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Team Pleiter-Kolkman stole the show during the AviRings Derby final with Miss Avi

Gerrit Pleiter proudly shows his trophy and winner of the AviRings Derby 2023
The third edition of the AviRings Derby had a dream-like final with a leading role for the winner Miss Avi from Team Pleiter-Kolkman.

AviRings Derby 2023 and the road to the final 

The lofts of the AviRings Derby OLR are found in Odranci, Slovenia. During this third edition, a total of 2,126 pigeons were accommodated, sent in by 330 fanciers. The races were held from release sites to the East of the loft. In total, there were 8 training flights, varying in distance between 28 and 84 kilometers. Thereafter, 4 races followed, a semi-final, and on September 16th the final was held from Tiszabecs across 521km. The pigeons could be followed within the lofts 24/7 via a livestream, the pigeons were darkened and from Race 4 onwards the sexes were separated. These are a few things which make the AviRings Derby stand out from other one loft races. Training and the first 4 tosses went successfully and most pigeons returned home. The semi-final turned out to be the first real test. From 1,321 basketed pigeons, 20% reached the lofts on the first day. The first pigeon, from Team ten Klei/Begovic, achieved an average speed of 931 m/min. The day after the release another 446 pigeons followed and another 27 two days after release. The semi-final was over and 726 pigeons had returned. More pigeons continued to arrive in the following days which lead to 826 pigeons being basketed for the final from Tiszabecs. 

The final

Compliments to the AviRings Derby organization for postponing the planned final by one week after the tough semi-final. It gave all the pigeons the chance to recuperate from sem-final and to be basketed one last time for the final race. This was a decision which turned out well. On the final from Tiszabecs the pigeons were released at 08:15. At 14:33 the first group of 9 pigeons arrived and it was the NL23-9093893 from Team Pleiter-Kolkman which was clocked first, followed by a pigeon from PIPA Elite Center and the Slovenian Tone Čebašek. The winner was quite a sensation when it turned out she had won 2nd place during the semi-final and was part of the first drop (3 pigeons arrived together during the semi-final). At night fall there were 455 pigeons clocked. The next morning, another 221 pigeons arrived quite rapidly and the whole day pigeons were dropping in. It was noteworthy that during the trainings, races, semi-final and final the pigeons came home in great condition. In the end, 85% of the pigeons found their way back to the lofts from the final race.  A huge compliment goes out to the caretakers led by loft manager Tadej Vugrinec. After a short overview of the Top 3 from the final and ace pigeon competition we will introduce the winners and several other stars further;

Final on 16-9-2023 from Tiszabecs across 521 km

1st Team Pleiter-Kolkman NL-2023-9093893
2nd PIPA Elite Center BE-2023-4163190
3rd Tone Čebašek SLO-2023-108-9208

AviRings Ace Pigeon

1. John Stoffer NL-2023-9619344
2. Team Eschenberg & Becker - DV-2023-06967-1026
Team Lucky Looser
3. Team Sjoerd Lei & Vetri Maaran NL-2023-9553047
NL23-9093893 Miss Avi, winner AviRings Derby final 2023

NL23-9093893 Miss Avi from Team Pleiter-Kolkman is the sensation of the AviRings Derby 2023

Results Miss Avi

1st Final Tiszabecs 826 pigeons - 521 km.
2nd Semi-final Görbehaza 1,321 pigeons - 400 km.
1st AviRings "3 races" Cup
9th Average Speed
NL23-9619344 Avi Ace from John Stoffer wins 1st Ace Pigeon AviRings Derby 2023

NL23-9619344 Avi Ace from John Stoffer wins the Ace Pigeon competition of the AviRings Derby 2023

NL23-9619344 Avi Ace won the following titles

1st AviRings Ace Pigeon
3rd Average speed

Semi-final winner and other noteworthy pigeons in the Top 10 of the final 

The winner of the semi-final is certainly worth mentioning. The semi-final was possibly the toughest race of this edition. The NL23-9214600 AviRings Rocket from Team ten Klei/Begovic took more than 7 hours to complete the 400km race (with an average speed of 932 m/min). 

NL23-9214600 AviRings Rocket, semi-final winner of Team ten Klei/Begovic

NL23-9214600 AviRings Rocket stood in the spotlights with the following results

1st Semi-final Görbehaza 1,321 pigeons - 400 km
6th Avirings Ace Pigeon
8th Average speed

Fifth place in the final was won by the NL23-9553047, sent in by Team Sjoerd Lei & Vetri Maaran. This pigeon not only managed an outstanding result during the final, but also became 3rd Ace Pigeon. 

NL23-9553047 Floki Wilma of Sjoerd Lei & Vetri Maaran achieved top results!

NL23-9553047 Team Sjoerd Lei & Vetri Maaran

3rd Avirings Ace Pigeon
4th Average speed
5th Final Tiszabecs 826 pigeons - 521 km.
21st AviRings "3 races" Cup

Winning 9th place in the final race, the pigeon from the first drop to be clocked last, was SLO-2023-114-1202 from Simon Hozjan. Besides this 9th place during the final, this pigeon ranked highly in all competitions. 

SLO-2023-114-1202 of Simon Hozjan finishes o/a as 1st Average speed

SLO-2023-114-1202 of Simon Hozjan

1st Average speed
4th AviRings "3 races" Cup
9th Final Tiszabecs 826 pigeons - 521 km.
13th AviRings Ace Pigeon

Ultimate race

For the first time in the short history of the AviRings Derby, fanciers got the chance to participate in the 'Ultimate 600 Race' across 600km after the final. Long distance fanciers were keen to participate.