lofts De Jaeger-Devylder are not isolated cases. Seeing that the ‘Lichte Crayonné’ died in Freddy’s hands… he had to directly go in search for another class pigeon to pair with his ‘Tsunami-hen 937/04’. The honour went to the ‘Superwitpen’ B00-3271982, a beautiful athlete bought in the previously mentioned auction of Hendryckx-Meyberg (NL)… a direct Roger Florizoone as son of ‘Brother Witneus’ (out the stock breeder ‘Freddy’ x ‘Bolle-duivin’) x Daughter of the top couple ‘Father Barcelona I’ Stefaan Meremans x ‘Bolle-duivin’! This ‘Superwitpen’ had already illustrated his enormous breeding talent as father of the 7° Nat St.Vincent 13.456 p. in the Netherlands! This coupling was also ‘bingo’ straight away… because the first coupling once again produced 2 beautiful cocks (2 late summer youngsters 2006) in the form of the ‘Tornado’ and the ‘Kamikaze’. When they were only 18 months old they had to race the ‘long distance excursion’ … although the ‘Kamikaze’ was thwarted by a serious injury from Montauban, as a result of which he could not race again until in 2009! Examine the honours lists of both these clappers:

-Tornado ring B06-4247331 has already won:
In 2007:
Ablis                    340 p.     12
Heidelberg Pro  1.587 p.    176
Nantes                105 p.      20
In 2008:
Tours  Prov       1.610 p.    151
Cahors Zone      1.834 p.    273
              Nat     5.441 p.    854
Narbonne 3-Pr      328 p.        1
    B.V.              2.215 p.        6
    Nat               6.801 p.        6
    Intnat         12.201 p.      18
In 2009:
Ablis                   692 p.      41
Brive    Nat     17.456 p.   2610
Montauban Z.   2.583 p.    210
    Nat              7.203 p.    452
Tarbes    club       166 p.       8
    Nat              4.812 p.    104
    Intnat        12.849 p.    222
Perpignan Nat  7.364 p.    1063
           Intnat 18.354 p.    1854

-the ‘Kamikaze’ B06-4247330 performed well in spite of his injury with:
Argenton               279 p.      32
Heidelberg Pro    1.587 p.    137
Tours    Prov       1.610 p.     30
Chateauroux          316 p.     49
Cahors Nat          7.347 p.    739
In 2008 the ‘Tsunami-hen’ produced 3 talent full cocks, including a full brother of the ‘Tornado’ and the ‘Kamikaze’, so with the ‘Superwitpen 982/00’…  in the form of

-Don Pedro B08-4244050 (full brother ‘Tornado’), who excelled from
Limoges         496 p.      1
     3-Prov       794 p.      4
    Zone A     7.586 p.    19
    Nat        16.983 p.    74
A coupling with a ‘Son Zorro’ (out wonder breeder ‘Zorro’ by N & F.Norman) produced a summer youngster 2008, namely the ‘Witrug Tsunami’ B08-4244184, which was carefully trained and was given the national Tulle as end examination in 2009, with 9° reg. & 113° Nat Tulle 7.467 yearlings!

The performances above more than prove that Freddy & Daniel have a real ‘gold nugget’ in their hands with this ‘Tsunami-hen’. An ‘extra trump card’, Freddy soon realised… so that at the moment, in addition to 7 cocks in the racing lofts, 9 direct children are also residing in the breeding lofts… so we can conclude that in the future the card ‘Tsunami-hen’ will be played to the full by De Jaeger-Devylder!
In his search for ‘dominant breeding pigeons’ Freddy’s attention was drawn to the long distance grandmaster Andre Colbrandt from Bottelare… 1° Nat Champion ‘Grand Distance KBDB 2008’… who offered his entire breeding source for sale on PiPa. Sport friend Andre was a close friend of the late Roger Florizoone… no wonder that his breeding source was built up with quasi 90% direct Florizoone-pigeons… and let the ‘Florizoone pigeons’ be just the pigeons that Freddy De Jaeger was explicitly looking for. It should come as no surprise then that Freddy managed to obtain 2 proven ‘golden top breeders’ in the auction of A.Colbrandt, both originating from the world class R.Florizoone… with the names ‘Dax’ and ‘Prinses’!
-The ‘Dax’ B00-3167120: a direct Florizoone, as full brother of ‘Dax 2’ by R.Florizoone that won 2° Nat Dax 4.066 p., and 3° Intnat Dax 12.880 p. in 1999. He is a son of the ‘Chequered Montauban 9900/93 x ‘Sister Witneus 954/90’. With this, the ‘Dax 120/00’ is also full brother of the ‘Carcassonne 043/00’ which won 2° Nat 3.932 p., and 3° Intnat Carcassonne 10.323 p. The ‘Dax 120/00’ was one of the best breeding pigeons in the lofts of A.Colbrandt and amongst other things, father of :

