A wonderful racing season for the combination Dehon-Demonseau (Thulin, BE)

It is already the sixth year in a row that the latest big sensation of the Belgian pigeon sport is literrally destroying the sprint competition. This wife & husband combination won in 2023 the 1st-2nd-3rd National Acebirds Sprint Yls KBDB. Never seen before!

They also won once again the title of 1. National Champion Sprint Obs & Yls KBDB with an incredible coefficient: 2.1999%! By the way, it was the year of all the records in Thulin: the 'Mechant Best Kittel' won the title of 1st National Acebird with 0.58%, crushing another record: the lowest coefficient of the history for a title of 1st national acebird sprint KBDB. And that's how this fantastic racing loft has once again strengthened its performance list:

1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2015 Obs (with National Ace 2015)
1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2017 Obs (with Best Kittel)
2. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2018 Yls (with Junior)
1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2019 Yls (with Daniel)
1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2020 Yls (with Best Kittel II)
1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2021 Obs (with Blue Best Kittel)
1. National Acebird Sprint KBDB 2022 Yls (with Mechant Best Kittel)

Which means a total of 4 titles of 1. National Acebird KBDB in a row and no less than 6 over the last 8 seasons.... simply astonishing. We all know how hard it is to reach the top level of the sprint discipline in Belgium and it is already a single performance in itself but staying at the top is even harder and seeing them crushing all these records, pushing the boundaries so hard, it is simply never seen before at such a level! We are taking the risk to repeat it but being able to produce so many national acebirds of such a level is only possible with the highest quality possible. For this sympathic couple, everything has started with the lines of the 'Mechant', ancestor of 'Best Kittel' and the rest of the family. This was before PIPA Breeding stepped in, just after the discovery of 'Best Kittel', and decided to treasure & improve this incredible family of birds who is also achieving fantastic performances in several one loft races throughout the world at various distances, including the longest ones. These are 'all-road' pigeons with fantastic athletic qualities but their biggest strength is their iron character and their will to come home as soon as possible.

Let's now introduce you the 3 brand-new stars of the loft.

- 'Méchant Best Kittel'

As explained before, this pigeon is kinda the brand new sensation of the Belgian pigeon sport because with his 0.58%, he know own the record of the lowest coefficient of the sprint national acebirds (a record beaten for the 3rd time over the last 3 years). His performance list is astonishing:

1. Noyon   2.445 p.
1. Pont     1.601 p.
1. Pont        905 p.
1. Noyon     798 p.
1. Pont        730 p.
2. Pont     2.322 p.
2. Ecouen 1.377 p.

- 'Grizzle Best Kittel' (BE21-4202197)

Daniel Dehon said about him: 'It is the best pigeon that i've ever raced'. It says a lot about the value of this pigeon to the eyes of his manager, moreover when the man talking is the one who bred pigeons such as Best Kittel, Junior, Daniel, BBK & co. We must say that this 'Grizzle Best Kittel' can be rightly considered as one of the best sprint pigeon of the history. Indeed, he has been sent to the races 20 times during his entire career and he managed to win no less than 17 prizes (!!) per 100 on those 20 races. And regarding the 6 races used to see him becoming 2nd National Acebird Sprint Yls KBDB, he has never been beaten by pigeons from other lofts but only by his own loftmates. His best performances:

1. Pont  2.322 p.
1. Pont  1.363 p.
1. Ecouen 860 p.
1. Pont     730 p.
1. Ecouen 696 p.

- 'Son BK II - 154' (BE21-4202154)

Only two of his loftmates were able to deprive this super son of 'Best Kittel II' to win the title of 1st national acebird sprint yls KBDB. Instead of that, he 'only' ends at the 3rd place of the podium with a coefficient of 1.06%. His performances:

1. Ecouen 2.639 p.
1. Ecouen 1.377 p.
1. Ecouen    479 p.
2. Pont     1.363 p.
2. Pont        905 p.

This super racer will be raced again in 2023!

In conclusion

What can we really say about the 2023 racing season otherwise that it seems that we still haven't seen the end of this epic saga who is slowly becoming legendary. This loft is simply dominating the Belgian competition and the descendants of 'Best Kittel' & co are cumulating the references in Belgium and abroad. We are not even talking about the incredible references booked all over the world in various one loft races. They managed to create one of the most famous breeding lines of the history of the pigeon sport and they are now considered as one of the leading loft from the Belgian pigeon scene. What will happen in 2023?