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A second national victory in three years of time for Christophe Nottebaert (Templeuve, BE)

Since he has already 5x 2nd national to his name in the great middle distance races, Christophe is one of the most dominant names from this discipline!


The new diamant from the lofts in Templeuve is called Lilou, BE22-1097842. On the very hard Argenton I in 2023, she won the 1. Nat. against 17. 210 yearlings, booking at the same time the highest speed from the 30.125 basketed!

This brilliant national victory has been won a little bit less than 2 years after the first national victory from his career in July 2021 on Châteauroux: 1. Nat. Châteauroux II 7.099 old birds. 

At the time, this victory was putting an end to several years of bad luck. Indeed, between 2010 and 2020, Christophe climbed no less than 5 times (!) on the second march of the podium of a national race:

2. Nat. Bourges II 10.906 old birds '10
2. Nat. Argenton 4.782 old birds '12
2. Nat. Châteauroux II 13.086 yearlings '18
2. Nat. Guéret 5.331 old birds '18 
2. Nat. Bourges II 8.424 yearlings '20

With Lilou, he won the second national victory of his career in 3 years of time, putting at the same time a little bit of luster to his five second places. How many fanciers can say that they have won 7x a national top 2 in 13 years of time? Not that much. 

In the pedigree of the magnificent Lilou, we can find back several pigeons who proved in the past that they were able to fly early on the national races. She is not really a stranger... 

Her father is Noel (BE19-2092210) a pigeon bred from the line of Den Ad as well as the famous Leeuw (Marcel Wouters) crossed on the super pair Luc x Just Wait from Bart Geerinckx. 

Her mother is the BE19-1084699, a direct daughter of the BE17-1033818 (2. Nat. Châteauroux 13.086 p.) x BE17-1033813 (2. Nat. Zone Bourges 1.483 p.). 


Concerning Arthur, the cock that won the 1. Nat. Châteauroux against 7.099 old birds for the very first national victory of the Nottebaert colony in 2021, the story is much more emotional. Christophe Nottebaert talks about it through the camera. 

Video with Arthur's history


The national victory of Arthur was at the same time a great moment of emotion but it's also a big relief after having won five second national places. 

Arthur's father, BE12-9033073 was himself a super racer with a.o. 9. Nat. Montluçon 11.056 p, 38. Nat. Châteauroux 6.850 p. & 65. Nat. La Souterraine 11.236 p. He comes from a crossing Casaert-Senechal x Damien Baert. 

His mother is the BE12-9033049, a hen related on the basic pigeon from the loft who won the 2. Nat. Argenton 4.782 p. 

Big things in the making

After several years of brilliant performances on the national races of great middle distances, 5 times a second national place and 2 national victories, Christophe Nottebaert is without any doubt among the big names of the great middle distance races in Belgium. In his new accommodations, he is waiting the future with serenity hoping to book many early prizes on the national races. For the years to come, he will also enter several birds on the 600-700 kilometers races. It is sure that we have not yet finished to hear about his name!