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Sakis Minovgioudis (Alblasserdam, NL) sees his Ludo Claessens pigeons shine year in, year out, also on One Loft Races

Sakis watches over the legacy of legendary fancier Ludo Claessens. Children of superstars such as Meeuwke 12, Supercracks Talent and Bont Beauty became phenomenal breeders for Sakis himself and many other fanciers across the globe, especially for One Loft Races.
Sakis with his good friend John Georgopoulos (Greek Connection)

At the time of Ludo Claessens' total auction, when Sakis invested heavily in these pigeons no one could foresee what impact this would have on the rest of his pigeon racing career. For years he is viewed as the treasurer of the Claessens legacy. Besides beautiful results on his own lofts and on that of other fanciers, especially the successes on one loft races stand out. This year we find descendants of a/o Meeuwke 12, Supercracks Talent, Bont Beauty etc, etc. performing at One Loft Races such as the Hoosier Classic (USA), ACCDG Derby Guadalajara (Mexico) and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).

Sakis raced a relatively unexperienced group of yearlings but still managed noteworthy results in 2023. A yearlings which stood out was NL22-8449223, Super Marianne. She is a late youngsters from 2022 and wins the following results on the last three races of 2023:

22nd July '23 ISSOUDUN 580 km: 1st against 179 p., 69th National 27,085 p.
29th July '23 FONTANEY 447 km: 4th against 235 p., 60th Afdeling 5 6,906 p.
5th August '23 CHATEAUROUX 600 km: 10th against 315 p., 136th National S2 6,030 p.

This Super Marianne is a daughter of the breeders found below, White Talent x Super Yearling. 

NL14-1050916, White Talent

White Talent, father of a/o Super Marianne

White Talent may truly be called a super breeder on the lofts of Sakis. He is a direct son of Meeuwke 12 x Supercracks Talent and thus a full brother of Blue Talent, but also of Saki Moon, top breeder of Fred Goodchild (Canada). He is also a half-brother of Greed God (Tomasz Wiczling, Poland) etc. White Talent himself is a/o father of 1st Pontoise (against 571 p.) and 1st Pontoise (against 2,223 p.) and Super Marianne. 

NL19-1658696, Super Yearling

Super Yearling, mother of a/o Super Marianne

This young, talented breeder, Super Yearling managed to win absolute top results during her racing career. She took three top prizes on long distance races. Father is a cock from G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL). Mother is Miss Thessaloniki II and she is a daughter of Supercrack's Talent. The most beautiful racing results of Super Yearling are: 

1st Vierzon 549 km 1,090 p.
4th Fontenay 447 km 1,791 p.
10th Blois 523 km 867 p.
15th Quievrain 175 km 2,095 p.
25th Pontoise 358 km 1,234 p.
26th Peronne 247 km 2,122 p.

On National Issoudun - where Sakis started with 69th National against 27,085 - a phenomenal Regional result was booked with 1, 4, 6, 7, 9,10, 12, 19, 25, etc., ... but also on Bierges (126km) against 727 pigeons both 1st and 2nd Prize were won with 2 yougnsters from National Meeuwke. 

Nationaal Meeuwke, mother of 1st & 2nd Bierges (727 p.)

In 2021, Nationaal Meeuwke won 1st National SII Chateauroux against 7,962 pigeons. As a late youngster from 2019 she was not trained on flights in her birthyear. In 2020 she started her racing career with a good prize on the middle distance race from Pontoise (39th against 1,234 pigeons). In 2021 she won 56th against 7,419 pigeons on Vierzon (546km) and the victory on Chateauroux (600km) taking the 1st National SII. Father of Nationaal Meeuwke is Blue Talent who was paired to the Verkerk hen (NL16-1526397). This hen is a daughter of Harley (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Topwings 2015, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance with 4 prizes and 3rd Ace PIgeon PIPA Ranking with 3 prizes). Her mother is Euphoria (daughter of Bulldozer x Olympic Solange). 

