Gino Clicque - Wevelgem (BE) Winner 2° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB 2010!

The nature is in full ‘hibernation’, the first cold snap dominates our land… most lofts contained pigeons already coupled for the early winter breed… the new sport season 2011 is in full preparation!

An ideal moment then to pay a visit to the West-Flemish ‘stuntman’ from Wevelgem, namely Gino Clicque… known in the region by his nickname ‘Mister Bourges’ (you will see why later…), and to look back with him at the 2010 sport season, which was once again a ‘highflyer’ at all levels!
Such moments also offer us the chance to take a look behind the scenes of such a top colony… and seek views on issues such as … is there any philosophy hiding behind the pigeon sport experience, how thoughtfully does the ‘man in charge’ go about things, is there some kind of ‘strategy’ or only line in his pigeon policy? When you talk with Gino Clicque about pigeons then you realise immediately that there is indeed a ‘vision’… a ‘plan’… behind his top successes, and that these are not just the result of some ‘random’ experiments with pigeons, or based on pure ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’… quite the opposite. By someone like Gino Clicque you directly realise how nice our pigeon sport can in fact be. Because every pigeon fancier is partly the ‘manager’… in other words the ‘Sir Alex Ferguson’, the ‘José Mourinho’, the ‘Pep Guardiola’…  of his own colony. He trains and coaches his pigeon all year round… puts his team together… and tries to guide them to successes or at least obtain ‘success’ with them. Admittedly, the one has more ‘success’ than the other… but that is influenced by 2 important factors, namely the ‘knowledge’ of the (success)coach in question… and of course the not to be sneezed at…  composition of the ‘team’ he has to work with. Here there is one big contrast with the comparison to the football that we mentioned above… to race at the ‘top’ in our pigeon sport you don’t necessarily have to have a big budget or spent great amounts of money to be successful… although anyone here who can spend some extra ‘savings’ … find it easier to obtain pigeons out certain  top lines where the ‘lineage’ and ‘performance ability’ is concerned… in other words pigeons which can make the road to ‘success’ somewhat simpler and ‘shorter’… but it is certainly not a necessity. One thing is certain however… you won’t be successful without pigeons out a good ‘family’, and won’t stay at the top of our pigeon sport for long. But once you have acquired the necessary ‘quality’ and things start to turn round… you can do well for years, and don’t have to keep going in search of ‘new’ reinforcements… just a touch of ‘new blood’ now and again which mixes well with own stock and ensures that the ‘train’ keeps on the ‘right tracks’ !

This is also in short the idea behind the stock building of the Gino Clicque colony! To build up his stock he went in search of pigeons which descended out the line of ‘super breeders’… in other words ‘ dominant breeding pigeons’, which knew the art of passing on their ‘dominant genes’ to their descendants… because, look at it how you want, no-one can deny that almost 90% of the ‘winners’ and ‘Ace pigeons’ also have such ‘winners’ and ‘Ace pigeons’ in the pedigree! Daring to fly ‘alone’, ‘wanting’ to get home, that ‘territorial urge’, the ‘character’ of the pigeon, not to mention the physical or characteristic or quality appearance… these are the things which are often tied by sort (just like the negative characteristics in reverse) and which are passed on… known in pigeon terms as ‘linkage’.  It is the fanciers which manage to make the most of these ‘superior’ characteristics, who often dominate the races… and manage to remain at the top of the competitions for years! And Gino Clicque is one of these people who has managed to build up a super stock around 3 super lines, as a result of which he has played a leading role in the pigeon races for more than 15 years. The Clicque-colony is mainly built up from the lines of  ‘super breeders’ so as the ‘ Goen’ Reynaert (grandfather Figo ), the ‘Kadet’ Meulemans, the ‘Kannibaal’ Van Dijck, the ‘Noel’ from Dobbelaere ( 1° Nat Ace pigeon long distance KBDB). Let’s take the current ‘number one’ by Gino Clicque… the ‘Super Prins’… as an example, then we see that he is for 75 % GOEN Reynaert x 25% Kannibaal Van Dijck. Gino explains this as follows: I think that the only chance of having a crack in your loft is based on whether or not there are ‘super breeders ‘include in the lineage!
We see exactly the same in other top lofts !

