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Gerard Schalkwijk (Lopik, NL) has become an international extreme long distance icon thanks to several top breeders

With stars such as Lady In The Dark, Orange Oil, Double Barcelona, Lady Richelle, etc. Gerard has performed sensationally on International extreme long distance races. Now, children of these superstars, such as Night Goldplay, Goldplay and Double Barcelona have taken over.
Gerard and Katiuska Schalkwijk

Gerard Schalkwijk has been a big name in the Netherlands and abroad when it comes to extreme long distance racing, especially on his speciality morning releases. His early arrivals in the middle of the night are truly spectacular. Gerard his pigeons have the courage and character to continue flying through the night and arrive in the middle of the night, when it is pitch dark. The foundation to this success is built around an ironclad breeding loft with pigeons originating from Barcelona legends Frans Bungeneers, Cor de Heijde and his own Rappe Ries-Barca King bloodlines. Many top breeders such as Lady in the Dark, Orange Oil, Lady Richelle, Barca King etc., have been introduced many times in past articles. In the meantime, we know that their children also play an important role in the most recent successes. Amongst them is the new super pair Night Goldplay x Goldplay, in other words 2nd National Perigueux SIII x 1st National Perigueux SIII.

NL20-1323505, Night Goldplay x NL19-1488013, Goldplay

As mentioned above, Night Goldplay is paired to Goldplay. Night Goldplay won the 2nd National Perigueux SIII against 6,759 pigeons and was clocked in the middle of the night at 01:14:26AM. Night Goldplay is a son of two absolute cracks: Double Barcelona x Senorita Richelle. Also, a brother of Night Goldplay called Orange Mathieu, won 15th International Perpignan this year. After the fantastic achievement of Night Goldplay he was immediately placed on the breeding lofts where he has proven his worth. 

Goldplay won the 1st National SIII Perigueux 2010 (fastest SIII + SIV agasint 11,000 pigeons). Goldplay was clocked on this Perigueux at 02:40AM. Goldplay is a daughter of Barca King x Orange Oil who are also parents of a/o Double Barcelona. Besides 1st National Perigueux, Goldplay proved herself as a fantastic breeders and is mother of a/o 1st and 2nd Limoges (NL22-8299237, Rappe Goldplay) against 145 pigeons (5th and 10th Limoges '23 against 572 p.). 

NL17-1082615, Double Barcelona x NL16-1339931, Senorita Richelle

Double Barcelona is a son of two icons; Barca King x Orange Oil. As his name suggests, both his parents managed top performances on Barcelona:

Barca King:
21st Nat. ZLU Barcelona ‘15
33rd Int. ZLU Barcelona ‘15
183rd Nat. Barcelona ‘17
678th Nat. Barcelona ‘18
Orange Oil:
Best Nat. Barcelona pigeon ‘17 ‘18 ‘19
Best Barcelona pigeon of Europe ‘17 ‘18 ‘19
2nd Nat. Ace Barcelona across 2 years ‘18 ‘19
3rd Nat. Ace Barcelona across 2 years ‘17 ‘18
6th Int. Ace Barcelona across 2 years ‘17 ‘18
20th Nat. Orange S3 ‘15
28th Nat. Barcelona ‘18
41st Nat. Barcelona ‘19
56th Nat. Barcelona ‘17
76th Int. Barcelona ‘18
97th Int. Barcelona ‘19
158th Int. Barcelona ‘17

Double Barcelona forms a top breeding pair together with Senorita Richelle. They are parents of a/o Night Goldplay (2nd Nat. SIII Perigueux '21) and Orange Mathieu (15th International Perpignan '23). Double Barcelona himself is a full brother of Goldplay (1st Nat. SIII Perigueux '20) and (grand) father of the following super racers:

