The Jellema pigeon excels at One Loft Race finals in Thailand

Jelle Jellema (Nijverdal, NL): successful at OLR.
Last week, the Thailand Masters and the Pattaya International Pigeon Race finals took place. In both tough finals, the Jellema pigeons showed themselves upfront.

Impressive series in Pattaya International One Loft Final

At the Pattaya International Pigeon Race, the Final was held on January 7th and flown from Sirindhorn., Ubon Ratchathani Province across 530km. In this final, 5,805 pigeons battles for the victory. Of the 31 pigeons entered by Jellema, 24 participated in the final race. The first of these 24 pigeons to return home was the NL22-8153632, taking the 9th place. This arrival was followed by an impressive series; 

Final Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2023
9th - 64th - 88th - 149th - 176th - etc.

50% Jellema pigeon wins Thailand Masters Final

On January 10th, the Final of the Thailand Masters was won by the German team Verl-Bernhard Bramsiepe-Manfred Weiner. This too was not an easy race, flown from Phrae Province across 530km. From the 2,305 basketed pigeons in the final (the OLR started with 5198 pigeons), only 66 managed to reach the lofts on the day of release. The winning hen reached an average speed of 1295 m/min and took an 8 minute lead on the runner-up. Father of the Thailand Masters winner was bred from Jellema pigeons by Gebr. Keekstra. 

 The finest One Loft Race results by Jellema pigeons 

1st Final Algarve Golden Race 2021 Altmiks-Soudy-Pigeons
(Mother is a Jellema pigeon and a double grandchild Kleine Jade)
1st Final Thailand Masters 2023 Team Verl-Bernhard Bramsiepe-Manfred Weiner
(Father is an inbred Jellema pigeon)
1st European Ace Pigeon Pioneer '21 (grandson Kleine Jade)
4th Final Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2020 (grandson Kleine Jade)
7th Ace Pigeon Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2022
9th Final Pattaya International Pigeon Race 2023

The old Jellema stock matches well with other OLR bloodlines

At the foundation to the successes on One Loft Races are two stock pairs of Jelle. The one pair is formed by NL98-1364798 Zwart Goud x NL94-2205602 De 02 and the other ('Het Fondkoppel) by NL97-2229689 De Bergerac Doffer x NL99-5974843 Blauwe Dame. These bloodlines have brought forth Jellema icons such as Orion, Saffier, Jade, Dirke, Mirna, Iceman and last but not least Kleine Jade (1st International Barcelona 2014). At One Loft Races they perform outstanding when conditions are tough. With overcast and poor weather conditions, the Jellema pigeons are at their best. 

NL11-1292679 Kleine Jade, 1st International Barcelona 2014 is a grandchild to both of Jellema's stock pairs.