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Lubomir Kubacek his 'Antonio' is crowned World Best Pigeon 2022 Allround FCI

This great fancier from Bohunovice, Czech Republic houses a true phenomenon on his lofts. Antonio ensured one success after another in the past two years, and now he delivers Lubomir this FCI title!


Antonio (CZ19-0234-3321) can't stop winning top results and championship titles. The title FCI World Best Pigeon Allround, is the cherry on top of the cake for Lubomir Kubacek and his phenomenal racer! 

Antonio descends from the foundation of the Kubacek colony on father's side. His father is Banderas, winner of 1st Nat. Oostende against 2,922 pigeons (across 1007km!). Banderas in turn is a son of Toni, who is also father to stock breeder Blue Toni

Mother is Blue Nelly, of Hardy Krüger. She is a daugther of Ballisto and Nelly (a daughter of Black Power). 

Antonio won 29 prizes in 2 years time across 11,878 race kilometers: 

  • 2021 = 14 prizes across 5,831 km (best in the Czech Republic)
  • 2022 = 15 prizes across 6,047 km (best in the Czech Republic)

This led to the following titles and results: 

3rd Nat. Super Ace 2022 (10 races in 1 season)
3rd Nat. Olympiad D 2022 (Allround)
3rd Nat. Olympiad H 2022 (Ace Pigeon)
4th Nat. Olympiad C 2022 (Long Distance)
4th Nat. Olympiad E 2022 (Marathon)
5th Nat. Olympiad I 2022 (Long Distance - 1 year competition)

2nd Nat. Cloppenburg 724 km 3,956 p.
2nd Mochov 186 km 2,583 p.
3rd Interprov. Gotha 500 km 2,528 p.
3rd Mochov 186 km 3,016 p.
3rd Rakovnik 260 km 1,035 p.
4th Interprov. Cheb 365 km 5,664 p.
5th Interprov. Tachov 336 km 4,350 p.
7th Interprov. Eisenach 529 km 3,664 p.
9th Cheb 365 km 1,847 p.
10th Cheb 365 km 1,759 p.
13th Interprov. Krajkova 348 km 7,023 p.
13th Rakovnik 260 km 2,165 p.
The title World Best Pigeon Allround is the cherry on top of the cake...
Banderas, father Antonio

Palmares is complete

The past two seasons were super successful for Lubomir Kubacek, in which Antonio played a crucial role. This crack won one top result after another and continuously ranked highly in ace pigeon and olympiad classifications. Only one victory was still missing...with the title of 1st World Best Pigeon 2022 Allround FCI the palmares is complete. What an achievement!