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Team Schoors (Adegem, BE) has some real winners

Barely two years after the new start, 2 x 1st Provincial wins and a series of titles at provincial and national level already adorn the KBDB's list of honour. Really impressive!

Young and ambitious

As 2020 came to a close, a shadow loomed over the successful Schoors-De Waele pigeon colony. Alex's (Schoors) health had deteriorated, hindering his active involvement with the pigeons. Though he had aspired to manage his Hobbycenter until retirement, his health had other plans. Meanwhile, Maurice (De Waele) was approaching 80, facing his own health challenges. Together, they made the decision to auction all their old pigeons through PIPA in spring 2021, holding onto a glimmer of hope by enjoying a few of their young pigeons from 2020.

However, a surprising turn of events reshaped the pigeon racing scene in Adegem. It was a decision by their daughter, Carmen Schoors, that altered the course. After careful consideration, Carmen decided to put her banking career on hold to take charge of the Hobbycenter—established by her grandfather Odiel and father Alex. She immersed herself in the world of pigeons, with Maurice as her mentor and right-hand man. Alex was taken by surprise, but witnessing his daughter carry on the Schoors family legacy, both professionally in the Hobbycenter and in their beloved pigeon hobby, must have been heartening.

Carmen not only assumed the role of business manager at the Hobbycenter but also took on the responsibility of overseeing the Schoors-De Waele pigeon colony. This former tridem, now named 'Team Schoors,' is poised to continue its sporting endeavors from 2024. Carmen and Maurice are at the helm, approaching the task with ambition and determination, fully aware of the substantial shoes they must fill. The impressive track record of Schoors-De Waele, crowned as 1st General Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2003 and respectively 3rd and 2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB in 2009 and 2010, along with three 1st National victories and numerous top honors at the national level, speaks volumes. All achieved with the foundation of the golden (Louis) Van Loon strain, underlining their national success.

Team Schoors' colony is often characterised as 'killers' in rock-hard flying weather. With good reason. The team is always among the 'to beat' lofts on races with sunny weather and head wind. A typical characteristic, peculiar to the Van Loon pigeons. This was again highlighted in 2022 and 2023, when their clappers repeatedly hit hard in such weather ... with 2 new 1st Provincial victories as a result. 

New Derby immediately wins 1st Prov Chateauroux in 2022

Carmen demonstrated her adept management skills right from the start, making a significant impact on the results board since assuming control in 2022. In the year of the restart, she swiftly secured a provincial victory from Chateauroux. The achievement was credited to New Derby, who triumphed in challenging yet splendid flying conditions. As a descendant of one of the iconic figures in the Schoors colony, National Derby, the winner of the 1st Nat Montluçon in 2014, New Derby inherits the robust Van Loon lineage, paired with the esteemed Gaby Vandenabeele bloodline. Examining his impressive list of honors:

-New Derby BE21-4126086

1. Prov Chateauroux 2,295 p. '22 - 1. Club 483 p.
2. Prov Chateauroux 2,948 YL '22 - 1. Club 495 p. 
1. Chateaudun 737 p. '22 
1. Chateaudun 432 p. '22 
4. Orleans 1,339 p. '23 - 98. Prov Orleans 9,423 p. 
6. Fontenay 256 p. '22 - 16. Fontenay 804 p. 
9. Orleans 1,789 p. '23 - 144. Prov Orleans 16,471 p. 
9. Fontenay 480 p. '23- 11. Fontenay 784 p. 
40. Chateaudun 504 p. '22 
55. Chateaudun 707 p. '22 
282. Prov Argenton 3,023 p. '23 - 827. Nat 13,103 p. 

Vader: Zoon Nationale Derby BE16-4125091
Son of the figurehead of the Schoors-De Waele colony, with winner 1st Nat Montluçon 14,230 p in 2014: National Derby BE11-4087835 (bred from the time-honoured Van Loon strain), paired with Super Breeder BE09-083 De Bruycker-De Craene.
Mother: Mona Lisa BE16-3053682
Descended from Johny Maenhout, and a 100% Gaby Vandenbaeele hen from the Golden Gaby BE14-3155898 (inbred Lightning Vandenabeele) x Dochter Hunter BE14-3067101 (direct Geby Vandenabeele). 

