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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Fougeres on 19th May 2024

Steve Harris with Beau & Ada
186 members sent 2,370 pigeons to Fougeres with the British Barcelona Club. After a one day holdover, they were liberated at 09.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first section A was a yearling on 1328ypm over 174 miles for Mr and Mrs Harris and Daughter of Portchester. The partners timed a second pigeon, another yearling, on 1316ypm to also take second open. The winner is a Vandenabeele hen gifted to them last season by their good friend Kenny Cleife and bred from his Roelef Goosen bloodlines. The second place pigeon was also a gift bird, this time from Roger Lowe of Reading. The sire is a grandson of Hooyman's Beauty Harry, also sire to Roger's 1st NFC section winner on the same day. It is also out of Olympic King, bred by Derek Walsh of Ireland and containing New Kittel bloodlines. 

Ricky Turner

R Turner of Aylesbury was second open and first section D with a two year old on 1291.2ypm over a distance of 241 miles. Ricky's first pigeon was bred by his mate Paul Douthwaite of Scarborough and has been a consistent racer for him in previous seasons. 

Ricky Turner's cock
Nick Wilson's hen

N Wilson of Portsmouth timed a two year old on 1291.15ypm over 173 miles to take fourth open and third section A. Nick timed a Jos Cools x Vandenabeele hen bred from stock he purchased at the Blackpool Show. 

Dave Waterhouse

Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Bedhampton were fifth open and fourth section A with a yearling on 1291.13ypm over 174 miles. Dave and Lisa timed one of their Leo Hermann family of pigeons, bred down from The Countess and a son of Eurovision. It was raced on the roundabout system. 

John Clapcott

J Clapcott of Poole clocked a two year old on 1290ypm over 169 miles to take sixth open and first section B. John's cock was bred by his friend Ray Dibben of Poole from his channel winning family of birds. 

Tony Stephens

Seventh open and second section B was a two year old on 1285ypm over 171 miles for A Stephens of Poole. Tony timed one of his Vandenabeele pigeons bred from Bryan Shipley stock. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was eighth open and second section D with a yearling on 1284ypm over a distance of 217 miles. Mark timed a widowhood cock, a grandson of Jan Hooyman's New Harry x Brenda and Den Boswachter on the sire's side. The dam is from a brother to Gino Clicque's Golden King x dtr Prince Rudy. 

John Draper

Ninth open and first section C was a two year old on 1283ypm over 230 miles for J Draper of Faringdon. John's roundabout hen contains Lambrecht x Vandenheede bloodlines coming from stock from his friend Clive Elliott. 

Ray Dibben

Completing the top ten and in third section B was a two year old on 1275ypm over 168 miles for R Dibben of Poole. Ray's pigeon was bred from his channel winning family of birds. 

Around the sections 

Geoff Cooper

Second section C was a yearling on 1235ypm over 213 miles for Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasedown. The Coopers timed a great grandson of Orion (Jellema), Sumerian Fighter (1st Int. Barcelona) and Saar (Jellema) and a grandson of Farm Darkie when paired to Lady of the Night. It was raced on the natural system and sent sitting eggs two days. 

Team Aurel

Team Aurel of Telford timed a two year old on 1220ypm over 303 miles to take first section E. The section winner is called Call Me Mr A, the sire is Sorin Etterbak, a gift from his brother and containing Etterbak Debusschere bloodlines when paired to a daughter of super breeder George Euro Diamond. The dam is Champion Nela, the very best of the teams old bloodlines of Champion Vasile when paired to Menne & Tochter x Dtr of Schicht (Emiel Denys) 

Dave & Kyle Harris

D & K Harris of Newport were second section E with a two year old, widowhood cock on 1207ypm over a distance of 311 miles. Dave and Kyle's pigeon is bred from a half brother x half sister pairing through Richard Lutner's second MNFC cock from the old, dark Busschaert family, when paired to Violet, a daughter of the 3&6 cock for Evans and Gibbons. On the dam's side is the old Evans and Walker Soontjen family of birds. 

Peter English

English and Townsend of Portslade clocked a two year old on 1139ypm over 179 miles to take first section G. The dam of Peter and Dion's winner came from Danny Knapp and contains Jan Aarden bloodlines. The great grand-sire was bought as a breeder from Peter McMahon and has Wim de Troy x Gaston Van de Wouwer blood. 

Second section G was a yearling on 1095ypm over 217 miles for S Nicholson of West Malling. Steve's first pigeon was late bred last year and races to the perch. Its bloodlines are Janssen x Frans Zwols, with the sire being a Timbarra Janssen bred down from Benjamin. The dam is a Frans Zwols bred by House of Aarden. 

D & K Simmons

The section J winners were D & K Simmons of Chelmsford with a two year old on 1177ypm over 246 miles. Darren and Kirstie's blue hen was bred from Stormont Lofts' Lambrechts down from the Lincia bloodlines. Their second pigeon was a red cock, also from Stormont Lambrechts. 

D Wilton & Son's cock

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary timed a three year old on 1053ypm over 228 miles to take second section J. Rob and Andrew's Vandenabeele cock was race on the widowhood system and contains Rudy and Fyther bloodlines, being a grandson of their top racer and breeder, The Terminator. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Fougeres.