Beoni 2” : (brother Beoni 1)
 out the ‘Dax 120/00’ Florizoone x Leeuwken, he won:
Narbonne    club       102 p         2
    Prov                  678 p        15
    Nat                 5.870 p      176
Montauban    club    163 p         2
    Prov                1.088 p       13
    Nat                 6.187 p       83

Beoni 1 016/03: (brother Beoni 2)
Barcelona    club        367 p      1    (in 2006)
Nat                     11.895 p    150 
Beziers    Nat        6.191 p    184
St.Vincent    Nat  10.624 p    448
Brive    Nat         16.007 p     296
Barcelona    Nat   12.612 p    1273     (in 2007)
Perpignan    Nat    5.547 p     570

-The Prinses B00-4472029 was the other ‘gold nugget’ that made the transfer to Knesselare, in the lofts of Andre Colbrandt she grew to be a phenomenal top breeding hen! She was self daughter of his ‘stock bear’ the ‘Vlaamse Leeuw 175/96’ x ‘Coutteau 998/99. The ‘Vlaamse Leeuw’ can be regarded as the figurehead of the Colbrandt colony, winning amongst other things:
2° Nat 4.271 p. and 2° Intnat Dax 11.808 p. in 2000
92° Nat Cahors 11.838 p.
144° Intnat Dax 12.880 p. in ‘99

In the lofts of A. Colbrandt the ‘Prinses’ was mother of the following long distance cracks:
"Adelaar" (out grandson black Meremans x Prinses)
’06 Narbonne  
    club          222 p         5
    Prov      1.084 p        15
    B.V.      2.213 p        37
    Nat       6.033 p        56
    Int       9.634 p         62
’07 Narbonne   
    club        144 p          1
    Prov       868 p          5
    B.V.     1.922 p        21
    Nat      5.051 p        57
    Int       9.326 p        87   
"Prof" (son Rapied x Prinses) won in 2007
Brive     Nat         16.007 p    176
Narbonne    Nat      5.051 p    99
    Int                     9.326 p    136

The preference for the very strong Florizoone pigeons will definitely have been given a push when, in 2006 Freddy & Daniel won the 1° International Euregio San Sebastian against 1.446 pigeons… the father of this ‘San Sebastian 830/04’ was the ‘Roger 028/97’, a direct Roger Florizoone (self 68° Nat Narbonne 9.104 p.) coupled with ‘Shakira 433/03 (a direct Ignace Viaene).
The introduction of other top pedigrees also lay at the basis of the magnificent achievements over the last few seasons by the De Jaeger-Devylder  household. The ‘marathon man’ at the moment, say the shiner in the ‘furthest distances’… or the 2 heaviest classics of the overnight long distance, being the races from Barcelona and Perpignan… are without doubt the hooligans

