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Demaret-Marichal (Herquegies, BE): Extreme long-distance titans who successfully joined forces.

The partnership, formed by Gregory Demaret & Thierry Marichal, kicked off in 2020. But almost immediately, they managed to rank among the top of the international pigeon racing scene with a plethora of (inter)national top-100 listings.

In just a few seasons, they can boast the following impressive list of top rankings:

2nd Nat. Narbonne yearlings 4,120 birds
4th Nat. Perpignan 3,509 birds
4th Int. Narbonne yearlings 8,492 birds
5th Nat. Barcelona 6,178 birds
5th Int. Narbonne hens 6,837 birds
6th Nat. Narbonne old birds 4,454 birds
8th Int. Narbonne old birds 12,848 birds
9th Int. Agen hens 5,388 birds
11th Nat. Agen yearlings 5,955 birds
14th Nat. Agen old birds 6,938 birds
14th Int. Agen yearlings 14,799 birds
15th Int. Agen old birds 18,056 birds
19th Int. Barcelona 12,315 birds
19th Nat. Narbonne yearlings 4,120 birds
20th Nat. Perpignan 5,722 birds
20th Nat. Cahors 3,651 birds
20th Nat. Argenton 20,467 birds
24th Nat. St.-Vincent 2,853 birds
27th Nat. St.-Vincent old birds 3,038 birds
29th Nat. Pau 3,600 birds
29th Nat. Cahors 3,651 birds
29th Nat. Limoges 17,356 birds
31st Nat. Agen 5,951 birds
32nd Nat. Narbonne yearlings 4,120 birds
34th Int. Perpignan 12,302 birds
35th Int. Narbonne yearlings 8,492 birds
35th Int. Narbonne hens 6,837 birds
40th Nat. Tarbes 2,899 birds
40th Nat. Montélimar 3,387 birds
44th Nat. St.-Vincent old birds 3,038 birds
47th Nat. Narbonne old birds 4,454 birds
48th Nat. Narbonne old birds 4,454 birds
49th Nat. Cahors 3,018 birds
53rd Nat. Tarbes 2,899 birds
55th Nat. Cahors 3,651 birds
56th Nat. Limoges 17,356 birds
59th Int. Agen 15,317 birds
59th Nat. Perpignan old birds 2,643 birds
61st Nat. Cahors 4,155 birds
64th Nat. Agen old birds 5,140 birds
66th Nat. St.-Vincent 2,853 birds
66th Nat. Marseille 1,882 birds
66th Nat. Perpignan 2,509 birds
71st Nat. Tarbes 2,899 birds
72nd Nat. Argenton 20,467 birds
74th Nat. Pau old birds 2,919 birds
77th Nat. Barcelona 6,913 birds
76th Nat. Agen old birds 5,140 birds
77th Int. Narbonne old birds 12,848 birds
78th Int. St.-Vincent 9,516 birds
79th Int. Narbonne old birds 12,840 birds
81st Nat. Agen 6,657 birds
81st Int. Agen old birds 15,271 birds
83rd Nat. Tarbes 2,899 birds
90th Nat. Barcelona 6,533 birds
91st Nat. Cahors 3,018 birds
91st Nat. Agen 6,657 birds
94th Nat. Narbonne 5,805 birds
96th Int. St.-Vincent old birds 6,073 birds
98th Int. Narbonne old birds 12,848 birds

Also, in the national ace pigeons KBDB and in the PIPA rankings, they immediately made a prominent presence in their discipline: the (international) extreme long-distance flights. Think of, for instance, 8th National Ace Pigeon in 2019, 5th National Ace Pigeon in 2020, or 8th National Ace Pigeon in 2021.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of all is that the Demaret-Marichal combination, during this period of success, has not sold any of these top pigeons. All the best pigeons remained on the loft to move to the breeding section. Needless to say, they can now rely on a strong team on this breeding loft. However, this approach is a crucial part of their vision. It enables them, after the successful 'merger' of their two lofts since 2020, to continue making further progress by working with the best material on the breeding loft.

And in doing so, the bar is set very high. Anyone who wants to survive on the racing loft must simply perform once the distances of the flights exceed 600 km. Missing out poses a problem... The only exception is that the pigeons, as yearlings, are given a second chance after one miss, namely in Narbonne. However, that is also immediately the last chance...

The cornerstones of the loft

As mentioned, all the top pigeons remained on board and gradually moved to the breeding loft. There, several of these top racers now form the foundations of the colony. It's time to highlight some of these stars.

Le Boss & Matteo

With Le Boss and Matteo, Gregory and Thierry have 2 half-brothers who performed excellently in the heavy long-distance flights. Le Boss became in 2020: 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB extreme long-distance and 3rd European Ace Pigeon extreme long-distance.

He is a son of Zizou and Golden Mama. Zizou is a product from a cross of the bloodlines of De Smeyter-Restiaen x Patrick Vandeputte. Zizou is a brother of the well-known Cas from De Smeyter (winner of 1st Internat. Pau) and La Belle Zidane, daughter of Zidane, winner of 1st Internat. Carcasonne (Etienne Devos).

Golden Mama is the mother of both Le Boss and Matteo. She is a daughter of l'Inter, winner of 33rd Nat. Pau and Belle, a sister of New Perpignan, winner of 1st Internat. Perpignan (E. Vanaker via Carlier-Petit).

Le Christian is the father of Matteo. He came from the loft of Christian Demaret and is a cross of the Van der Wegen x Theelen lines. Matteo won 5th Nat. Barcelona 6,178 birds, earning him 19th Int. Barcelona 12,315 birds.

Chucky 666

Closest to a national victory, the Demaret-Marichal tandem came on Narbonne with Chucky 666. She finished as 2nd Nat. Narbonne 4,108 birds, earning her 4th Int. Narbonne 8,432 birds.

Chucky 666 comes from the heart of the Demaret-Marichal colony. She is indeed a granddaughter of the 'Couple d'Or', a truly golden foundation couple. The father of Chucky 666 is a son of this golden pair consisting of Le Rouge x La Bleue Didi. Several top pigeons for the extreme long-distance were bred from this pair.

The mother of Chucky 666 is Daughter 036, a hen from Le 036 of Michel Dhalluin.


Lofts with a strong foundation are often also responsible for successes on other lofts. That's no different at Demaret-Marichal. The following brilliant results were won with direct descendants of the Demaret-Marichal loft.

  • 1. St. Junien 5.910 p. won by C. Rosiaux with a pigeon whose mother is a sister of Nirvana, a daughter of the foundation couple.


  • 1. Argenton NPDC 7.234 p. by A. Rollet (this winner comes from the old Demaret breed).
  • 1. Prov. Agen 1.799 p. in East Flanders by Youri Deblanc. The father is Zizou, currently the best breeding pigeon at Gregory and Thierry's loft.
  • 2. Nat. Tarbes hens in France by C. Rosiaux. The mother here is the nest sister of Nirvana. The father of this 2nd national Tarbes is also the father at Demaret-Marichal's loft of their winner 4th Nat. Perpignan.
  • 6. Int. Pau hens 3.559 p. again by C. Rosiaux. The mother is 'Sister Agen', sister of Nationaalke Agen, the winner of 1st Int. Agen.

Promising prospects

Undoubtedly, this tandem will continue to make waves in the coming years. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place right away, and now that the breeding loft is increasingly being expanded with the best-performing pigeons, it seems only a matter of time before more (inter)national successes are achieved in Herquegies, Hainaut. Gregory Demaret & Thierry Marichal form an excellent team that pursues new victories with a clear vision and strict selection. Perhaps 2024 will bring that first (inter)national victory?