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'Superkweker Keesboer 863' brightened the 2023 season of Wim De Troy (Berlaar, BE)

Wim & Steven De Troy once again achieved many beautiful results during the past racing season. Various national and provincial top results led to the great classifications in different (ace pigeon) championships and rankings.

Important to the successes in 2023 are a/o 4 grandchildren of Superkweker Keesboer 863 (BE08-6176863). This top breeder became father of 'De 092' back in 2009, winner of a/o

1st Dourdan 199 p.
9th Dourdan 1,275 p.
58th Nat. Bourges 24,676 p.
61st Nat. Montluçon 17,865 p.
130th Nat. Argenton 11,001 p.
Superkweker Keesboer 863

Thereafter, various children bred from Superkweker Keesboer 863 followed with top results, including Nelson, Lexus, Betty and Bruce. It is clear that the next generation is taking over, as many grandchildren of Superkweker Keesboer 863 are amongst De Troy's racing team. In the meantime, the grandchildren Dubai, Miss Universe, Quick-Step and Cheese are leading this loft to success. 

Quick-Step (BE22-6033097): 1st Nat. Zone Argenton

This year, the yearling hen Quick-Step won both 1st Nat. Zone Argenton 1,743 p. and the title of 16th Nat. Ace Pigeon Yearlings KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2023.

She is a granddaughter of Superkweker Keesboer 863. Her father is Den 092, bred from the pair Superkweker Keesboer 863 x Walt Disney. Mother of Quick-Step is Quicksilver, who in turn is a daughter of Iron Man x Cassandra. 

Quick-Step won amongst others:

1st Nat. Zone 1,743 p. – 5th Nat. Argenton 15,210 p.
3rd Nat. Zone 2,053 p. – 31st Nat. Bourges 12,094 p.
36th Nat. Chateauroux 13,096 p.
7th Melun 2,850 p.
36th Melun 1,745 p.
84th Nat. Zone Bourges 2,064 p.
Iron Lady, 1st Nat. Montluçon and sister Quicksilver, mother of Quick-Step

Dubai (BE20-6181215)

The race from Montélimar was changed to Valence II due to the mistral. The idea was to shorten the race, so that the pigeons would not have to fly against the mistral winds. Not 1, but 2 races were flown from Valence in 2023, a release site from which Dubai knows her way home. Dubai won 2x 3rd Provincial Valence past season, good for the following national prizes: 

  • 41st Nat. Valence 6,089 p.
  • 16th Nat. Valence II 3,655 p.

What a feat. 

Father of Dubai is Moonwalker, a son of Superkweker Keesboer 863 and Manuella (sister Marianne2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Heavy Middle Distance KBDB 2007). Mother Dubai is Dorothy, daughter of Den 877 Boxer and Juliette. 

Dorothy, mother of Dubai

Miss Universe (BE21-6035029)

Miss Universe is a granddaughter of Superkweker Keesboer 863 which managed to claim an ace pigeon title for the third consecutive season!

  • 19th Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2021
  • 2nd Ace Pigeon Yearlings Union Antwerpen Heavy Middle Distance 2022 & 6th Best Yearling across 8 National races
  • 26th Nat. Ace Pigeon Old birds KBDB Heavy Middle Distance 2023

Father of Miss Universe is BA Baracus, son of Superkweker Keesboer 863, which was paired to Gouda. Mother is Unica (Van Eynde-Govaerts; half-sister 2nd Nat. Chateauroux 9,450 p.), bred from Tornado Prins and Blauwe 259-16. 

BA Baracus, father of Miss Universe

Cheese (BE22-6033218)

The yearling hen Cheese won several impressive results in 2023. One of her highlights was winning 1st Melun against 3,450 p. and fastest of the whole release against 12,207 p. It becomes clear where her talent comes from; her father is King Vierzon, winner 1st Prov. Vierzon 1,131 pigeons and fastest of 3,020 p. King Vierzon is a sun of Superkweker Keesboer 863 x Manuella. 

Mother of Cheese is Daria, a direct Gaston Van De Wouwer from the bloodlines of Kaasboer and Maria. 

With the 4 grandchildren of Super Keesboer 863 we covered a large part of past season's stars from Wim & Steven De Troy. However, there are pigeons which stood in the spotlights from other bloodlines also. 

Redbull (BE20-6181071): 1st Nat. Zone Argenton

One of them is Redbull, winner of 1st Nat. Zone Argenton 1,152 p. She previously won a/o 21st and 72nd Nat. Issoudun. She is a daughter of Gorilla, a cock from the bloodlines of Willy Daniëls and Engels J. & J. 

Mother is McLaren, she own a/o 34th Nat. Chateauroux against 14,955 p., 21st Prov. Blois against 2,661 p....McLaren was bred from the pair Speedy Gonzales x Maria. Another cross between the best lines of De Troy with those from Engels J. & J. 

McLaren, mother of Redbull

Route 66 (BE23-6015066)

Lastly, there was a true talent amongst the young birds. The 15th Best Young bird across 4 National races (PIPA Ranking) of 2023 resides on the lofts in Berlaar. Route 66 was there on every National race for young birds. This hen showed to be capable of top results in a variety of conditions. A characteristics she inherits from her parents...

Her father is Urbanus, who won a/o the following prizes: 

67th Nat. Bourges 7,254 p.
109th Nat. La Souterraine 16,613 p.
130th Nat. Chateauroux 2,855 p.
261st Nat. Bourges 28,078 p.
253rd Nat. Chateauroux 14,955 p.
34th Souppes 2,248 p.

Mother is Daria, direct Gaston Van De Wouwer. Daria is also mother of the yearling hen Cheese, who we mentioned earlier as winner against the whole release from Melun. 

Regulars on the national podium

The 2023 racing season was a continuation of past years. In the recent past, Wim, Steven and Marianne De Troy stood in the spotlights by winning national victories, national ace pigeon titles and championship titles. This year, they simply continued where they left off. Their foundation, with the bloodlines of Boxer and Superkweker Keesboer 863, have been supplemented with the best of Gaston Van De Wouwer and Jos & Jules Engels throughout the years. A combination of which led to superb results in Berlaar. We end this article with an overview of top results achieved by De Troy in 2023.