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 basis lines or breeding lines which act as ‘deliverers’ of top pigeons :

 Breeding line 1:
The ‘ROBERT’ B96-3308008: is a grandson of the ‘Noël ‘ or the  1° Nat Ace pigeon long distance 1992 (Dobbelaere Robert). This ‘Robert’ is father of no less than 5 children which raced the ‘top 25’ national and is grandfather of the ‘Piraat’…  the 3° Nat Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance .

Breeding line 2:
The ‘SPENCER’ B98-308703: stems out the line ‘Kadet’ Meulemans, and is a.o. father of ‘Speedo’, winner 1° Nat Bourges 14.535 p… father of ‘Crazy Girl’ , who in turn is mother of  ‘Crazy Boy’ with his  5° Nat Bourges 22.499 p., and mother of ‘Anouk’ or the 8° Nat Gueret 10.670 p  .

Breeding line 3:
The ‘GOEN’ B88-3307763: won self 10 x 1 prize… is grandfather of ‘Figo’, winner 1° Nat Bourges and 3° Nat Ace pigeon… and is a.o. grandfather of ‘Kleine Figo’, who is self father of ‘Kerkduifje’ Bosua (1° National Le Mans 99104 p.)  ))  !

A successful pigeon stock was built up out these 3 lines… which over the last few seasons has resulted in the winning of 2 National Ace pigeon titles ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB  within the ‘Top-3’… in addition to a great number of pigeons within the ‘Top 100 national’ !

Mister Bourges
The national top classic in the ‘grand middle distance’ from Bourges seems to be the ‘classic’ that suits Gino Clicque down to the ground… over the last few seasons his pigeons have achieved phenomenal performances… so much so that he became known in the region by his nickname’… ‘Mister Bourges’! When we look at the performances from Bourges, you will soon see why :

 4 x top 5 NAT over the last 2 years with:
4 Nat Bourges  10.903 p.
5 Nat Bourges  22.499 p.
5 Nat Bourges  22.476 p.
5 Nat Bourges  19.084 p 4 X 1 PROV  de laatste 2 jaar met
2 x ‘Super Prins’   , 1 x ‘Piraat’  , 1 x ‘Contador’
And 4 X 1 PROV  over the last 2 years with
2 x ‘Super Prins’   , 1 x ‘Piraat’  , 1 x ‘Contador’
And further:
1 nat Bourges 14.535 p.  in 2001 with ‘Speedo’
1 nat Bourges  2.573 hens in 1995 with ‘Fleurke’ 
22  X top 25 nat places over the last 10 years 

One again a successful  2010
In 2009 Gino already belonged to the leading colonies in West-Flanders, which a.o. resulted in two ‘provincial victories’, with 1° Prov Souillac o.b. 1.444 ob., and 1° Prov Bourges against 1.003 yearlings! This year Gino simply continued the tradition… by immediately adding  1° Prov Bourges 2.170 o.b. to his name… with the ‘Super Prins’. A ‘new discovery’ as it turned out… because this clapper developed into the new ‘supercrack’… the ‘new star’ of the Gino Clicque colony! The question hanging on everybody’s lips at the end of the 2010 sport season was… whether this ‘Super Prins’ could follow in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessors … so as the ‘Piraat’ (1° Prov Ace pigeon long distance & 3° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Middle Distance’ KBDB 2008)… with, in his wake ‘Crazy Girl’ (half-sister Piraat), ‘Anouk’ (daughter Crazy Girl), ‘Crazy Boy’ and ‘Contador’ (both sons of Anouk), ‘Tia’ (granddaughter Crazy Girl), and the ‘Witneus’ (son of ‘half-brother Piraat’)… all superior 1° prize racers and/or crack pigeons from this same Piraat line! In addition to numerous other ‘toppers’ with which this Clicque colony is so rich!  In the meantime the final verdict is more or less known 

