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New auction: Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race

Monday 4th of Septemberthis new auction will start: Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race.

Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race (ZW)
Final winners & Ace Pigeons

Victoria Falls has rapidly grown out to become one of the most prestigious international one loft races. In dreamlike surroundings, under tough but fair conditions, the participating pigeons battle for a total of 1,5 million US Dollars in prize money. Top fanciers from around the world send in their best pigeons to this prestigious race, of which the winners and ace pigeons are highly regarded in international pigeon sport. The status of this one loft race is still rising and is more and more seen as the best one loft races in the world.

The 2023 edition was especially tough, during which participating pigeons had to overcome many challenges. A true battle, during which 4,600 pigeons were basketed for the first training and the Final was flown with 735 pigeons. A highly regarded competition within the Victoria Falls OLR is the Super Ace competition, flown across Hot Spot 3-4-5-6 and the Final; the most selective races. The Grand Average Ace competition is held across all races, including the training flights. 

The length of this series, demands the best from the pigeons participating. There is no other international one loft race where pigeons fly more kilometers than Victoria Falls WCPR. More than 4,000km are flown in tosses and flights before the Final. An exceptional performance on the African continent, where drought, limited water along the route, strong winds up to 25 km/h, high temperatures...make that only the best of the best during the Hot Spots, find their way to the Final. 

The Final was one to remember, with Hans-Paul Esser winning by a 45 minute lead! One of the most iconic one loft race winners ever, bred from the Purdey bloodlines, one of the best Million Dollar Race pigeons ever. 

Only 17 pigeons reached the lofts on the day of release. On day 2 and 3 many diehards still managed to find their way to the lofts. 

Some statistics: 

  • Hot Spot I (192 km) with 3,646 p.– fastest pigeon 1468 m/min
  • Hot Spot II (237 km) with 3,379 p. – fastest pigeon 1520 m/min
  • Hot Spot III (318 km) with 3,069 p. – fastest pigeon 1520 m/min
  • Hot Spot IV (435 km) with 2,412 p. – fastest pigeon 1533 m/min
  • Hot Spot V (318 km) with 1,105 p. – fastest pigeon 1645 m/min
  • Hot Spot VI (435 km) with 943 p. – fastest pigeon 1687 m/min
  • Final (583 km) with 735 p. – fastest pigeon 1170 m/min