-Barcelona B02-4362546:
He is a 100% Emile Denys-pigeon bred out the ‘Bonte Bibi 914/99’ (son of super breeder ‘Pau Coutteau220/89) x ‘Blue Bolleke 642/00’ (out a brother of the 7° Intnat Barcelona: ‘Blue Brother Kleine Tee 379/98’ x ‘Bolleke 116/95’, winner 1° Prov & 6° Intnat Perpignan). The ‘Barcelona’ achieved the following impressive honours list:
’04 Perpignan     Nat      6.489 p.      451
        I.Nat                   17.570 p.    1002
’05 Barcelona    B.V.      1.807 p.      13
        Nat                     12.998 p.      79
        I.Nat                   25.815 p.    178
’05 Perpignan     Nat      7.611 p.    637
        I.Nat                   17.653 p.   1581
’07 Angoulême Prov      2.009 p.     134
’07 Perpignan    Nat      5.547 p.   1017
        I.Nat                  15.087 p.   2661
’08 Barcelona    club         277 p.        2
        B.V.       1.344 p.     23
        Nat      11.484 p.    106
        I.Nat    23.708 p.    332
’09 Barcelona    Nat    13.503 p.    1992
        I.Nat                 27.669 p.    4254
A very strong marathon racer who already has 2 potential followers in the form of the ‘Raf’ and the ‘Anthony’, who in 2010 at the old age of 3, will be in the prime of their lives… or ‘long distance ripe’… to put it in ‘extreme long distance terms’.

-The Raf B07-4202216
Is a son of the ‘Floridax 986/00’ (Roger Florizoone) x ‘Blue Boddaert 955/02’… he won a.o.
’08 Clermont    club         101 p.     7
’08 Argenton    club         172 p.    24
’08 St.Vincent    Nat    7.356 p.   669
        I.Nat                  8.612 p.   789
’09 Perpignan    club       145 p.      2
        Nat                    7.364 p.     50
        I.Nat                18.354 p.     87

-Anthony B07-4202292
Son of the ‘Jonge Bordeaux 292/04’ who won self in 2006: 20° Nat Mont de Marsan 3.704 p., 36° Nat St.Vincent 6.380 p. (and son of the 1° Intnat Bordeaux 11.462 p.: the ‘Bordeaux 780/97’ Nijsten x ‘Vaal Supertje 913/03’ Cees vd Poel) x ‘Poppy Grace 023/06’ (full sister of the 1° Intnat Eureg San Sebastian 2006 by De Jaeger-Devylder). The ‘Anthony’ won:
’08 St.Vincent    B.V.    984 p.    93
        Nat                   7.356 p.    503
        I.Nat                 8.612 p.    576
’09 Angoulême  Prov  1.398 p.    96
’09 Perpignan    club      145 p.    5
        Nat                   7.364 p.    197
        I.Nat               18.354 p.    340
The objective, say the ‘accent’ may be on the  ‘extreme long distance’… yet it hasn’t escaped Freddy’s notice that … in order to play a leading part in the national championships KBDB… there has to be quite a lot of ‘extreme middle distance-blood’ in the lofts, seeing that the ordinary long distance races and the national races for youngsters are included in the ‘general championship KBDB’, and also in several other prominent championships. That’s why Freddy has played to this trend … although with his “Tsunami-hen’ he already has a ‘great trump card’ in his hands… yet here also he looked for suitable products for crossing. And with result as it turns out… the ‘Vale Raket’ and the ‘Rik 2’ are already the proof.

-‘Vale Raket’ B06-4247237
Son of the ‘Zilveren 962/02’, a 100% Frank Verstraete (which won self 90° Nat Bourges 19.084 p., 120° Prov Tours 2.503 p., 950° Nat Limoges 11.995 p., and 432° Souillac 3.625 p. in 2008) x ‘Chequered 160/02’ (originating from fellow villager Antoine Timmerman). The ‘Vale Raket’ performed as follows:
In 2007:
 Tours        club            736 p.        2
        Prov                 3.392 p.       36
Argenton    Prov        5.134 p.    1025
Bourges    Zone A      3.733 p.      613
In 2008:
Clermont    club            302 p.      11
Tours        Prov         3.135 p.    419
Bourges    club              350 p.       2
        Nat    19.084 p.    90
Tours        Prov      2.503 p.     120
Limoges    Zone      5.549 p.    474
        Nat               11.995 p.    950
    Derby    Zone      3.166 p.    283
    Derby     Nat       6.016 p.    501
Souillac        Zone   3.625 p.    432
        Nat                7.315 p.   1155
In 2009:
Bourges    club          375 p.        7
        Zone             7.394 p.      87
        Nat             27.506 p.     111
Tours        club          221 p.       4
        Prov              2.285 p.   158
Limoges    club          279 p.      5
        Zone             5.109 p.     35
        Nat             11.869 p.     46
Souillac        club       169 p.       8
        Zone             3.290 p.    208
        Nat      7.597 p.    435
Tulle        club            4 p.       6
        Zone            1.897 p.    120
        Nat              5.676 p.    134