-The “Super Prins” B08-3172902

2° National Ace pigeon ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB 2010
His lineage speaks volumes… he doesn’t get it from a ‘stranger’ at all… because in his lineage this ‘supercrack’ is a ‘barrel full’ of top racers, judge for yourself 

Father: “Son Prins”: B07-3182013…
GF: “ Prins” B97-3221726
Son of the famous super breeder the “Goen” 88-3307763 ( won self 10 x 1° Prize and later grew to be a super breeder by Antoon & Hilde Reynaert from Passendale) x “Wendy” 93-3010103 (mother of the ‘Super crack’ Reynaert)
GM: “Daughter Crack” B00-3124016
Daughter of “the Crack” 95-3263122 (once again a son of the ‘Goen 763/88’, this time coupled with the ‘Superke 377/87’) x ‘Daughter Rapid’ B93-3130103 (self 1° Clermont ).

Mother: “Granddaughter Figo”: B07-3182016
Granddaughter of the world famous ‘Figo’ from Antoon & Hilde Reynaert!
GF: B05-5201215 from Paul Huls from Zonhoven
Comes out “Grandson Kannibaal”  B03-5080915 x  “Inbred 856’ B03-5080856 (out the ‘Inbred 804’ 438/99 x ‘Supergirl 146/99’ Paul Huls).
GM: “Linda” : 04-3099057
A direct daughter of the world famous “Figo” B 99-3020065 ( 1° Nat Bourges 12.266 p.) x “Indra” B00-3146013 (a Willy Vanhoutte).
Summarised: a crossing “Goen” from A & H Reynaert x “Kannibaal” Van Dijck x “Aline”: 1° Nat Argenton from P. Huls x “Indra” from Willy Vanhoutte. An orchard of ‘rich fruits’  ' !

His honours list speaks volumes, and looks like this :

  In 2008:
9° Prov Ace pigeon ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB W-Fl!
Clermont        701 p.  67
Ablis           504 p.  50
Tours           544 p.   3     (9 Aug.)
     Prov     2.903 p.  32
Tours           484 p.  10   (23 Aug.)
     Prov     2.410 p. 119
Tours           402 p.   7    (30 Aug.)
     Prov     2.349 p.  52
In 2009:
Bourges         612 p.   3
     Prov     2.286 p.   8
     Nat     22.499 p.  12
Argenton        695 p.  26   (13 June)
     Prov     3.387 p.  70
     Yl     902 p.  29
     Prov     5.251 p.  86
Argenton 3 Pr   866 p.  84   (27 June)
     Prov     3.251 p. 211
     Zone A   8.935 p. 799
     Nat     21.092 p.2676
Blois           241 p.  27
     Prov     1.050 p. 172
Bourges         211 p.  31
In 2010:
2° National Ace pigeon ‘Grand middle distance’ KBDB 2010
Ablis           519 p. 61
Bourges         376 p.  1
     Prov     2.170 p.  1
     Zone     6.154 p.  3
     Nat     22.476 p.  5
Argenton        280 p.  1
     Prov     1.398 p.  2
     Nat     10.571 p.  6
Poitiers        185 p.  3
     Prov     1.158 p.  7
Bourges Prov    604 p.  1
     Nat     10.903 p.   6  

Without fear of retribution we can easily say that this ‘Super Prins’ is one of the greatest crack pigeons which every flew over our country in 2010! Let there be no doubt about that!
Another eye-catcher from 2010 was without doubt that other ‘crack’ answering to the name 

-Nest brother Young Bijter B08-3172856
He comes out the line ‘Robert x Goen’ Reynaert, and won

  In 2010:

  9° Prov Ace pigeon long distance  KBDB
63 nat Tulle     6.695 p.
73 nat Limoges   5.607 p.
153 nat Cahors   8.651 p.
307 nat Brive   16.815 p.
In 2009:
115 nat Bourges 22.499 p.
94 Prov Tours    2.423 p.
180 Argenton     3.251 p.
263 Argenton     5.251 p.
In 2008  as a youngster:
 57 Tours        3.091 p.
58 Blois           725 p. etc  


Let one thing be clear in all of this…  Gino Clicque possesses a loft of real ‘natural talents’… pigeons which have flown into the international ‘spotlights’ over the last few seasons! No-one can miss it… the ‘naked figures’ prove it… in black and white! The Gino Clicque colony is simply busy marching up to ‘national top’… a march which doesn’t seem to stop for anything or anybody. The performances below only confirm this even more !