Father to : Night Goldplay 2nd Nat. SIII Perigueux '21
Orange Mathieu 15th Int. Perpignan '23
Grandfather to : Amadeus Nightflyer 18th Nat. SIII Bergerac '22
32nd Nat. SIII Perigueux '21
132nd Nat. SIII Cahors '22
177th Nat. Marseille '21

Senorita Richelle is a daughter of breeding phenomenon Lady Richelle. Lady Richelle is a granddaguther of super breeder Don Michel (Cor de Heijde) and her mother is a half-sister of Queen Tonny (1st National Barcelona '05) at Frans Bungeneers. Lady Richelle perfectly manages to pass on these winning genes as her children have won 9x 1st Prize. One of her most prominent children is Orange Oil with 3x 1st Prize. Senorita Richelle herself is mother of a/o 2nd Nat. SIII Perigueux '21 (Night Goldplay), 15th Int. Perpignan '23 (Orange Mathieu), 30th Nat. SIII Orange '19, 107th Nat. Perpignan '19, etc. 

NL22-8299094, Inbred Oil x NL22-8299099, Orange Barca Queen

In his search for new talented breeding pairs, Gerard talk highly of Inbred Oil x Orange Barca Queen. He says, "I believe to have discovered a new top pair. Youngsters from this pair do very well and have exceptional physical qualities'. Their descent is also fantasic. Inbred Oil is a direct son of Night Goldplay (2nd Nat. SIII Perigueux '21 x super breeder Orange Oil. Orange Barca Queen is a daughter of Barca Jacky (full brother 2nd Nat. Barcelona '19, Jacky de Bruine x breeding sensation Lady Richelle). 

On other lofts, descendants of a/o Lady In The Dark, Orange Oil, Double Barcelona, Lady Richelle, etc., also do exceptionally well. We finish this article with an overview of several magnificent references from the past season, underlining the strength of this phenomenal breeding foundation: 

  • Henri van Venrooij has a grandchild of Barca King x Snelle Willy. This pigeon won 4th National Marseille '22 and 14th National Marseille '23. This crack is thereby the Best International Marseille pigeon across 2 years at the PIPA Ranking. In addition, a son of Rappe Ries x Lady Barca (daughter Lady Richelle) wins 10th Final Victoria Falls OLR in Zimbabwe '23.
  • Comb. Huigens- van de Molen have a granddaughter of Lady Richelle. She is a/o mother of 2nd NPO Dax '21, 10th NPO Limoges '21, 7th NPO Cahors, 2nd NPO Bergerac '21 etc., …
  • Harold Zwiers has a grandchild of Lady in the Dark x Mr. Mollema. This pigeons (Miss Aurore) win a/o 2nd International Perpignan '23
  • Combinatie Steenbeek & Zoon have a son of Tom Dumoulin (half-brother Lady in the Dark). This pigeon wins the 12th National Perpignan '23.
  • Jan Grootoonk houses a/o a grandchild of Lady Richelle. This cock won 15th Bergerac NU '23 against 10,327 pigeons.  
  • Jurrian van Amerongen has a super breeding hen from Lady Barca (Lady Richelle) x Brother Orange Oil.  Jurrian has bred five beautiful yearlings which are often amongst his first arrivals. Both on Agen '23 and Narbonne '23 one of these yearlings was his first pigeon. 
  • Willem Tielemans has a grandchild of Lady in the Dark. This hen won 14th Nat. SI Bergerac '23 (9,923 p.).
  • Nico Rouschop has a great grandchild of Lady Richelle. This pigeon won 15th National Bordeaux '23
  • Sven and Wim van Houten have a/o a grandchild of Mr. Mollema x Lady in the Dark. This grandchild won 24th National Barcelona '23
  • Corné Keijnemans has a grandchild of Lady in the Dark. This pigeon won 6th NPO Bordeaux '23
  • Mario de Vogel has a half-brother of Gerard's 6th Nat. Bergerac '23. This pigeon won 30th NPO St. Vincent '23 (1,509 p.).
  • Etc., etc., …