Vanhoudt-Serré (Diest, BE) house unique bloodlines

Vanhoudt-Serré, who were National Champions in the recent past, are the proud owners of an extraordinary collection Van De Wouwer pigeons.

Benny Vanhoudt and son Bart, together with Freddy Serré own a colony of pigeons bursting with quality. Especially their unique collection of direct Gaston Van De Wouwer pigeons is remarkable. This world-class pigeons were obtained through the close friendship between Gaston and the trio from Flemish Brabant. World-famous names such as New Kim and Kaasboer are bloodlines which are in abundance on the lofts of Vanhoudt-Serré. The title National Champion KBDB Middle Distance 2020 and a Interprovincial victory in 2022 show that Benny, Bart and Freddy made the right decision when they put their faith in these bloodlines. Taking into account the addition of Geerinckx bloodlines, the quality of this colony is extremely high. 

The last two sisters of superstar New Kim 

New Kim was world news when this hen was bought in auction for a record amount. New Kim had already shocked the world with incredible achievements and ace pigeon titles in Berlaar at Gaston Van De Wouwer. Currently, there are only 2 sisters of New Kim in Europe. Both are owned by Vanhoudt-Serré. 


Sister New Kim 580
Sister New Kim 591

The name Kaasboer is renowned in pigeon sport. The name is synonymous with Van De Wouwer. Kaasboer was the legendary stock pigeon of Gaston, which also helped strengthen the colony of Vanhoudt-Serré. For instance, their Kaasboer Schanulleke (BE18-2104534) won a/o 1st Provincial and 1st Interprovincial Vierzon against more than 8,000 pigeons, 1st Salbris, 1st Bourges, ... She has the best bloodlines running through her veins; a combination of the best from Willem De Bruijn and Kaasboer of Van De Wouwer. It is a dream to have such quality on the lofts. 

Kaasboer Schanulleke

Another illustrious name on the lofts of Vanhoudt-Serré is that of B. & L. Geerinckx. The combination managed to get their hands on pigeons from this champions loft in Wommelgem, responsible for extraordinary pigeon racing. Amongst others Fantasy Wouters (BE18-6024312) is a direct Geerinckx, who became father and grandfather of many super pigeons in Diest, including a/o the 1st Prov. La Souterraine and 1st Prov. Melun,...if this wasn't enough we also find the iconic Kannibaal in his pedigree. 

Fantasy Wouters : direct Geerinckx and super breeder at Vanhoudt-Serré

A daughter of Fantasy Wouter is T Provinciaaltje (BE19-2018063, winner of 1st Provincial and 23rd National La Souterraine. T Provinciaaltje herself is already mother of 1st Provincial Melun at W. Coenen! 

There are very few lofts which house such great quality pigeons as Benny, Bart and Freddt Vanhoudt-Serré from Diest. Through selection and pigeon knowhow, they have built a pigeon stock capable of achieving results many could only dream of. Again, proof that only through the highest quality and class one can reach the absolute top.