-Rik 2 B06-4247051
Son of the top breeder ‘Rik 452/02’, a Cools-Blancke (out the ‘Super breeder 296/98’ Pol Lannoo x ‘Superke 049/97’, a G.Vandenabeele hen) x ‘Femke 789/04’, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (out ‘Brother Kolonel 158/96’ x ‘Aagje 050/00’). The ‘Rik 2’ won amongst other things:

In 2006:
Tours        club          142 p.       8       
Prov               1.799 p.    212

In 2007:
Souillac        I.Prov  1.377 p.      82
Nantes        Prov        693 p.    116

In 2008:
Clermont    club          302 p.      28
Tours        Prov       3.135 p.    182
Bourges    club            350 p.       6
        Nat               19.084 p.    240
Tours        Prov       2.874 p.    251
Limoges    Prov       2.454 p.    101
    Derby    Prov          610 p.     30
In 2009:
Ablis        club           560 p.     17
Bourges    club           375 p.      6
        Zone              7.394 p.    70
        Nat              19.084 p.   240
Tours        Prov      2.133 p.   265
Limoges    club          279 p.     10
        Zone              5.109 p.     84
        Nat              11.869 p.    117
This is just a selection from the ‘rich orchard’ of crack pigeons that the De Jaeger-Devylder colony houses! These pigeons were the main characters in the 2009 sport season… that lay at the basis of the magnificent series of titles that Freddy & Daniel managed to add to their name in 2009, so as you could read in the opening words of this article. Titles with which they have gained name and fame in many championships within our national pigeon sport! An evolution that was waiting to happen over the last few seasons, when De Jaeger-Devylder more emphatically joined the foreground and more and more started making their mark in the long distance and extreme long distance happenings in the area… a line that in 2009 they lengthened to national level! A colony in full advance, wherefrom the last chapter has not yet been written… quite the opposite, it wouldn’t surprise us if this was only the introduction… the ‘overture’ to ‘new stunt work’ that is about to happen! Want to bet that Freddy is secretly dreaming of adding the PiPa-IATP-Ranking to his name… the international championship in the ‘grand distance’ with the 1° nominated of which he is the ‘main sponsor’? As far as we are concerned we hope it for him! 