TOP 100 National 2010:

 4   nat Bourges    10.906 p.
5  nat Bourges     22.476 p. 
6  nat Argenton    10.549 p.
14 nat Bourges     10.906 p.
33 nat Limoges     14.211 p.
42 nat Argenton     5.763 p.
45 nat Chateauroux 20.330 p.
63 nat Tulle        6.695 p.
72 nat Argenton     7.358 p.
73 nat Argenton     7.358 p.
73 nat Limoges      5.607 p.
75 nat Cahors       8.651 p.
93 nat Argenton    10.549 p . 

A selection of the results 2010 :

  07/8 Argenton Pr 485 d.  12…
           Prov  735 YL  18-19-46...    
31/7 Tulle Pro 1.081 d.  16… (6)
24/7 Bourges Pro 604 d.  1-3-12… (11)
11/7 Limoges     795 YL  1-3-8-9-24-25-30-43-58-69-78-85… (17/47)
10/7 Poitiers    185 d.  3-10-11 (3)
04/7 Limoges DBY 209 d.  4-20 (4)
         Prov  1.104 d.  29-125 (4)
     Limoges Oud 397 d.  9-43 (4)
         Prov  1.929 d.  44-224 (4)
04/7 Blois       176 d.  2-3-7-8-13-30-37-39-51 (9)
26/6 Argenton OD 280 d.  1-7-17-21-24-50 (8)
         Prov  1.398 d.  2-23-57-85-93-230 (8)
         Nat  10.549 d.  6-93-215-315-349-873 (8)
20/6 Tours       356 YL  3-6-8-9-57-62-119 (20)
20/6 Limoges     345 d.  29-36-57 (3)
        I.Prov 2.300 d.  141-182-286 (3)
13/6 Chateauroux 885 YL  3-4-10-13-17-18-26-32-34-44-51-60.. (27/46)   
        Prov   4.107 YL  30-38-73-85-140-141-185-236-239-308-355-377-724 enz... (22/46)
13/6 Cahors      473 d.  5-20-81 (6)
05/6 Poitiers    324 d.  9-23-37-41-50-61 (8)
        Prov   2.128 d.  62-123-213-245-302-377 (8)
29/5 Chateauroux 496 YL  6-10-17-19-23-25-32-33-43-55-63-76..(21/47)
        Prov   2.095 YL  52-56-109-115-131-137-176-177-207.. (19/47)
        Oude     450 d.  6-18-118 (5)
        Prov   2.036 d.  11-59-510 (5)
29/5 Brive       904 d.  28-31-32-37-55-125-130-210-241 (16)
        Prov   2.868 d.  128-135-136-159-244-512-544-834-951 (16)
        Zone   6.470 d.  221-231-233-270-433-951-1011-1617 (16)
        Nat   16.815 d.  295-307-309-358-629-1702-1860-3290-3976
22/5 Bourges     376 d.  1-10-39-81 (9)
        Prov   2.170 d.  1-22-121-312-679 (9)
        Nat   22.476 d.  5-596-2139-4333 (9)
     Bourges     339 YL  5-6-9-18-25-34-42-47-55-57-82-102-103-107 (30)
        Prov   2.054 YL  14-18-30-54-82-124-168-180-235-238 (15/30)
22/5 Ablis       225 YL  2-3-6-7-14-26-29-34-40-57-71 (24)
15/5 Orleans     337 YL  4-7-10-12-20-21-25-26-32-33-43-44-49-56-59-64-68... (26/48)
15/5 Chateauroux 756 d.  26-27-28-42-47-74-88-123-153-170-215 (16)
        Prov   4.093 d.  171-174-175-249-286-483-546-714... (11/16)