Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK) victims of pigeon theft

Several pigeons were stolen from the British couple from Peasedown St John. Police are investigating and linking the case to other similar thefts across the UK and Europe.
Geoff & Catherine in better days

Here you find a list of the stolen cocks:

  • GB20C47803
  • NL19-1651034
  • NL17-1732625
  • GB14N88988
  • NL19-1650879
  • NL15-1321365
  • GB09N02326
  • GB18C37366
  • GB14N88862
  • GB15N88849
  • GB15N88820
  • GB15N88862
  • GB15N88841
  • GB17P27093
  • NL19-1651035
  • BE19-2146143
  • NL19-1650880
  • GB14N88917
  • GB12N88242
  • GB16R38766
  • GB14N48799
  • GB16N88863
  • GB22C01403
  • GB22C01520

Both Geoff and Catherine are absolutely gutted. After all, all the top stock cocks were stolen... The only ones left are housed in a separate section and these are the cocks they use to pair to their racing hens.

They were able to submit images to the police showing 3 people aged between 25 and 40 years old dressed in hoodies. The thieves put the pigeons in a bag. The police are now using these images for the ongoing investigation.