A selection out the performance curve 2009
Old birds + Yearlings

16/5 Ablis    YL           club         233 p.    6-7-8-11-13-14-17-23-24-38-40-41… (41/84)
16/5 Chateauroux    I.Prov      4.293 p.    381-823-1044-1049-1291 (8)
23/5 Bourges    Old    club        375 p.    6-7-56-67-81-87-100 (13)
            Zone A                       7.394 p.    70-87-783-1035-1306-1454-1701 (13)
            Nat                          27.506 p.    87-111-1500-2190-2947-3424-4229 (13)
23/5 Poitiers     Old    Prov  2.097 p.    25-110 (2)
30/5 Brive    Old    Nat      17.456 p.    972-1254-2308-2610 (8)
30/5 Chateauroux O.    club      316 p.    23-49 (2)
30/5 Tours    YL    Prov         2.249 p.    135-357-400-500 (4)
06/6 Chateauroux    club          329 p.    3-15-19-25-41-73-90 (9)
        FVOV    Prov                 3.758 p.    42-239-322-406-581-868 (9)
06/6 Tours        club                239 p.    22-23-31-40-80 (6)
        Old    I.Prov               2.133 p.    256-265-351-446 (6)
        YL    I.Prov                  2.423 p.    286-398 (6)
13/6 Argenton  W-Fl  I.Prov     387 p.    155-502-782 (6)
13/6 Cahors        Zone         2.310 p.    98-447 (6)
            Nat                         7.347 p.    140-739 (6)
20/6 Limoges    W-Fl  Prov   2.216 p.    66-106-268-582 (7)
20/6 Montauban    Zone       2.583 p.    189-210-268 (7)
            Nat      7.203 p.    406-452-592 (7)
20/6 Tours     Old     Prov  2.285 p.    63-158-642 (4)
27/6 Argenton    YL    Zone  8.935 p.    565-911-1179 (9)
            Nat                       21.092 p.    2118-2954-3584 (9)
03/7 Barcelona        Nat     13.503 p.    342-700-1992-2603-2938 (14)
            I.Nat                     27.669 p.    759-1522-4254-5455-6515 (14)
04/7 Limoges    Old    club          279 p.    5-10-14-20-26-42-52-59-61-63-85-87 (23)
            Zone      5.109 p.    35-84-149-212-324-527-626-704-710-754-1108-1115
            Nat    11.869 p.    46-117-211-292-464-807-961-1084-1171-1177-1800-1810-1980 (23)
11/7 Poitiers    Old    club     121 p.    7-35 (2)
        W-Fl    I.Prov               1.183 p.    124-295 (2)
11/7 Limoges    YL    club        496 p.    1-29-47-95-97 (12)
            Zone                       7.586 p.    19-504-790-1436-1441 (12)
            Nat                       16.893 p.    74-1110-1646-2809-2819 (12)
11/7 Tarbes        club             166 p.    4-8-34 (6)
            Nat                        4.812 p.    34-104-649 (6)
            I.Nat                    12.849 p.    74-222-1345 (6)
18/7 Souillac        Nat         7.597 p.    435-664-1610 (12)
25/7 Poitiers    YL    I.Prov  1.147 p.    185-294-295 (3)
01/8 Perpignan        club         145 p.    2-5-9-20-25-32-43 (16)
            Nat                         7.364 p.    50-197-254-806-1063-1279-1624 (16)
            I.Nat                     18.354 p.    87-340-446-1430-1854-2211-2787 (16)
01/8 Tulle    Old    Zone    1.897 p.    120-234-308 (3)
            Nat                         5.676 p.    134-299-428 (3)
        Tulle    YL    club             104 p.    7-9-24 (5)
            Zone                       2.030 p.    81-97-264 (5)
            Nat                         7.467 p.    95-113-385-1689 (5)

The game with the youngsters is not really an aim in itself, but is only seen as a method of giving the youngsters some racing routine with an eye to the future… as well as for carrying out a first selection, and separating the wheat from the chaff.
11/7 Blois        club         521 p.    1-11-15-16-18-25-26-28-30-34-53… (33/100)
        Prov                    4.094 p.    38-176-185-204-277-354-357-421-461-466-492-498...
25/7 Brionne        club     739 p.    3-39-41-44-117-136-141-154… (20/60)
01/8 Nantes        Prov  2.883 p.    60-62-419-616-617-719-751-843-900-927 (23)
08/8 Argenton        club   407 p.    6-7-9-19-24-30-32-60-69-72… (14/52)
08/8 Tours        club        291 p.    8-12-15-30-31-43-51-58-70-75-76-82-86-87.. (33)
15/8 Tours        club        211 p.    13-30 (4)
            I.Prov              2.483 p.    145-405 (4)
22/8 La Souterraine  club 240 p.    19-20-22-25-35-36-43-49-55-66-78 (24)
            Nat                17.814 p.    956-958-1148-1386-2119-2467… (11/24)
05/9 Gueret        club      186 p.    4-25-32-33-36-40-43-48-58-59 (24)