One Loft Race performances '23

As mentioned previously, performances on One Loft Races are of an exceptional level. Before we discuss some highlights on this discipline further, here are some top results of the past years: 

Victoria Falls OLR'21 : Ummbirka Loft (Qatar win with Golden Grizzle:
3rd Grand Average Ace Pigeon and 4th Super Ace competition (Grandchild
White Talent)
Crooked River Ch. OLR'21: John Georgopoulos (Greek Connection) win with a grandchild of
Super Crack 35 1st Overall Average Speed
Big Andy OLR : Genesis Syndicate Loft win 1st Prize with the '374 on the
Final race (375 miles). Moreover, this pigeon finishes as 2nd Ace Pigeon.
This '374' is a grandson of Bonte Beauty x Meeuwke 12
Europastar Winter OLR : Dieter Siebert has the 1st Ace pigeon and 4th Prize in the Final race
(560 km) with a descendant of the bloodline Supercrack's Talent x Meeuwke 12
Southern Colorado OLR : Greek Connection win 1st Prize (350 miles) with descendant Sakis
Orlando Golden CL OLR : Greek Connection have 2nd Ace Pigeon with descendant via Peter de Vreys;
White Sakis and Magic Sakis, 2 super breeders. In 2018
one million euro was one at the One Loft Race in Baigeyuan with
a pigeon from Sakis.
Blue Bucket Stampede OLR: Greek Connection have the 1st Ace Pigeon with descendant Sakis
South Carolina OLR '20 : Greek Connection win this race with a grandchild of Sakis Moon
Derby Zagreb : Dieter Siebert has the 1st Ace Pigeon (from son Talents Rookie x
daughter Meeuwke 12)

OLR Hoosier Classic (USA)

There are many more highlights which could have been added to the overview above. For instance, at one of America's largest one loft races - the Hoosier Classic - the 1st Prize was won by Greek Connection Lofs of friend John Georgopoulos with a descendant of Meeuwke 12. The cock Porshce Meeuwke 935, bought by a Mexican friend, is the result of co-breeding with PIPA and on advice of Sakis, John bought a youngster from this cock. 

Winner 1st Prize Hoosier Classic

OLR ACCDG derby Guadalajara (Mexico)

At the ACCDG derby Guadalajara (Mexico) the 3rd Prize was won against 7,134 pigeons. This top performer comes forth from co-breeding between PIPA and Sakis and is another child of Porsche Meeuwke 935, from the bloodline Supercracks Talent x Meeuwke 12.

Supercracks Talent, grandfather of Porsche Meeuwke 935
Meeuwke 12, grandmother Porsche Meeuwke 935

OLR California Classic (USA)

The winner of the Final race of the California Classic (against 684 pigeons and winning USD17,000) descends from many of Sakis' top breeders. The mother of this winner descends from a/o Supercracks Talent, Bonte Beauty and Meeuwke 12. 

OLR Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

One of the most popular pigeons in One Loft Racing is without doubt Golden Grizzle. The father of this crack comes from Sakis and is a grandchild of White Talent x Daughter Meeuwke 12. Golden Grizzle herself won the 4th Super Ace Pigeon VFWCPR and in 2023 her youngster (BE23-4181029) wins 2nd Super Ace Pigeon VFWCPR in the same Victoria Falls race in Zimbabwe. Generation after generation we find White Talent back in the pedigree of OLR top performers. 

Satisfaction from One Loft Race performances 

Sakis still works from 07:00 to 18:00 and sees pigeon sport as his greatest hobby, despite the high demand for his pigeons. Luckily he has help from his friends Wim and Bertus. Without them, pigeon sport at this level would be impossible. A lack of time is often the reason that he starts with an unexperienced team of yearlings. At one loft races these limitations are not there and he manages - with a small number of pigeons - to stand out in this tough discipline. The performances of descendants from his super breeders such as Meeuwke 12, Supercracks Talent, Bonte Beauty, White Talent, Super Yearling, Nationaal Meeuwke etc., etc., ... give Sakis a lot of satisfaction.