Diamond Louis: winner 1st Prov Argenton in 2023

In 2023, Carmen and Maurice continued on their momentum, managing a truly top season with their old and yearling widowers. A top season in which the sensation of 2023 - super yearling Diamond Louis - claimed the leading role. A clapper who managed to put one top prize after another on paper, and became one of the best yearlings in the country, in the large middle distance. This Diamond Louis himself put the icing on the cake by winning 1st Prov Argenton I... immediately the 19th x 1st Provincial win in the career of Schoors-De Waele (now Team Schoors). His list of honours:

-Diamond Louis BE22-4043209

5. Best YL of Belgium over 3 National flights GHF 2023 (KBDB ranking)
1. Prov Argenton I  4.252 p. ’2312. Nat Argenton 17.210 p. 
7. Nat Zone Argenton II  2.442 p. ’23 – 61. Nat Argenton 15.210 p. 
27. Prov Bourges I  4.589 d. ’23 – 79. Nat Bourges 18.729 p. 
2. Fontenay 366 p. ’22 
3. Fontenay 303 p. ’23 – 4. Fontenay 754 p. 
3. Fontenay 201 p. ’23 – 3. Fontenay 480 p. 
6. Orleans 698 p. ’23 – 13. Orleans 1.339 p. 
10. Orleans 924 p. ’23 – 20. Orleans 1.789 p. – 285. Prov 16.471 p. 
15. Montoire 497 p. ’22 
27. Argenton III  514 p. ’23 – 235. Prov 4.113 p. – 677. Nat 14.174 d. 
28. Nat Ace Great Middle Distance YL KBDB 2023 ( 4 flights)

What a star!
This Diamond Louis is a scion of the time-honoured Louis Van Loon tribe that has given Schoors-De Waele so many triumphs. His pedigree: 

Father: New Diamond BE18-4225089
Full brother to the 6. Nat Limoges 7,274 d. '18, 15. Nat Limoges 9,661 d. '19, 28. Nat Brive 9,661 d., as well as sire of 1st Prov Pont St. Maxence... and son of pedigree pair Blue Diamond 476/12 (a Dobbelaere-De Buck) x Daughter Terminator II 225/09 (herself out of supercrack Terminator II x Superke Van Loon 239/05, golden foundation dam at Schoors-De Waele, and direct Louis Van Loon).
Mother: Louisa Van Loon BE18-4200773
Inbred hen from a father x daughter pairing. Half-sister to the 1st Nat Argenton in 2018. Daughter of Inbred Van Loon 898/08, sire of 1st Nat Argenton (and herself inbred to stock pigeon Blauwen Van Loon x his own daughter) x Daughter Inbred Van Loon 315/16 (out of Inbred Van Loon x Daughter Pablo - Gaby Vandenabeele). 

With which we have limited ourselves to the 2 provincial winners of Team Schoors, as prototypes of the youthful and classy breeding resource available to Carmen and Maurice as a substitute for the future.

The bar appears to have been set

Both provincial winners are pretty much the standard-bearers of the race team in the large middle distance. A racing team that was clearly in blood form in 2023. Also in the long distance (600-800 km) the old long distance racers (2 and 3 year old cocks) did an excellent job with 4 prizes each out of 4 pigeons put in on Limoges I, Limoges II, Aurillac and Souillac... to end the 2023 season on Tulle with an excellent 3 out of 4. Which gives a final balance of 19 prizes on 20 old pigeons deployed on the national long-distance races (see performance from 2023 at the bottom of this article). Who did better?

The final balance of 2023 looks nice, and opens up prospects for a successful future. This is proven by the grip of title wins in 2023:

1st Prov Argenton I against 4,252 YL in 2023
4th Prov Champion old KBDB East-Flanders 2023
5th Best Yearling of Belgium Great Half-Fond 2023 - over 3 National flights (KBDB ranking)
9th Prov Champion Great middle distance YL KBDB Oost-VL 2023
23rd Nat Championship Long Distance old KBDB 2023 
28th Nat Ace pigeon Great middle distance YL KBDB 2023 

In the second year after the restart, achieving such prestigious credentials and securing a place among the top performers on both provincial and national stages of the KBDB demonstrates exceptional excellence.

