Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE): references keep coming in

The pigeons of world-class fancier Davy Tournelle excel far beyond the boundary of his own lofts. Countless others benefit from Davy his stock, also on various One Loft Races these pigeons stand out.

The colony of Davy Tournelle is renowned in Belgium for quite some time now: national victories and prominent titles are won in abundance. As a result, many fanciers strengthen their own colonies with these pigeons from Rummen. Moreover, on many One Loft Races the name Tournelle regularly stands in the spotlights. We would like to share some of the latest references with you here. 

References from around the world

For instance, a reference came in from Duhail Loft, Qatar that a descendant of the superstar Torres (BE09-2020506) had done exceptionally well at the Pattaya OLR in 2022. The '013' (QAT-22-22013) became 23rd Ace Pigeon at this prestigious one loft race against an initial of 9,462 pigeons from 3,000 fanciers across the globe. A nest sister of this '013' was one of the stars of Hot Spot 1 at the Pattaya OLR a year earlier. 

Torres: stock pigeon at Davy Tournelle

Fellow countrymen Thibaut-Boons from Sombreffe were also successful at the One Loft Race in Pattaya. With a cross between Tournelle and Vandenabeele pigeons, this combination won 46th against nearly 6,000 pigeons with their BE22-1012666 on the Final of this famous One Loft Race. 

A reference which just came in from Hector Loft & El Tremelo: two grandchildren from Torres Blue (BE18-2038330) and Miss Torres (BE17-2058221) achieve phenomenal results on the Florida OLR 2023. This duo won the following top results: 

  • 2nd / 3,098 p.
  • 16th / 3,177p.
  • 18th / 2,861 p.
  • 33rd / 2,629 p.
  • 49th / 3,805 p.
  • 153rd / 3,636 p.
  • 179th / 2,549 p.
Torres Blue & Miss Torres : grandparents of 2 absolute stars in Florida

In Doha, Qatar there were also some great references after introducing Tournelle pigeons on the lofts. Besides a long list of top results, the QAHP-20-10184C from Al-Gashamiya Loft won the National race from Qatar. This crack took a 4 minute lead on very tough race to take the victory against the whole release! Winning 1st National in such harsh conditions shows that the Tournelle pigeon has that something extra. The mother of this winner is a sister of Queen of Prime (BE17-2057743), 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2019. Queen of Prime was raced by Patrick Lenaerts and is now back on the breeding lofts in Rummen. 

Queen Of Prime: a fantastic breeder

The quality which resides on the breeding lofts in Rummen is more than hopeful. Names such as Torres and Tiësto ensure that the Tournelle family has a colony of pigeons which always manages to perform at an extremely high level. The references they receive from other lofts keep coming in, and it is certainly not the last we have heard from this fantastic loft!