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PIPA Podcast (episode 3) with André & Bert Leideman

The third PIPA Podcast took Sjoerd and Jorgi to the Netherlands, more specifically to Collendoorn, where the Leideman Brothers welcomed them particularly hospitably to their home to talk about their passion for more than an hour.

After a wondrous 2023 season, it was an ideal time to ask the brothers for this third episode of the PIPA Podcast. In the full run-up to the season, a lot of things came up for discussion such as the preparation for the important races in May and June, their  approach that is as natural as possible, among other things, without darkening, the belief in themselves and their pigeons, when for the Leideman brothers a racing pigeon is worth to move to their breeding loft and much more.

What remains most memorable, however, is that Bert & André are still true fanciers in the strict sense of the word.

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