Those familiar with Carmen understand her relentless determination to establish herself at the national pinnacle. Always in pursuit of the best and eager to enhance her skills, she didn't hesitate to attend pigeon lessons with the national standout, Tom Van Gaver, refining and sharpening her pigeon expertise. It comes as no surprise that, in addition to her pigeon acumen, reinforcements from the Van Gaver lofts, including collaborations such as the one with Diamond Louis through joint breeding, have been integrated. This only underscores the essence of the title we began this contribution with: young and ambitious, with a dedicated focus on national races of significant distances, both in the great middle distance and long-distance categories.

With which, a younger generation of pigeon fanciers is ready to take on the established ones in the future, or even... take up the torch. Team Schoors belongs in that list. A silent reminder ... don't forget the name Team Schoors. 

Highlights from 2023 with older pigeons and yearlings

07/8 Tulle local 205 old: 6-9-37 (3/4)
              Nat 4,982 old: 176-266-919 (3/4)

30/7 Souillac local 196 old: 7-25-31-35 (4/4)
              Nat Zone 1473 old: 68-243-287-310 (4/4)
30/7 Souillac local 239 yearling: 3-23-47 (3/6)
              Nat Zone 1,802 yearlings: 40-231-414 (3/6)

22/7 Chateauroux 406 yearling: 22-57-111-117-133 (5/6)

16/7 Aurillac local 148 olds: 4-18-21-27 (4/4)
              Nat 5,342 old: 248-842-917-1088 (4/4)

08/7 Argenton 514 yearlings: 22-27-42-51 (4/4) 
              Nat 14,174 yearlings: 498-677-1028-1190 (4/4)
08/7 Argenton 293 olds: 29-42-56-57-59-69 (6/6)

02/7 Limoges local 304 old: 14-19-32-67 (4/4)
              Nat 7,211 old: 372-612-709-1398 (4/4)

24-6 Argenton local 445 yearling: 5-45 (with 1-2st get, 2/3)
              Nat 15,210 yearlings: 61-1317 (2/3)

17/6 Chateauroux 660 olds: 15-42-91-93-126... (8/10)

10/6 Fontenay local 392 old: 1-7-71-73-84-85-103 (7/8)
              Covenant 542 old: 1-9-95-102-119-120-142 (7/8)
10/6 Fontenay local 302 year-old: 1-4-51-52-63-64-75 (7/8)
              Verbond 365 year-old: 1-5-59-63-76-77-89 (7/8)

09/6 Argenton local 525 yearling: 1-20-24 (3/3)
              Prov 4,252 yearling: 1-259-209 (3/3)
              Nat 17,210 yearling: 12-477-600 (3/3)

09/6 Argenton local 391 old: 11-27-42-46-55-56-84-114 (8/9)
              Prov 3,023 old: 62-194-282-300-361-372-548-680 (8/9)
              Nat 13,103 old: 160-566-828-876-1100-1146-1712-2146 (8/9)

03/6 Limoges local 536 old: 10-13 (1+2 get),93-141 (4/4)
              Nat 10,381 old: 241-257-1623-2137 (4/4)
03/6 Chateauroux local 664 old: 37-49-157-164-173-208 (6/8)

27/5 Bourges-Vierzon local 512 year old: 3-36-77 (3/3)
              Nat 18,729 yearling: 79-908-2151 (3/3)
27/5 Bourges-Vierzon local 600 old: 7-27-50-52-83 (5/9)
              Nat 21,075 old: 200-817-1358-1420-2617 (5/9)

27/5 Fontenay local 437 old: 1-37-72-99-120-131 (6/9)
              Covenant 602 old: 1-44-92 etc.... (6/9)
27/5 Fontenay local 308 year-old: 1-21-46-66-77-84 (6/9)
              Verbond 402 year-old: 1-26-58-86-100-111 (6/9)

20/5 Vierzon local 1,246 olds: 29-61-79-80... (7/11)

13/5 Orleans local 1,339 old: 4-5-13-53-81-99-116-125-149... (28/44)

06/5 Fontenay local 480 old: 3-8-9-15-25-26-28-40-41-42-49-49-51... (26/46)
06/5 Fontenay local 201 year-old: 3-17-21-22-23-28-31... (11/25)

A wonderful list of honours!