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Final Race weekend Dubai One Loft Pigeon Race - Basketing

This weekend we have the final race weekend of Dubai One Loft Pigeon Race. You can follow every step of the final raceweekend on the PIPA socials and website. Let’s start with basketing 😉 Good luck to all participants!

We look forward to the final race - The Arabian Gulf Race - on Saturday, February 17, 2024, with a release time of 7.20 am (4.20 AM Brussels time). The pigeons are in good health, and their performances in the past weeks have been very good. We will basket today around 950 pigeons, which is a success after a tough season with a total of 17 races.
The local clubs have reduced the race distance this weekend because of the weather conditions. There is a dry and hot wind from the south. The race committee will monitor the weather conditions in the next hours. But at this moment, we will prepare to race tomorrow. It promises to be tough but fair conditions. 

Link to the race:

Link to the basketing:

Photos of basketing: