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A report on the British Barcelona Club old bird race from Guernsey on 29th April 2023

The national winner
Two hundred and forty-six members sent three thousand, two hundred and nineteen pigeons to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 09.00 CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
John Park

First open and first NC section was a two year old on 1318mpm over a distance of 204 miles for Mr and Mrs John Park of Bromham. The Park's blue chequer cock was sent driving its hen to nest. John flies the natural system and the dam of this pigeon was a Herman's hen bred by Mick Collins for the late Brian Ferris. It bred Brian a combine winner from over 3,000 pigeons and John purchased the hen at Brian's clearance sale. The sire was another clearance sale purchase, this time for Howard Jackson. It is a grandson of Propere Rik and Foxy Lady and Propere Rik and Athenas Best. 

John Haynes

J F Haynes of Fifield timed a two year old on 1313mpm over 159 miles to take first CS section and second open. John timed a roundabout cock, the sire of which came from Malik and Khan. The dam contains John's own Vandenabeele bloodlines. 

J & B Oakley

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch were third open and first NW section with a three year old on 1308mpm over 241 miles. The partners timed Super 90, a previous second section winner, usually overshadowed by her nest mate, Guernsey Girl who has won the section twice. Both are bred from their good breeding pair, 24 cock and 626. It was raced on the jealousy system. 

Nicky Hawes

The Toddington loft of Nicky Hawes was second CS section and fourth open with a three year old on 1306mpm over 191 miles. Nicky timed a cock bred by B and K Hawes out of their Aramis pigeons. It was raced on a basic roundabout system. 

Mark Gilbert & Troy Birch

Mark Gilbert of Winkfield timed a two year old on 1300mpm over 157 miles to take third CS section and fifth open. Mark's first timer was a sprint pigeon containing Stefaan Lambrechts bloodlines of The 546 and The 826. By 16.00 Mark had 181 of his 230 entries home. 

Jamie Williams

Jamie Williams of Eltham was sixth open and first ES section with a yearling on 1297.2mpm over a distance of 177 miles. Jamie timed a second pigeon, a yearling on 1291mpm to also take tenth open and second ES section. The section winner is a Van Den Bulck chequer hen, raced on the roundabout system. The dam was bred by FBI breeding being a full sister of FBI Niamh. The sire was bred by Gordon Bros and was a son of Dream Rode and Best Bulcka. 

Seventh open and fourth CS section was a yearling on 1297mpm over 115 miles for Mr and Mrs Waterhouse from Bedhampton. 

Steve Sheffield of Oakley Green timed a three year old on 1294.8mpm over 159 miles to take eighth open and fifth CS section. 

Peter Rixon of Reading was ninth open and fifth CS section with a two year old on 1294.4mpm over 153 miles. 

Tony Buckfield

Around the sections. 

T Buckfield of Hockley clocked a yearling on 1289mpm over 202 miles to take second ES section. Tony's hen is a Gert Hayley x Gaston van de Wouwer, the sire dam of which were bred by Mr and Mrs Buckfield. It was sent flying to the perch. 

D Wilton & Son

D Wilton & Son of Chadwell St Mary were third ES section with a two year old on 1285mpm over 187 miles. The partner's cock was a son of Golden Rossi, one of their best Heremans Ceusters stock cocks. The dam was bred by John Jackson from Cornwall from the best of his Eijerkamp Heremans Ceusters, with the sire being Castor and the dam, Selenis. 

Mick Wiffen with Ray Dibben & John Clapcott

M and M Wiffen of Dorchester were first WS section and twenty-ninth open with a six year old on 1243mpm over 83 miles. Mick timed a cock named Dibben, after the breeder, Ray Dibben of Poole. Dibben is bred from a Van Hee cock and a hen from Mick's Scot Storie family of birds. 

Wojciech Blachut

Second WS was a three year old on 1227mpm over 127 miles for Wojciech Blachut of Trowbridge. Wojciech had two pigeons come together, Silver and Brian, both bred from Brian Sheppard bloodlines when crossed with those of his good friends Robert and Patryk Sulkowski of Poland. . 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were third WS section on 1222mpm over 91 miles. The partners clocked an Alistair Muir pigeon, sent sitting fourteen day eggs. 

John's Garvey's grandson, Alex

John Garvey of Walsall timed a two year old on 1205mpm over 218 miles to take second NC section and fifty-fifth open. John timed a hen bred from gift birds from his friends and club mates. The cock was a Marcelis from Shaun McDonough and the hen was a Braspenning from Craig Chambers. 

Mr & Mrs Errington

Mr and Mrs Errington of Rushden were third NC section with a five year old on 1200mpm over a distance of 210 miles. Mel and Julie clocked a chequer pied hen containing Jan Huybregts bloodlines including Southport and Flo Jo. It was flown on a double widowhood system and its cock was also clocked in the race. 

D & E Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke were first NE section and eighty-ninth open with a five year old on 1170mpm over 249 miles. Dennis amd Elaine timed two pigeons, both Vandenabeeles flown on the natural system and both previous section winners. 

Dave Downing

Dave Downing of Suffolk clocked a seven year old on 1084mpm over 229 miles to take second NE section. Dave timed his favourite Hardy Kruger cock which has won nearly £1000 in its racing career so far. It was only ever flown inland prior to last season when it went to Guernsey for the first time. It was flown on the widowhood system. 

Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce of Assington was third NE section with a two year old on 929mpm over 227 miles. Brian's pied cock was a pure Staf Van Reet, flown on the widowhood system and on its fourth race of the season. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury timed a four year old on 1273 mpm over 174 miles to take second NW section and fifteenth open. John and Trevor clocked a widowhood cock containing Cooper x Gilbert bloodlines. Both sire and dam were bred by Alen Gibb of Gloucester. The partners had all fourteen entries home on the day. 

Sebastian Szul from Telford was third NW section with a three year old on 1272mpm over 222 miles. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the first old bird race from Guernsey for the British International Championship Club.